Monday, December 07, 2009

2012 movie review - hype & fear - your reactions?

Ok.. here's my review of that 2012 movie..

I just got back from seeing the movie today and i had a few words to say.

Firstly the special effects are great - but they are just that special effects!
That limo going through those buildings, ohh my god! totally unbelievable but great to watch - once again hollywood always gives me a laugh!

So basically we see a hyped up 2012 theme to fit your usual end of days movie. The solar theory stands up but thats about it.

They talk about galactic alignment at one stage & earth pole shifting theories but there are all speculative theories. The fact is that in 2012 there will be larger than normal solar activity, more than normal neutrinos could possibly be emitted but the main concern is the effect from the emf radiation on electrical devices.

Looking at the facts so far NASA predicts that with a weaker than normal magnetosphere (earth's shield) combined with excess solar radiation from a stronger than normal solar cycle in 2012 it could render earth more vulnerable to the emf pulses from the sun than ever before - wiping out the Internet, electrical power and communications for months at a time.

The less accepted theories of neutrinos and excess energy from the sun being absorbed by earths mantle & core could have some possibility but they are not fully supported at the time. Remember e=Mc2 .. the more energy absorbed by earth the more changes this could have on earths mantle and core if it has to disperse this excess energy.

I could also understand where they were going with the coverup themes - i mean what government is going to tell us the end of days i near?. Guess they would have to cover it up as it would cause mass panic if nothing could be done to avoid the inevitable .

I did notice however some people were genuinely concerned after seeing the movie - even with all the unbelievable stunts and animations!. Similarly when When war of the worlds movie came out in 1953 is caused a lot of worry in the public. So overall im not sure how much good this movie does. Hopefully people will go online after watching the movie to see what the facts are about 2012.

Would like your input if you have seen the movie - do you think its going to cause unnecessary fear ? what did you think?


Anonymous said...

At first I did not want to see the movie since I did not want to become depressed but ended up going during a lonely busines strip. Well, there was so many totally unbelievable and illogical special efects (but technically perfect in the minimal details) that the movie became comic to me.

Besides, past scientific calculations have also proved that a planetary alignment alone would NOT cause a geomagnetic pole reversal (but this has periodically occurred in the past). Some other external factor would need to occur concurrently for this to happen. In addition, even if such pole reversal occurred in our lifetime, it was also scientifically calculated that this would cause very large earthquakes, dramatic climatic changes worldwide and even large solar flames, but even this would certainly NOT cause the unbelievable destruction, fires, and mountain-like movements of the Earth's crust like in the movie. The mantle would need to be incredibily hot to become flexible enough for this to happen. A solar flame could burn forests but this would NOT impact significantly the geomagnetism of Earth's inner core. We would need a near-miss planetary collision with a large enough celestial body for this to happen - that's an entirely different history though - and much more scientifically credible.

I do NOT agree however that all governments would not tell anyone if such a destruction was foreseeable. A few governments (like the Swiss and others) have even ALREADY built underground/mountain bases (civilian & military) capable of protecting their WHOLE population against atomic wars and/or cataclismic events. It's easy to see also that if dealing with an unmanageably large population this would happen though.

What we really NEED to worry about however, is a worlwide agreement on tomorrow's United Nations Environmental Conference, in order to forestall unbearable and hardly reversable climatic changes in less than 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Its a great Hollywood effects movie and for that it was impressive. As far as its relevance to 2012, it hardly touches on any of the multiple proposed truths. In my opinion, the movie "Knowing" was more accurate. If one looks at the big picture regarding 2012, its a new beginning or a major change in direction, not necessarily the end. I may be in left field, but personally feel like 2012 has everything to do with the revelation of a greater truth, one which includes a more clear understanding of the ET presence here on earth and elsewhere. The frequency of sitings, the crop circle messages, the Vatican acknowledgment, other governments releasing of documents etc. In addition we see failing governments, insane debt, an apparent building of a one world government. The frequency of earth has almost doubled, there appears to be heightened awareness or increased consciousness. Any hard, fast, empirical - not really, its just a hunch. Realistically the 2012 date may come and go, but its quite possible that it will be "around this time" give or take a few years or decades maybe, that things go a whole new direction.

r4i said...

Why do people think 2012 will be the end of the world? I mean what if the Mayans ment that was the end of the way things worked now. Sort of age unlike that of the previous ones. That this new age starting at 2012 will not be a repeat cycle like before. Strange movie idea though.

Anonymous said...

Do not delegitimize this site with bollocks like this.

PhoenixRox said...

The effects were brilliant, but you said it- they were special effects. I am neither a skeptic nor a believer right now. Long story short, there is so much in this universe that we need to learn about and new things come up all the time. So who knows what will happen.

On a side note. Did you see the green screen in the movie? LOL. If you don't know what I am talking about,just click my name :)

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sedona74 said...

I agree with many aspects on HOLLOYWOOD HYPE and if nothing else that it will peak everybodies curiosity and internet and research sales will kick up however I do have one constant probing question that has always been on the back people honestly not remember a few years back when there was a solar anomily that happened (if i remember correctaly) or something to that affect that caused a lot of unexplained misscarrages worldwide????

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An eye-popping, insult to the intelligence strictly for the kiddies and crackpot doomsday enthusiasts.