Friday, July 26, 2013

Hovering craft over Atlanta Georgia 24th July 2013

This new UFO video recorded stationary hovering over Atlanta Georgia 24th July 201.
If you look close there is asmall chance the craft may be a stealth plane of somesort, but if so its is very unsual it would be hovering over the city.

Filmers comments: Hovering object in sky over downtown Atlanta. Object was about 20feet wide. 
 1. We were on the 15th floor of a high rise building in Atlanta. We were working. 
2. We were looking out the window and it was significantly above a 200ft Ferris Wheel.
 3. Various accounts in the office: a kite, a stealth bomber, a drone, an airplane & a weather balloon. 
4. It hovered mostly stationary with occasional changes in elevation. 
5. Curious. 6. Went to upload the video we just took and it was gone. Multiple witnesses posted their experience on Reddit. (link above) 
Source: MUFON

Thursday, July 25, 2013

UFO Lights over Hershey Pennsylvania July 24 2013

New UFO Video report in from Hershey Pennsylvania - what were these 2 lights?

Eyewitness comments: 3 bright orange fireballs seen over the Hershey, PA area.
 Stayed stationary the entire duration and did not lose altitude at any time, as aerial flares would do. Each of the lights would randomly flicker and "turn off" and then "turn back on" in the same position. Lasted about 6 minutes before theyd just seemed to turn off the lights one by one.
Source MUFON

UFOs above Midlothian in Scotland

These UFOS were filmed on the 17th , 18th and 19th of July 2013 over Midlothian in Scotland:

Unsual UFo orbs near the moon Castres, France - July 21, 2013

Unsual UFo orbs near the moon Castres, France - July 21, 2013

Jesse Marcel, Jr. Returns to UFO Crash Site

In this interview they take  Jesse Marcel back to his old house in Roswell:

On the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident, we returned to the original crash site with a rare firsthand witness. In 1947, Major Jesse Marcel brought home pieces of the infamous UFO that crashed outside of Roswell. His son, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., still remembers the strange material. We drove into the desert to hear his story, and returned to his childhood home to see the floor where his father showed him the wreckage. Researcher Frank Kimbler shows debris he's found in the area, currently undergoing testing for proof of extraterrestrial origins

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parallel UFO ovnis over Argentina June 3rd

Another Parallel UFO formation over Argentina:

Filmers comments (rough translation)
June 3, 2013 20:01, is detected Opening a Flare "in the northern sector Midheaven Aires, continued orbiting visible to the north, the Charts checked show no coincidence, the Orbital Attitude UFO event, was Abnormal , showing a guideline re / entry apparent from the East "(although Zenith) across to the N / N / East and a very slow speed. Cheuqueando in Schedules Satellite nothing brilliant time had its way there, below the lists are checked. May and June 2013 are not displaying a remarkable increase of UFO activity "despite Nights" 0 SAT "Nights are not visible where almost none of the Satellite Orbitaciones" but my research relieving schedules follow official lists, so I call them "0 SAT" Heaven and pristine frozen by the winter and yet not look or the SAT "mysteries",

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Readers personal UFO sightings July 2013

If you wish to submit your UFO sighting please use the submit button above:
If you also witnessed a UFO in the regions mentioned below please respond to this post with your sighting.

On july 6 2013 , 9:45 pm. was driving west on rt 322 in ashtabula county just east of Orwell, ohio. saw 2 red orbsin the south westsky.hard to gauge size or hieght. it was a stormy lightning filled sky. they flew from sw sky to ne sky, turned ,rose, and dipped in own seperate flight path. were in my field of view for about 1 min. also odd was about 10 min. prior to sightng, lasting for appr. 10 min.after, an alarm/buzzer started going off inside my dashboard . owned car 8yrs. never happened before or since. just thinking about this gives me goosebumps.

Logan Ohio 21st July 2013
My girlfriend and I was driving home from nelsonville on 33. We were about a half mile southeast of the 328 exit when we saw it streak across the sky and go in behind some was cigar shaped with several lights along the side of it flying extremely low, under 200 feet id say. I looked at my girlfriend who was shaking with fear and asked her if I really saw what I thought I saw and she said yes. This was the second time in two weeks we have seen a strange object in the sky. The first was before the 4th of july fireworks. Im quite familiar with aircraft and this wasnt any airplane Ive ever seen and moved way too fast to be a blimp. 

Albert Canada
west of st paul alberta canada,between midnight and 3 am me and 4 other people witnessed 10-100 objects flying in all directions and changing colors.,they moved at very high speeds and stop at an instant and go up down side to side and at angles.,at times they formed clusters of a whitish cloud shape and then seperate from it.,they seem to use clouds as cover.never seen anything at this magnitude before and i will remember this for the rest of my life.

Franklin, Ohio - 07-13-13 
 On the evening of July 13, 2013 at approximately 10:15 PM my wife and I were enjoying a campfire in our backyard on Hillsdale Drive, Franklin OH 45005. We noticed an orange, cylindrical comet-shaped object traveling across the sky at a high rate of speed (much slower than a shooting star, but about twice as fast as International Space Station), traveling from East to West 265 degrees magnetic. Object was losing altitude and an orange tale was noticeable; tale increased in length (Est. 10 mile long tail) as it approached the far west skyline. Approximately 20 degrees off the western horizon object stopped in sky and ejected 2 orbs then ejected an additional 2 orbs for a total of 4, they were very bright and would move in different patterns from a triangle to a horizontal straight line pattern slowly ascending then descending. We watched this activity for about 7 minutes when they slowly disappeared.

UFo lights over Argentina 17th July 2013 ovnis

Stunning parallel UFO ovni formation over Argentina 17th July 2013 :
Posters translation (rough): one luminaire Intense Dual Core UFO eventually orbited, with North arrumbamiento "(Traso Usual in such UFO phenomenology) If Artificial some events also were approximated, none matches the visual manifestation and Celeste apparent on the vault, the phenomenon continues ciendo still pointing at the sky so "Zenith." 
Here are some other events Artificial Night indole, which were checked, Satellite, Iridium Flare If visible, and guideline Nearby the phenomenon, but almost an hour before, "the brightness caused by the flare of Iridium Unico "(eventual duration is 15 to 25 seconds, no more) and it is never Double. The ISS Space Station 19:25, If a step tube apparently brilliant, but on the south side "of the capital of Argentina and only 11" Maximum height, while abnormal Double Lenticular UFO, appeared on the North to 75 / 80 "Height, just below the disc degrees Lunar growing for a few seconds apart my equipment could have achieved a unique record of having achieved trv230 digital Astronomico Team, but just a moment of vision eventual erroneous, quickly forced to change teams by Trv 310 large field with infrared, you can poll and track much more quickly "and so at least locate and become enrolled, eventually Orbital Phenomenon UFO strange characteristics, indole strictly ciendo orbital study collated and reported, since 2011 by the workshop Glaucoart, Annex List here and gives them time, Editing and Music Records, Ricardo E D'angelo

Monday, July 22, 2013

Huge Spinning UFO Inside Lightning Cloud Over L.A 19/07/2013

Did anyone else in LA witness this hugh bright object the other day?

Filmers comments:
This really unexplainable footage was recorded in L.A on Friday July 19th during a large lightning storm. The extremely huge object (UFO) was so bright it lit up the entire cloud which it sat within. There is window reflections, but its what is recorded outside of the window that is fully visible. Recorder States:I was watching an awesome lightening display when I saw this brilliant light start gliding across the sky. At first I thought it was a plane on fire. Once it went out of my line of vision this second one came into view and I videotaped it. My iPhone does not do what I saw justice. It was so beautiful. If you look in the cloud, the light inside is actually moving around as it glides across. So cool. Forgive the language and commentary. I was watching this by myself and I tend to talk to myself. Had I known I would be posting it for all to see I would not have censored myself. I wish someone else could have seen it with me. I also had a reflection of the kitchen light in the background and at the end my salt lamp

UFo orb hover over Pitt Meadows Bristish Colombia Canada 20.7.2013

UFo orb sighting with commerical aircraft monitoring nearby over Pitt Meadows Bristish Colombia Canada 20.7.2013
Source MUFON:
Sitting in the backyard with some friends. One of them said what are those lights in the sky? We all got up to look and all saw the same lights. Started with just two. Moved across from the East to northeast, then stopped forward motion, one headed more north then faded away, the other stayed in one spot then faded away. Another came across a little later, did the same thing. I went to grab a camera but couldn't focus on it. Went to grab a different camera from my car, saw another coming on the same path.Managed to video it but couldn't zoom enough. This was the last one we saw.

Cylindrical UFO ovnis captured over Argentina June 24, 2013

Would like all your thoughts on this UFO video - what could this huge object be?
Video shows what looks like a cylindrical UFO glimmering in the background.
This video was over Argentina June 24, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cyclinger UFO image caught by host of Radio Canada ? 19th July

This UFO photo was taken on the 10th floor of the tower of Radio-Canada by Louis Lemieux (weekend morning host RDI) . Would like your thoughts on this photo:

Triangle UFO caught from within car

Any throughts on this UFO video people?
It coudlnt be something within the dahboard reflecting ? It seems to go behind the house at times.

UFOs over Bundaberg Queensland, Australia

A woman who wished not to be named said she saw a strange light on March 18 this year over Bundaberg Queensland Australia:
 "At about 9.15pm as I was watching television I saw through the open lounge room door a blue light that came down like a beam not far from our house, or at least it looked like that," she said. "It came down from the sky, deathly quiet, and then disappeared."

The woman said she had been stumped ever since she saw the eerie light. "My husband didn't see it as he was sitting in a different position," she said. "I posted it on Facebook but no one else had seen anything. It has intrigued me ever since because it was so eerie and there was no explanation as to why a blue light would just come down from the sky." The Bundaberg woman said she hoped someone could shed some light on what she had seen. "Of course there could be quite a simple explanation for it, but I can't think of one," she said. "Maybe someone else has seen something similar, if so, I would like to hear from them."

 The sighting was not the first for the woman, who said she had seen something odd several years ago as well. >> Woman catches Childers UFO on camera "There was also another incident when my husband, two of our friends and I sat on our verandah," she said. "Suddenly we saw a light in the sky that had come from nowhere, looked like a plane but was stationary and there was also no noise. "As we were watching it, it suddenly dove downwards and disappeared. No plane or even helicopter can do that." 
Source read more