Saturday, March 03, 2012

Car window reflection or Ufos? Colorado Feb 29 2012

Would like your opinions on this footage filmed in Colorado on Feb 29 2012, someone mentioned it may be a reflection from within the moving car?

Posters comments:
UFO's seen in the sky over southern Colorado. Started as one light then the others appeared next to it. They would dissappear and reappear while maintaining the same formation and alititude. The whole incident lasted for about 3 and half to 4 minutes. Sorry for the quality but you know how it is when you're driving down the road

Star Ratings gone but coming Back !

Hi all

OutBrain the company that provided our star ratings and rating for many blogs has gone down hill and pulled them! They made the feature no longer available.
If they had a option to pay for the ratings we would have kept it but they pulled them with little notice because they have no business sense.
I would really like everyone to complain to OutBrain's facebook or by email, the star ratings were really important for the site and I'm sure they will be missed by many blogs out there.
The Star Ratings will be back.. if anyone knows what other provider of these ratings there are for blogger please let me know.
In the mean time i have basic 'real' or 'fake' rating.


Triangle Ufo ovni sighting in Lima Peru

Ufo sightings over Lima Peru

Friday, March 02, 2012

AWAC monitoring UFO Activity over Kings Lynn UK Thur 01-03-2012

Poster comments:
Awac monitoring UFO Activity over Kings Lynn between 4pm and 20:00 hours, there was so much UFO activity flying around I was shocked. After the last video showed Chem' Trails from these Delta craft, these Delta craft came to show the opposite, and felt Benevolent. There were UFOs checking out the US AWAC and the AWAC checking out the UFOs, very interesting footage. Fake Delta jet planes flying over while the large Delta ship was saying hello to me.

Strange ufo lights over tijuana mexico Feb 22nd 2012 ovni

Anyone in Mexico have any idea what these ufo lights seen over tijuana mexico on Feb 22nd were?:


Thursday, March 01, 2012

A fleet of 5 objects caught on nightvision

Filmed this group of objects at 20:08 on 25/2/12 over Neath south Wales. As usual they are invisible to the naked eye and travelling east with no sound being made. Filmed using a Yukon ranger digital night vision device connected to a mini DVR recorder.
Also understand UFO does not mean I claim these are aliens from Mars etc it means unidentified flying object/s. Until you view the night sky in IR you cannot understand some of the strange sights you will see as well as the standard satellites etc which I track using three different apps and have all proved very accurate.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ufo lights in a triangular formation over Venezuela ovnis 2012-02-19

Note: You must view this footage in Full screen
(press square in bottom right of youtube) to see it
Ufo over Venezuela ovnis 2012-02-19
Sunday night, I left outside my house at 8:30 pm alrrededor, I live in a mountainous area overlooking the sea, at a time diriji eyes to the front and I could see lights in triangular form were Aali arrested, then comment to my wife and sheit is quite strange because the lights did not correspond to planes or ships, then call my mother who lives nearby and my brothers, who also looked quite astonished the luyces, then take my camera and record some videos and pictures, videos are quite clear. When reviewing the videos on the PC, I could see additional lights were not seen with the naked eye that day, the hard evenyto alrrededor 4-5 hours, in fact I slept and the lights were still there in the same place.All this happened on Sunday 12/02/2012 between 8:30 pm and 1 am

event after seeing the pictures and send photos to several emails from journalists and one achievement on its website documenting everything, even called the airport to see if they had planes or ships, and people from the airport just said everything is normal

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NASA Soviet dossier- Moon's ufo alien objects analysis

TV video made in 70s (re-uploaded for reference). It is scientific analysis of confirmed pictures and photographs from NASA and Soviet's - of UFOs and others - by well respected foreign scientists.

Ufo lights or lanterns over UFO group over Quebec Canada, Feb. 25 2012

Quebec Canada - what were these lights, the large group seems likes lanterns, but who knows? Anyone on Quebec actually spot these?

UFO group over Quebec Canada, Feb. 25 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Alien Evidence found in New Mexico

Artifacts in this video were found 55 years ago by a tribe in central Mexico:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

marathon Florida Ufo 24th Feb 2012 black gray like sphere

Anyone else see this object over marathon Florida?

Mufon Report:
we were at the 7mile bridge just before the sun set in the florida keys. We saw a jet fly over and we took a photo. As the sun neared being set i noticed a blak grayish spehere hovering to the right of the 7 mile bridge. i pointed it out to my husband. we waited and watched for 15 min or so to see if it was a blimp or helicopter but it never moved! after the sun had set ad there was still some light in the sky we walked back to the car, my husband decided to run behind a tree to relieve himself. when he returned he said the object was still in the sky. this was maybe 8 minutes or so after watching it for 15 minutes earlier. darkness fell as we began to drive and whe we looked for the object we could no longer see it. the bridge was full of people but no one seemed to notice. I stopped a jogger passig by and asked him what he thought it was...he shrugged his shoulders and said he didnt know either. well I did get a few seconds on video ad i will upload it along with the photo of the plane.

The International UFO Congress at Phoenix Arizona

Its the last day today of The International UFO Congress at Phoenix Arizona.
Location was chosen due to the famous 1997 Phoenix lights ufo event.

Read more here
It on The International UFO Congress February 22-26, 2012
LOCATION: Fort McDowell Resort & Casino
10438 North Fort McDowell Road
Fountain Hills, AZ 85264
HIGHLIGHTS: • Over 20 Speakers
• Exhibitors from around the World
• Film Screenings
• Experiencer Sessions
• A la Carte Tickets and Hotel Room
Rates Available
• Meet the Speakers Cocktail Party
• Banquet and EBE Awards Ceremony
FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ (CBS5) - If you're looking for something fun, not to mention out of this world, you're invited to attend this year's international UFO congress.

Whether or not you believe there's life out there, these folks are in town to plead their case.

"You have this whole group of people who are here you get to socialize. You get to share ideas, you get to hear stories. It's a great place to come and soak it all in," said event organizer Jason McClellan.

Ancient Aliens - The Greys

Their churning them out History - here is a new episode from our fav Ancient Aliens series - The Greys :
The Grey Alien race of extra-terrestrials has become a pop-culture phenomenon that continues to capture the imagination and attention of governments, citizens and all who have ever uttered the word abduction!