Friday, November 27, 2009

Dr Michio Kaku says Ets and Ufos should be Top secret - Do you agree?

Dr Michio Kaku and the civilian scientific community think that alien life should be top secret, even if it´s found lightyears away in outer space. Then imagine if they were here already, do you think the governments and the scientists would tell us? There is without a doubt a conspiracy of secrecy regarding alien life wherever it may be found.

"Michio Kaku, leading physicist, reveals the startling and indeed frightening future of the internet: how it will become the equivalent of the 'magic mirror' of fairytale fame, even able to find your perfect match. Although he admits to Lisa Dwan that computers will never have the ability of intuition, they will be able to 'read minds' in the future. He also speaks on parallel universes, nuclear weapons, the loss of the North Pole, and God."


Those objects seen Over Niagra Falls - isolated

After further isolation an outline can be made of that object seen recently over Niagra

Posters comments:
Filmed on my Camcorder during my Novembner 23rd sighting. I could barely see a flash when the blue light blinked very bright after getting hit by 1 of the Casino spot lights. I increased the brightness so you can barely see the 2 amber ( appearing grey here ) lights with the blue flash 2/3 from the right amber ball. without my telescope it was hard to capture it better. YOu can't even see the THIRD glowing amberish light at all here. I had settings on HD. I got HD alright....HD DARKNESS!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

They're here - NASA's Secret Ufo footage

For all the newbies Into Ufos you simply much watch the below 2 videos showing a summary all the best NASA footage capturing Ufos in space
Martyn Stubbs - the secret NASA Transmissions

These are footage from the recent nasa sts-115 mission live television broadcast and downlinked ccd footage from other past missions like the sts-80.

Large UFO Captured on Video from Virginia 25th November

New Ufo video captured yesterday over Virginia - as usual we see the 2 symmetrical lights

Posters comments:

Was outside doing my normal star gazing and out of nowhere, two bright lights appeared in the sky behind my house.. They appeared to be verticle and moving straight up in the sky. I yelled for my wife and she came out with the camera.
In the mean time, it appeared to have turned horizontal and was travelling over the house in what appeared to be only a few thousand feed up.
I don't even know how to guess how far apart they were but it was definitely two end lights attached to a central object, they NEVER broke apart.

After filming it travel over the house, it appeared to move straight up in the sky until it was out of sight.
Just as this video ends, another object shot across the sky but, I did not get that on video.
I must warn you that there is a kid yelling and crying and several cuss words are used in reference to us freaking out over the UFO.

Source: MUFON

Jaime Maussan - the weird ballon sticks in the air

Jamie looks at the ballon sticks in the air - these are man made though right?
For those who don't know Jamie used to work on the South american version of 60 minutes before he became a full time Ufo investigator and reporter.

Jamie Maussan talks about the result of the Vaticans ET conference last week - Spanish

Damn why can't these reports by Mr Maussan be in english! - video for our spanish friends - a tranlation appreciated is possible.
Apparently he looks at why the church did it and the results of the Vaticans ET conference last week

3 orbs in formation Lima Peru November 25 2009

Hot off the Press as usual - yesterday in city of Lima Peru 3 orbs see in daylight

Jaime maussan talking about some new Ufo over China

No idea what they are saying (can anyone provide a translation)
but i get they are lookign at some new Ufo report over China

UFOs: The Best Evidence - Strange Encounters

Emmy winning journalist exposes terrifying tales of alien abductions, disturbing animal mutilation cases and mysterious crop formations.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jamie Maussan reports a new triangle Ufo filmed over Mexico

Not sure if i have posted this one before - any opinions? It was filmed in daylight over Tepec Mexico

See those bright flashes over Sanibel and Captiva Islands ? - please reply

Ok i am getting 2 stories to this new sighting over Sanibel and Captiva Islands.
I keep getting emails from people saying they saw orbs flying all over the island and they triggered the power failures. However the official explanation from the electric company LCEC explains away the large flash as some type of insulation failure - causing a large plasma arc which makes sense as well - would like to hear from those who actually witnessed the event - if you did please respond to his post with what you saw so we can a better idea of what happened.

An insulator on a LCEC power line failed Saturday, at approximately 10 p.m. An insulator is a device used to isolate conductors (wires) from the distribution pole that support them. When kept intact, insulators also maintain proper distance between the various conductors in an electric line.

When the insulator failed (the nature of this failure is still being investigated) the conductor that it supported came into close proximity with one or more of the other conductors. This initiated an electric arc (or a flash) from one conductor to another. The arc is an electrical breakdown of the air between the two conductors. The ionized air can conduct extremely high currents of electricity causing a short circuit (or a fault).
TV reports:

Bright object Fort Collins Loveland 11-19-2009

Im quite sure this was a helicopter but i see no back navigational lights - any opinions people on this one?

Ufos over Cardiff again 23-11-09

Credit goes to this man who is always out there filming these orbs - keep up the good work!

Posters comments
the famous 2 ufos are back again in the clouds and they actually vanished while they were still in range of shot although they went behind the clouds they never reappeared

They're back - Ufos over Niagara Falls Nov 23rd 2009

Ufos seen over Niagara Falls yet again - the last time a mass sightings was seen was about 3 weeks ago. RealUfos would like an update from anyone in the area who saw the recent lights - please respond to this post.

Credit goes to this Poster - his comments
MULTIPLE objects over the Niagara Falls area first time was Nov 10th, second time Nov 15th and this time November 23rd 2009. This signting lasted 4 hours this time after it faded in and out a few times, and had 1 amazing climax around 7pm with multiple objects of different shapes appearing

Climate solutions are here - lets bring Free energy out from the relms of pseudoscience

A non Ufo post but this is an issue i feel needs discussion on at the moment:

In Canberra today in Australia there was a riot at the climate conference and it got me thinking how desperate and fed up the public really are lack of action governments are taking on climate change. They can't seem to reduce emissions without significant cost to the economy because current clean energy technology is simply too expensive & inefficient - ( no government will be re-elected if they commit their voters to a lower quality of life in exchange for these economically devastating & radical carbon emission cuts) . This is causing the real standoff with progress being made on the climate issue worldwide - its a major economic trade off.

Either way the time for talking about this issue further has long gone and we can no longer rely on our governments sort this out and so urgent action is needed....

I was just thinking how much more angrier those people at the riots would be if they knew that zero emission technology is actually here that is efficient enough to replace current energy sources entirely.

Governments around the globe are so desperate at the moment to come up with cleaner energy solutions that they are literally forking out billions into research grants to come up with innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions - but no effective solutions have yet to arise (except clean coal - but I mean what an expensive joke right?..) .

Basically this is all about money and not about the climate - think about it - there's no way the trillion dollar energy corporations want to be replaced by a technology that generates something for free right? If you charge someone for something they rely upon for use every day you got a lucrative business - but take that away with free energy technology - and there goes the energy industry ! So it makes sense that the energy corporations will no way they let this happen and you can bet they are going to do everything they can to ensure that this technology doesn't get out into commercial production - cause their whole market is at stake!.

The prime example of this from the late 1800's when business tycoon Morgan canned Nicolas Telsas wireless energy project when he found out there was no way to charge people for using it. ...similarity today the research funds aren't going where they should cause its about money and returns. Governments and corporations want to develop alternate energy sources they can still charge us for ... so the more effective solutions remain completely undeveloped and overlooked.

An eye opening video about free energy suppression - apparently banned in the US:

The devastating fact is that these 'free energy technologies' have been around for a long time - sadly many of the patents to these have all been bought up long ago and suppressed by none other than our energy corporations.

So serious is the issue of suppression of free energy technologies now that the Orion project has organised an energy briefing for the President Obama and members of Congress to review. I suggest checking out the briefing to update yourself on zero emissions technologies that your government likely has not told you are available.

Its time our governments stop talking about ways to 'reduce emissions' - instead lets bring to the table the possibility of 'zero emissions' and the possibility that free energy technology may not be pseudoscience after all .

Yet Another news report of that UFO over Bogota Colombia

That Triangle Ufo over Bogota Colombia from a different angle. Show the normal triangle orb outline seen commonly with these type of Ufos:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


For more than an hour and a half, an ARGENTINIAN POLICE LT. along with 7 others watch in amazement and shock as two or more big and bright UFOs dance in the sky radiating a bright colorful aura
If you can speak spanish please provide a translation:

Mel Fabregas interviews author Zecharia Sitchin

Interesting show to appear on my favorite online radio station Veritas soon - a very exclusive appearance with famous researcher and author Zecharia . Sitchin is of books promoting an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts.

Did you see the lights at Southwest Cape Coral ? 21st Nov 2009

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone from Southwest Cape Coral - please respond to this post if you saw the lights the other day. Power surges can be caused be solar activity or ufos and this means this may be something other than just a normal meteor shower:

Fox 4 received a flood of phone calls Saturday night around 10pm. Viewers reported power surges, and flashes of different colored lights in the sky over the water.

Callers from Southwest Cape Coral and Fort Myers Beach said they saw the lights flash in the sky for about forty seconds.

Some viewers even reported power surges in their homes, and trouble starting their cars along with the lights. Dispatchers with the Cape Coral Police Department didn't know the source of the lights.

LCEC spokersperson Karen Ryan said 5,000 customers on Sanibel Island are without power late this evening, but she did not know if the outage was related to the phenonmenom. LCEC is looking into it. Crews are on scene working to correct the outage, which could have been caused by fallen trees. We are working to find out more information.

UFO Over Atlanta 13th Nov 2009

Poster comments: Within two minutes these appeared and in a BIG WAY , going ever so slowly above and ever so Bright so that i would not miss. in the middle of shooting , my memory oveloaded and stopped the cam. i had to erase and re-record and still had time to see & record this duo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Serious push to get the Stan Meyer device going - zero emissions are possible

This is big call out for any investors who want to help save the world - serious ..

If you live down under you probably have gone through the recent unusual heatwave.The last week we have had temperatures over 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) which is just not usual for November.

I almost passed out when i went outside! - the heat and humidity was just not normal for this time of year and everyone knows it. Also now with the news today more than
70% of our state is now in drought things aren't looking too good. The states food bowl (the Murray darling) is drying up for the first time ever and much produce is being imported.

The dramatic climatic changes are so obvious that we can't be blind to them anymore. Just last week a
gigantic iceberg was spotted in an ocean near Australia. The iceberg is almost twice as long as the Titanic! (can you believe that?) and experts are concerned the whole Antarctic ice shelf will be gone in the coming years:
So here's the purpose of this post - unlike what our governments are saying there is a solution to this problem - zero emissions technology is here but its not being implemented:

So this brings me to the topic of alternate energy yet again...

I strongly believe we need to stop using oil right now - the 2 biggest sources of carbon pollution are coal power plants and vehicle emissions. The technology to reduce vehicle emissions to zero is here and needs to be rolled out commercially as soon as possible. Forget about Hybrid cards and even electric cars - they still lead to emissions - hydrogen car technology is here and it works.

The technology has been around since the last 80's but with strong influence from oil companies the technology took a back seat after its inventor Stan Meyer was murdered in the mid 90's (not food poisioining as wikipedia would like you to know ) . Regardless, numerous Private research companies all over the world have worked on his hydrogen generator and numerous people have replicated Mr Meyers results - ie a generator that creates no emissions and runs on water. Unfortunately Mr Meyer put deliberate errors in and withheld details from the patent to the plans of his device to keep it secret so its taken a great amount of time for researchers to work out the efficiency level he got from his hydrogen generators.

Its also important to note that the convenient lawsuit claims used to 'black ban' Mr Meyer's device as a fraud in wikipedia (and thus steer away most people who research stan Meyer in google) don't reveal the disturbing revelations about that court case - read the final comment on this post.

Serious investment is needed to get a car into mass production using this technology. Its the shame the previous owners of paypal who put their money into Telsa motors didn't look closely at the work of Stan's - with serious investment this technology could be inside your car today by now . Much of the scientific community and even wikipedia dispute Stan's claims because evidence-based science doesn't understand yet how high frequency pulsed voltage can accelerate electrolysis exponentially (it doesn't take much to work out that pulsed high frequency breaks up covalent bonds instantly)- so the technology has been ignored - until now:

Dr Steven Greer's Orion Project has acquired the rights to Meyers technology and buggy. His organisation is looking to get the technology at a level where it can be developed commercially.

Many private researchers who have tried to get Meyers technology to this level but have realised they are up against the trillion dollar oil industry and enormous pressure is put on them from numerous levels as a result (like that Japanese company Genepax who shut down earlier this year) . There's no way they are going to let anyone take their lucrative oil market share away and so faced with this Hurdle the Orion Project needs to get as much support as possible .

If your concerned about the planet and want to invest in something please take at look at what the Orion Project is doing - we need to get this technology into commercial production asap:

(ohh and If your like Bill gates or some seriously cashed up person with philanthropic endevors why not look at doing the world a favour and help invest to make this technology a reality!)

Tv Interview:

A Louisiana company announced yesterdayy that they are in process of releasing plans for building a water fuel cell that produces enough hydroxy gas from water to run a generator to keep the electrolysis cell going as well as producing excess electricity for other use.

Ok so what's up with Murrysville, Pennsylvania & Ufos ?

So many videos - now even from other people in her area. However alot of people are saying what this lady is filming are planes or helicopters over Murrysville, Pennsylvania. . I would be happy to get a reply from the poster if you all have some questions for her - please advise as a reply to this post and i will get a reply from her posted to help sort this out. She posted video recently disputing the aircrafts however when you listen to the interview they say they are training helicopter pilots - so not sure how that fits in with her explanation?.

So where is Murrysville, Pennsylvania ?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scientists puzzled at low solar activity - is this the quite before the 2012 sun storm?

As you may know with my previous posts there is major scientific evidence from NASA that points to 2012 being the year of dangerous solar storms - its the peak of the solar cycle and sunspot flares.

Usually every 11 years (last one in 2001) the sun becomes more violent than usual and lets out alot of strong solar flares which make it to earth. Usually this is no problem as the earth has a shield (the magnetosphere) which protects us but now NASA has found that 1) this coming solar cycle may be the strongest in a long time and 2) our magnetosphere shield has holes in it . Unprotected, a strong solar flare could now make it to earth and could have an unprecedented effect on satellite communications and electrical power on earth.

In addition if earth absorbs large amounts of solar radiation it may stimulate a spike earthquake activity - as the earth compensates for the increase in energy absorption.

Now astonishingly scientists are puzzled why there hasn't been basically any sunspot activity for a very long time. The lack of solar activity is highly unusual and is often linked to ice ages on earth. However, scientists feel the major concern is that this the 'calm before the storm' and may indicate a spontaneous rise to super violet solar activity without warning in 2012.

The implications of lack of solar acivity discussed recently on Coast to Coast:

An analysis

2012 and NASA solar warnings

Getting you thinking - Dr. Michio Kaku on Invisiblity, the Universe & Ets

Dr. Michio Kaku is one on my favorite speakers on the topic of theoretical science, he always gets me thinking...
In the first video he talks about Invisibility and I see how this can relate to how Ufos seem to cloak themselves from our view.
The second video they discuss the distrubing transmitting of the first motion picture in to deep space, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and why this was a real bad idea! I Can't believe fox did this can you?!

Dr. Michio Kaku on the transmitting the first motion picture in to deep space, making THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL

Michio Kaku speaks about multiverse and parallel universes.

time travel is possible - ets

Triangle Ufo filmed in some forest

Fake or not? The triangle is quite low.. could be someone holding stuff but i am really not sure... any comments?

Ufos over Bogota Colombia Nov 20, 2009

Bright orbs ( ovnis as they call them over there ) were seen above Bogota Colombia Nov 20, 2009
Apparently these were foo fighters - orbs that follow aircraft.
If you live in Columbia and had seen these please reply to this post.
Be good if anyone can provide us with a translation of this news report

Objects over Cyprus 2009

Lanterns or Ufos? Filmed over Cyprus 2009

Cause for ConCERN ? CERN's LHC is restarted

November 2009 - A clockwise beam has just gone half way round the Cern's LHC .
When 2 way beams and collisions happen again we should pay closer attention: