Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jaime maussan talking about some new Ufo over China

No idea what they are saying (can anyone provide a translation)
but i get they are lookign at some new Ufo report over China
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Anonymous said...


china, one of the most important economical countries of the world is generating an impressive amount of video footage and photographs of ufos. some ufo investigators believe the ufo wave started soon after last year's eclipse on the 22nd of july in that part of the world. the most recent case is on november 1st when an object appeared over a commercial area in (name of chinese area--can't spell it). many saw the ufo at night when it appeared to fly near a store's entrance. the ufo was seen for about a minute before it shot up into the night sky. an individual managed to capture some images of the ufo with his mobile phone and then uploaded them to a website about science and technology. he asked for help in identifying the object. the object looks like an elongated and bright stick with yellow lights. even though there is a bright white light in the foreground, the object maintains its own color. some ufo researchers believe the object has lights on it or perhaps windows on it.

(next image 3:10) also recently, this image taken in the (chinese area) shows a ufo image taken by a newspaper reporter.
something similar also happened in mexico during its ufo wave of 1991. sightings in mexico continue to occur today. but the quality of evidence has improved due to today's technology. the video evidence started with the early versions of home camcorders and over time, they improved due to the digital technology. but let's not forget that this was not the first ufo flap in the world. rather, it was the first ufo flap that was captured with the camcorder. the ufo flap started off with simple sightings and culminated with the ufo fleet sightings. no one had any explanations for these sightings and their behaviors.

in asian countries, it was first reported on may 21st of this year (in a government communist paper). the newspaper carried an image with two bright green and blue light objects in the background of a famous pagoda. the paper stated that one of the objects left behind a purple glow in the sky.

(4:38) but the biggest event of the recent chinese ufo flap was on the 22nd of july of this year during the total eclipse. many individuals captured images of ufos. some were in color and others were in black and white. some showed a traditional saucer-like shape and silver in color. china's scientific community stated that within the upcoming months, they would analyze the pictures to determine what the objects were. this has tremendous implications for the global ufo community.
this flap culminated recently with a sighting by some students. they filmed a ufo changing shape during the day time. the ufo started off as a blue sphere and it transformed into a classic saucer shape.

and finally, on the 20th of august of this year, there was a tv report by "sina" that there was a supposed "ufo invasion". the ufos flew over the (chinese area) for three hours and over 5 provinces. the first ufo was sighted by a tv crewman who uploaded the images on the internet.

Anonymous said...

rough translation:

welcome to 3rd millenium. a program that puts itself in the avant-garde in the investigation of anticipated topics of our times.
continuing are the sightings of the "ebani", that is, extraterrestrial biological entities that are unidentified flying objects in the country of mexico.
some have wondered, "why are they called biological entities if we don't have physical proof?"
well today i'm going to show you some videos that to me, seem to clearly show that these objects demonstrate behavior of organisms that are alive. i'm also going to present the new statements made by the vatican astronomer in regards to the possibility of ET life, the possibility of making contact with these intelligent beings and the church's position on this matter.
but let's start with the continued sightings in china. i present you with this investigation.

yohanan diaz: the first few months of 2009 initiated a ufo wave(flap) in china considered by many ufo investigators in that area to be the most important in that part of the world. similarly, in 1991 there was a ufo wave in mexico that was the most important in the american continent. what are the similarities? join us in the following presentation.

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