Saturday, April 18, 2009

Did close encounters of the 3rd kind - kind of get first contact right?

Hey Guys,
After i recently watched this Ufo hunters episode on Contactees  i kind of further understood the Contactee phenomenon which seems to happening more and more at the moment.
As you may know a  close encounter in ufology is an event where a person witnesses a UFO. The classification procedure was coined by the late controversial  J. Allen Hynek in 1972 who worked on project bluebook  ..

Close Encounter of the First kind
A sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects:
Close Encounter of the Second kind
An observation of a UFO, and associated physical effects from the UFO, including:
Heat or radiation
Close Encounter of the Third kind
An observation of what Hynek termed "animate beings" observed in association with a UFO sighting
Close Encounter of the Fourth kind
A human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.
Fifth Kind - coined by Dr Greer - a bit contraversial ... kind of working together with aliens  for a mutual goal.

As you may know in the 80's Spielberg movie Close Encounters of the Third kind it was suggested that ufos may communicate through colour and shape to interact with contactees. Considering the many sightings occuring today this may not be too far from the truth - infact more and more today people are seeing Ufos that change brilliant colours and shape, often to come back to the same location many times (often for years) and in some circumstances appear when certain people are around ...
A few examples of these true life examples include:
Lake Erie ufo:
where the ufo changes colours and shows as 2:

Sonora Sightings :

Study reveals Washington State - Yakima near Mt Adams receives most Ufo reports in the USA

A new study  has shown that Yakima in washington state in the USA has the most reported ufo sightings per person of any spot in the USA ...  so its  no co-incidence to find out that Yakima is directly opposite Mt Adams  - the most active Ufo Hotpot in the USA at the moment:
The more important issue here is what is really happening here at Mt Adams ...

YAKIMA, Wash-- A new study finds Yakima has one of the highest UFO reporting rates per capita. Popular Mechanics released the study, it shows by county the number of UFO sightings reported from 1947 to 2005.

Yakima County ranked fourth among small cities with 227 sightings and King County was second with 621 reported sightings among major metro counties.

One center for UFO sightings found there was an increase in areas near military training zones. There is a training reservation in Yakima, which could be one of the reasons.

Ufo over Lituanian Parliament

Huge Ufo searching something over the Lituanian Parliament. caught on Police Patrol video:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Vertias Show with Mel fabregas - The Best Online UFO Radio show!

Hi All,

I just wanted to tell everyone who may not know that you simply must listen to the Veritas Show with Mel fabregas. Mel does a great job interviewing highly credible people such as Edgar Mitchell, Stanton Friedman on the topic of Ufos. We do have the radio widget on the right of the Blog -(under Ufo radio) Its a bit hard to read and we are workign on that!
Listen to the latest shows here:

Pologne Ufo and fleet France

Small ufo turns out to have a big fleet :

Suddenly the supposed METEORITE turns back?

What could this object be people? A Meteorite can turn back right ?

Ufo over ECOSSE,12 April 2009

A UFO in Tokoroa New Zealand news Apr 16 2009

A UFO sighting in Tokoroa has been causing a stir on the internet. Breakfast speaks to the man who posted the footage online

original video

posters comments
While flying radio controlled model aircraft at Tokoroa over Easter, we took some video and later spotted what appears to be a very fast-moving object passing across the screen.

There were no other aircraft (full-sized or models) in the air at the time and so far we've been unable to identify what it was -- but it was going *very* fast.

The model is powered by a pulsejet (like the German V1 flying bombs). Could this be a 21st-century Foo-fighter keeping an eye on things? :

Thursday, April 16, 2009

UFO seen before AQUILA ITALY EARTHQUAKE 6th April 2009

Was it no co-incidence that ufos were seen over the town of AQUILA in italy just 5 minutes before the earthquake struck on the 6th of April 2009 ?.. were they trying to warn the people ? ...or were they detecting some energy disturbance and if so was the earthquake HAARP connected like the chinese earthquake event ? please your comments on this appreciated: opportunity !

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News report - recent Ufo over DIAMANT,COLOMBIA APRIL 2009:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

14th April - Ufo? whats going on here

Apparently this video is meant to be capturing footage of the International Space Station but some object then flashed near by - any comments on what it could be?

NASA Tape on Japanese TV

Are these just normal city lights or something else?

Ufo over the Whitehouse? 13th april 2009

Any thoughts on this object seen over the Whitehouse? As you may know the whitehouse has a long history of Ufos flying over it..

Poster comments:

I was watching C-Span this morning. Noticed something over the White House. Grabbed my camcorder. It didnt last long. Disappeared. Wasnt a jet. Wasnt a helicopter. Wasnt a star. Wasnt the moon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Former employees of the mysterious Area 51 come forward

Government disinformation ? "April 13: "Former employees of the mysterious Area 51 are breaking their silence about what really happens at the top secret base"

CYLINDER spraying a chemtrail ?

This object may be a rocket, however the poster insists this isn't true - It "vanished" right in front of me (about 500 meters) as I was standing at the balcony of the top floor at 8:25 in the morning. I felt really weird after that for a couple of minutes


Weird orb over QUEBEC April 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009

March 27 fireball 2009

March 27 2009 - large fireball seen - what was it?:

UFOs vs The Government

Old but good documentary - For years, people have claimed that the government has covered up proof of the existence of UFOs. For years, the government has denied the rumors as groundless. Spaceships versus weather balloons. Aliens versus mannequins. Both sides claim the other is lying or misguided; both sides present considerable evidence.



remaining parts

Australian Ufos files and reports?

Could this document seen on ATS be evidence of the Australian Ufo files?The document shows a summary of Ufo investigations from 1969 ... any comments on this?

For more Australian Ufo files see Disclosure Australia

Also if you have seen a Ufo over Australia or like to read the lastest in Australian Ufo reports? then see AUFORN - Its like the Australian version of the US based MUFON

Proof that NASA UFO STS-48 captured a Ufo?

Is this definite proof that Objects captured by NASA were Ufos? Please discuss..

Posters comments:
An object in Space can only move in a curved trajectory if a constant force is applied.
In Space that force could be the Earth's gravity (orbit) or Thrust from the object itself.

The highlighted object emerges from behind the horizon of the Earth. It moves in a curved trajectory before the 'flash'After the 'flash', it moves in a linear trajectory, away from the Earth.

This means that the object is a great distance from the camera. This means the object is very large, and able to manouver from a curved to a linear trajectory.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bell shapped Ufos over Maryland April 5th

As you may know it was only a week ago that mystery lights were seen over Maryland and now these objets were seen in daylight on the 5th of april. 

According to Mufon Report:
Maryland, April 5, 2009 - We saw 3 silver and 1 black bell like objects(right side of the Moon). We saw 3 silver and 1 black bell like objects(right side of the Moon) in the photo taken on 5th April09.  We doubt that this could be an UFO. We want a proper person to investigate this. e've not seen this in naked eye. We've seen this when we were browsing through our snaps:

Note: Credit to finding this article goes to Bevy who details this more in in our forum here.

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell on Ufo Disclosure

Recap of the interview of Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell on Kerrang Radio last year on Ufos . For those who missed it Dr Mitchell claimed the Roswell crash was real  : "I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real."