Friday, July 06, 2012

UFOs Exist Says 80 Million Americans In National Geographic Survey !

How is this for a change in public consensus on the Ufo topic!
80 Million Americans now say they believe UFOs Exist according to a new National Geographic Survey:
Thirty-six percent of Americans, about 80 million people, believe UFOs exist, and a tenth believe they have spotted one, a new National Geographic poll shows. Read more

We at real Ufos are running a 3 month poll as well of our readers to see your thoughts on the topic as well which we welcome you to vote on (see the poll on the right of the page >>)
I would like to hear your feedback on this poll and what mainstream public acceptance now means to the field of ufology.
We get so many emails daily with your Ufo reports, videos, photos and news and I encourage people to continue using the 'submit' button above to keep sending us anything you think that may be of interest for the site. Your submissions are what keeps this site great and i would like to personally that everyone of you who have made a submission over the years.
It seems every year interest in the Ufo topic grows an an exponential rate and who knows the inevitable may happen within our lifetime whereby mass disclosure on the topic will become a reality.
Keep your Eyes to the Skies !

UFO Seen In Wolverhampton, West Midlands UK 5/7/2012

UFO video sent in by a reader. Filmed over Wolverhampton West Midlands in the UK 5/7/2012. Fimler also notes very strange clouds in the area at the same time:

National Geographic's Chasing UFOs: Alvin, Texas News Feature

National Geographic's new show Chasing UFOs makes CBS news with the recent Alvin Texas episode revealing the best clear daylight shot of a Ufo ever taken.
James Fox, director of ufo documentary Out of the Blue joins the news commentary:

Mysterious UFO Lights Over the Skies of Laredo Texas July 3, 2012

Ufo news report in from Laredo Texas  July 3, 2012.
We would like to hear from anyone in Laredo about ufo sightings in the area - please reply to this post.

The Laredo Paranormal Research Society is back from a trip to Roswell where they were one of the presenters for this year's UFO conference.
“This is in northeast part of Laredo. You can see there's nothing. We’ve checked google maps and ranchers areas.” “They multiply from 1 to 2 we've seen up to ten lights at the same time.” All of the images are not visible to the naked eye, but are seen on infra red cameras. Like this triangle shaped object believed to be a UFO over the Winfield subdivision. And these mysterious blinking lights. 
 Then there's the fast floating object near an airplane over loop 20 in far north Laredo. “You can see combustion structure of airplane at the same distance same night a round that you can see. Full of energy.” Cuellar says on average three or four UFO's are in the sky here each week. “Look at the speed of this UFO. This is from Cielito Lindo in the subdivision" Keep in mind, you can't see these with the naked eye. “People don’t even know this is happening. Flying just like the moon.”
Read more source

Thursday, July 05, 2012

UFO Craft Above Lincoln, Maine: 7/2/2012

A Triangle UFO / craft similar to the one sighted in Illinois, was filmed by a reader in Lincoln Maine July 2nd 2012. Please advise if you also spotted this UFO in a similar location.

Posters comments:
We found the same triangle shape in lincoln maine at stump pond.
 the road distance from this place from original spotting is around 60 miles

Triangle UFO Over Springfield, Illinois

Illinois Triangle UFO Sighting June 20

Poster comments: 
On June 20, 2012 while filming the sunset, John Caplin a resident of Illinois caught on video, a very large triangle shaped object flying above the city of Springfield. He said the object was only visible on his video recorder screen and invisible to the naked eye. If anyone has any information about this sighting please contact your local MUFON office.

UFO Lights Witnessed In The Sky

Waiting on the location details for this new UFO video:

Posters Comments:
Sorry I got this on a sideways view. But you can see what's in the sky maybe you can tell me what these two great big lights are. It was not the moon, nor was it two starts this was two huge bright lights staying there until daybreak. has anyone seen these? I saw this at 4:15am out there until 6:am

2 Parallel UFOs

These 2 parallel UFOs are very common.
This is a new sighting. Waiting on the location details for this new UFO video:

UFOs Over Boston Heights, Ohio USA

This video was sent in by a reader. We would like to hear from anyone else in the Boston Heights, Ohio area if you also saw these lights:

Posters comments:
 A friend and I were leaving the Macedonia, Ohio movie theater when we first noticed about 15 of these objects flying over route 8 we were heading south and they were headed NW which looked to be towards the City of Cleveland. We doubled back and I decided to turn down E. Highland Road when we saw just one of the objects. I pulled into a closed for the night Fat Casuals BBQ and grabbed the Canon Powershot SX30 IS I had in my backseat. The first object was brightly lit and I fumbled around with the camera, but before I got it recording the objects light blinked out and all we could see was a gray lit object that just sped away out of site. Then over to the North of us came the three objects that I was able to record on the camera. They did not look like Hot Air Balloons I have seen those at night and they are on the ground and not in the air at night. There wasn't any sound of jet planes nor did we hear the distinct sound of helicopters. I tracked them for 1 minute and 34 seconds before they were completely gone. At 0.55 in the Video two of the objects took off away from the one I was primarily focused on a short difference which is where I moved the camera a bit watching them off camera, then after they moved off a bit they both just took off and disappeared one headed South East and the other due South. The one in my video that I keep the camera on continued SSW and eventually into a cloud that was up in the sky and we didn't see them anymore that evening.

Crop Circle Over Macedonia

New crop circle appears over Macedonia July1st 2012
Source and read more at crop circle connector

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire - Was It a UFO Behind The Helicopter?

Was it a drone, UFO or C-130 plane?
This craft filmed behind a helicopter from news footage of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs, has sparked controversy online. Some say the cylinder like object was in fact a C-130 plane however others argue the planes weren't flying till the next day.
We would like your comments on this footage:

UFO Lights Above Bridlington, UK?

Interesting footage filmed over Bridlington UK, showing what looks like a jet intercepting a UFO:

Monday, July 02, 2012

New Crop Circle: Waden Hill, Nr Avebury Wiltshire 1/07/2012

New crop circle near Waden Hill Nr Avebury, Wiltshire appeared 1st July
Source crop circle connector

UFO Fleet Over Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada. 11pm 30/06/2012,

Did anyone else in Ontario Canada see these UFO lights recently?: Posters comments: We seen one red light in the sky last night, it moved in a strange way, tonight I went back to look at the sky again and seen the same light, then another and then about six of them came over in a formation. I was out with my new Blackberry Playbook, I was trying out this new app. it's called "what's up" and it tells you the stars and planets that are out, that's what I was trying to see last night and that's what I was trying to see tonight again, but I seen these "lights" as well as the stars....the stars don't really show up good on the camera but I did get the lights, at first just one and then six. At the end of this video I was confused with the scene through the playbook and thought the neighbors driveway lights were two of the lights in the sky....I caught on at the end of the video but the first part and the move to the front of the house caught the real lights in the sky....if they aren't ufo's then I don't know what they are, they were red lights.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Strange Formation Over Melbourne, Australia

Although not necessarily a UFO, this strange formation is intriguing.
Was it a camera lense effect or something truly strange?

Posters Comments:
Notice one object on the left slides to the right side of the formation. Shot with a wide angle lens. Objects seem to cross the field of view too fast for birds

UFO Orb Over Ireland - Caught on Cam: 29/6/2012

Bright Orb Captured Over Ireland - Friday, 29th June 2012.

Posters comments:
On the 29th of June 2012, My Brother noticed this Strange apparent Orb/ U.F.O hovering in the Twilight sky above Ireland,