Friday, October 11, 2013

UFO Visits Encino California USA: 08/10/2013

Very interesting new UFO video from Encino, Califonia. Filmed on the 8th October, 2013.
Note if you also saw these lights in Encino around that time we would also like to hear from you.
Please view this footage in full screen.

Eyewitness comments:
Today, Tuesday October 8th 2013, my brother witness an UFO sighting around 3 am in the morning. Location: Encino, Califonia. My brother was awaken by our dog. Thinking a raccoon had entered our yard, he stepped outside to investigate. No signs of any intruders outside. He looked around and finally had the presence of mind to look up and that's when he noticed two bright lights. Too big to be stars but too steady to be plane lights. He immediately went inside and got his mirror less camera. The attached are two videos and a photograph of what he saw early this morning. Right after filming the footage my brother, in disbelief, turn off his camera. Immediately after that a jet plane went over Encino. This was no commercial plane, it sounded like a military jet plane.

Flashing Object & Nuclear Power Stations - Slovakia: October 2013

This interesting UFO photo, sent in to us by a realUFOs reader:
Hi, I do not know what the little hovering ball of light was?.
It hovered and 2 km from where this photo was taken there are nuclear power stations !

Bright UFO Ovni Orb - Tijuana, Mexico: 10/09/2013

This super bright Orb in Tijuana, Mexico seems to disappear as quickly as it arrives.
Anyone have any idea what the object was?

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dome Shaped UFO In New Jersey Skies - USA

This incredible UFO photo was sent in by a reader.
Readers comments: You can see an object in the sky, she said she was just taking a picture of the sky and never saw the object before hand.. When you zoom in on the phone at the picture you can clearly see a dome shape underneath it. Just thought this was very interesting

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Orbs Fly By Chandler, Arizona USA: 06/10/2013

UFO video in from Chandler, Arizona USA.
These bright are lights passing in different directions, over the city of Chandler Arizona.
The witness was shocked at what they was seeing and recording.

UFO On Home Security Video - Michigan USA: 02/10/2013

Filmer notes: I captured this footage on my home security camera on the night of Oct 2, 2013 around 11pm in the evening in my front yard in Southeast MI, and I'm about 8 miles north of an air national guard base. 

Filmers comments: This amazing UFO footage that I captured on my home security camera on the night of Oct 2, 2013 around 11 pm in the evening in my front yard in Southeast MI, and I'm about 8 miles north of an air national guard base; I'm wondering if they caught this on their radar. The UFO appears to be scanning the ground with a green laser (the laser beam can be seen on the trees too). The laser beam clearly starts small from the object and fans out into a larger cone as it gets closer to the ground. In my opinion, impossible for someone to be on the ground creating an inverted cone back to the object, and then to be able to track and follow the object's every move at the same time. This recording is from one of my multiple security cameras that is currently installed on the front of my house. This particular camera is pointing south towards the road (my house is set back about 300 ft. from the road). I'm also planning on repositioning one of my security cameras that is currently pointing north in the upward direction in the hopes to gather more footage if the object decides to come back. This north direction would be pointing toward my pond in my backyard. It would be interesting to capture one gathering up water (for what purpose? I'm not sure), but I've heard reports of them using our water. Also, someone asked why I had my home security camera pointed up into the sky before the incident. By the way, great question! Since there's been a lot ton of fireballs reported all over the world in the last 3 weeks, I thought I might be able to catch one on video, but I never expected to capture this! The security camera only runs at 15 frame per second. Sorry, I wish I had a faster camera. I'm hoping this thing comes back for another visit soon because it seems friendly too me.