Wednesday, December 09, 2009

That Amazing UFO portal over Hessdalen Norway

Very interesting documentary - People claim there is some underground ET base in Hessdalen Norway . I have previously posted about Ufo sightings in this area.
If you have seen Ufos in the area or know about this please respond to this post.

where is Hessdalen Norway?
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Finally a documentation that i didn't know yet.

Anonymous said...

very interesting doc.

Anonymous said...

Great Post... I love all the parts of the doc. being on the site in one place.

Anonymous said...

after 1 years looking to almost ALL kinds of documentary's and ufo case, this one was unknown for me!Very good and intresting doc.More of this kind and im looking forward to fallow up this hessdalen case!/sweden.

The Real World said...

Hte same people behind this documentary is soon coming out with a new UFO documentary called , "The day before disclosure"
I have actually read the script, last night in fact, and it seems eartshaking. I was privelidged since the director is a friend of mine.
It will be out in January/Febuary...
Teaser will be out soon

Anonymous said...

The blue spiral 1 minute into Clip 4 reminds me about the blue spiral from the white and blue Norway spiral on the December 9th.

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