Thursday, July 05, 2012

UFOs Over Boston Heights, Ohio USA

This video was sent in by a reader. We would like to hear from anyone else in the Boston Heights, Ohio area if you also saw these lights:

Posters comments:
 A friend and I were leaving the Macedonia, Ohio movie theater when we first noticed about 15 of these objects flying over route 8 we were heading south and they were headed NW which looked to be towards the City of Cleveland. We doubled back and I decided to turn down E. Highland Road when we saw just one of the objects. I pulled into a closed for the night Fat Casuals BBQ and grabbed the Canon Powershot SX30 IS I had in my backseat. The first object was brightly lit and I fumbled around with the camera, but before I got it recording the objects light blinked out and all we could see was a gray lit object that just sped away out of site. Then over to the North of us came the three objects that I was able to record on the camera. They did not look like Hot Air Balloons I have seen those at night and they are on the ground and not in the air at night. There wasn't any sound of jet planes nor did we hear the distinct sound of helicopters. I tracked them for 1 minute and 34 seconds before they were completely gone. At 0.55 in the Video two of the objects took off away from the one I was primarily focused on a short difference which is where I moved the camera a bit watching them off camera, then after they moved off a bit they both just took off and disappeared one headed South East and the other due South. The one in my video that I keep the camera on continued SSW and eventually into a cloud that was up in the sky and we didn't see them anymore that evening.
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Anonymous said...

I live in this area and I have seen some suspicious things too. It was just north of the intersection of Brandywine and Highland Rds. At first I thought they were two helicopters but as I got closer they looked more like small hot air balloons because they were floating and they seemed to have a flame. My guess is one of my neighbors up the street must just own these things and send them up. It was either late August or September 2012. It was just before sunset and they appeared to be black in color if I remember correctly.

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