Wednesday, November 25, 2009

See those bright flashes over Sanibel and Captiva Islands ? - please reply

Ok i am getting 2 stories to this new sighting over Sanibel and Captiva Islands.
I keep getting emails from people saying they saw orbs flying all over the island and they triggered the power failures. However the official explanation from the electric company LCEC explains away the large flash as some type of insulation failure - causing a large plasma arc which makes sense as well - would like to hear from those who actually witnessed the event - if you did please respond to his post with what you saw so we can a better idea of what happened.

An insulator on a LCEC power line failed Saturday, at approximately 10 p.m. An insulator is a device used to isolate conductors (wires) from the distribution pole that support them. When kept intact, insulators also maintain proper distance between the various conductors in an electric line.

When the insulator failed (the nature of this failure is still being investigated) the conductor that it supported came into close proximity with one or more of the other conductors. This initiated an electric arc (or a flash) from one conductor to another. The arc is an electrical breakdown of the air between the two conductors. The ionized air can conduct extremely high currents of electricity causing a short circuit (or a fault).
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Anonymous said...

Seems like these Orbs are flying over populated areas lately, doesnt it?

Have the Orbs decided to make themselves known?

also, the Vatican had a swift meeting on the possibility of Alien Life.

this rumored UFO disclosure might be coming soon.

VirtuallyLucid said...

Notice that the "orb" mentioned was following a power line? That's fairly typical for the kind of event posted by the power company.

Also, when you watch the video, pay attention to the closed captioning. At one point, a man is talking about bright lights and the closed captioning goes on to say something about thinking it was aliens, but the no one actually says those words. It is only in the captioning.

Anonymous said...

What i want to know is, yes the power cut out in the area - ok cool, who says 'alien'(unkown) technology didn't cause it by accident.
BUT why then when people got outside their houses tried starting their cars where they not able to start their vehicles?
hint hint cars have nothing to do with the sub power station but large area power outages are reported around sightings all the time. all it has to do is cut out a small link of the power chain to short out the whole town.

Anonymous said...

When those sub-stations blow they really make a bang!

I think a ufo got to close to it.

Dickos Fortuna said...

I don't think the orbs necessarily percieve our world in the way we do, and vice versa... They see energ, either as light, or actual electrical energy, and maybe try and 'show themselves' to that. or try to eat it. Or something.

Anonymous said...

I think the are orbs are some kind of aliens spies...they must have some sort of filming equipment on them and they watch specific areas tp know more about us and our way of living...this sounds crazy but the idea of orbs is very strange.

Gabbi Joinking said...

I had an experience on Sanibel that I'd like to share and see if maybe you guys have some answers for me.

I heard about the 'transformer' blowing in November 2009 but I had an experience almost a year later. I've grown up on Sanibel and know what I saw, and it was no transformer. It was also never talked about on tv or anything and I'd like to know if anyone besides myself and my friends saw anything strange out there.

May 29th, 2010 at around 2am, I was at the second 711 on the island by Tarpon Bay, facing the post office. My boyfriend and were sitting in the parking lot when all of the lights on the entire island went out... street lights, the 711 lights, everything. Then we see a huge blue ball of light hovering above the trees over the post office. It starts to get bigger and bigger like it's growing with energy (to the size of a large building, I don't really remember I just know it was huge). Then just like when you turn off an old television, the ball quickly sucked itself in into thin air, and the second is was gone all the power on the entire island came back on. It was like a movie and if I hadn't had my boyfriend with me, I wouldn't have believed what I saw. What was more weird was that moments after we encountered this blue ball, we get a phone call from our friends that were on their way to meet us at 711. They asked 'did you guys see that' although we were still stunned and confused about what we just saw, we asked what they saw. From what our friends recall they were bike riding on Tarpon Bay and there was a quick flash like a green lazer in their eyes just as we were seeing the blue light. Also, as we were leaving because after we saw that I wanted to get as far away from that place as possible, we saw a cop standing outside his car staring up at where the blue light was with his hands on his hips.... but I didn't want him to send me to the loony so we just went straight home... but i know he saw it.

I'm still very confused about what I saw that night and just recently another one of my friends saw something similar out on Captiva. I don't know if the ET's like Sanibel and Captiva because it's so dark out there or what, but if anyone has any answers, I'd love to hear them.

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