Saturday, April 18, 2009

Did close encounters of the 3rd kind - kind of get first contact right?

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After i recently watched this Ufo hunters episode on Contactees  i kind of further understood the Contactee phenomenon which seems to happening more and more at the moment.
As you may know a  close encounter in ufology is an event where a person witnesses a UFO. The classification procedure was coined by the late controversial  J. Allen Hynek in 1972 who worked on project bluebook  ..

Close Encounter of the First kind
A sighting of one or more unidentified flying objects:
Close Encounter of the Second kind
An observation of a UFO, and associated physical effects from the UFO, including:
Heat or radiation
Close Encounter of the Third kind
An observation of what Hynek termed "animate beings" observed in association with a UFO sighting
Close Encounter of the Fourth kind
A human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.
Fifth Kind - coined by Dr Greer - a bit contraversial ... kind of working together with aliens  for a mutual goal.

As you may know in the 80's Spielberg movie Close Encounters of the Third kind it was suggested that ufos may communicate through colour and shape to interact with contactees. Considering the many sightings occuring today this may not be too far from the truth - infact more and more today people are seeing Ufos that change brilliant colours and shape, often to come back to the same location many times (often for years) and in some circumstances appear when certain people are around ...
A few examples of these true life examples include:
Lake Erie ufo:
where the ufo changes colours and shows as 2:

Sonora Sightings :

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It was actually made in '77.

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