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Large bright object over France July 2009

Another bright Ufo this time over France July 2009 -
not sure what on earth this is - military excercise or something else?
If you live in france and have further info please respond to this post.
Also i have received reports of a large similar Ufo over chile today that is receiving a total media blackout on the issue. If you live in Chile and have seen a ufo recently please message me as well.

NASA Ufo hacker Gary McKinnon loses extradition 31 July 2009

Very sad news - NASA Ufo hacker Gary McKinnon loses yet again another extradition appeal. His case has raised numerous concerns about the extradition process in the UK and has attracted high level sympathizers from UK Prime minster Gordon Brown to the likes of celebrities such as Bob Geldof.

Many in the UK are now questioning the real motives why the US government is applying extraordinary pressure on this case - considering the defendant is a non-violent amateur hacker with aspergers syndrome.

Mr Mc Kinnon claims he hacked into NASA's computers searching for Ufo evidence. If you have doubts about Mr Kinnon's claims you can be assured that they can be backed up as the US prosecution confirms he did indeed hack into the NASA Johnson Space centre (if you have watched our videos you will know that this is the exact location of 'building 8' - the long known NASA airbrushing department). His story is no fabrication using Ufos as an excuse for hacking! . Also if you have been following this site I'm sure you are aware of the overwhelming number videos now which support Garys claims of a clandestine UFO cover up at NASA.

The Us government claims he made over $700000 dollars worth damage to their computers but when you consider he just remotely logged into these computers using blank administrator passwords there's no way this damage bill could have been racked up. (Apparently this high damage bill was needed to have support grounds for his extradition)

Fact is NASA and the US military are red faced that this man went undetected and hacked into their most sensitive information - ie Ufos and their coverup process - and you can be sure there is no way they are going to let this go. This is the real reason why they are applying unprecedented pressure to prosecute Gary and they will use every resource they have got to see him rot in jail. No one can stop this process sadly, not even the Uk government or president Obama and it indeed highlights the real issue here - the might and power that is the US military:

cnn report

legal review of the case - Uk government confirms extradition laws wrong and outdated but powerless to do anything

Amazing UFO Sighting Arizona July 3, 09 Lake Havasu

Very interesting new sighting over Lake Havasu July 3 2009 interesting when the jet flys by..

Original Video

Plane or what? ROMANIA 2009

Experimental craft, a normal plane - what could this be over Romania?

Friday, July 31, 2009

2 UFO's Almost crash ?

Posters comments
These two ufo's are head directly at each other, the angles they are travelling look as if they are landing and taking off. Judge the height by the top of that building. There is only a mountain over there, again they should have crashed into it or each other!!! The mountain is called Chimney rocks which is directly to the left of that building.

More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies

I have posted so many of the NASA Ufo anomalies i am not sure if this one has been aded:

NASA to use Laser Propulsion to power space craft of the future

Beamed energy propulsion sounds like one of the crazy idea's Mr Telsa tried to develop but now NASA plans to power future space craft on this technology.

Laser propulsion technology has been under development since the 70's and has come along way since then. Its an ideal way to remotely power a craft and eliminates the need for bulky rockets.

I find it highly interesting that the US airforce and the Brazillian airforce are collaborating on this project together - especially considering what the prototype crafts look like (see below) - dare i mention the words reverse enginering? :

The brightest new news in beamed energy propulsion is that experiments are now underway at the Henry T. Nagamatsu Laboratory of Hypersonics and Aerothermodynamics at the IEAv-CTA in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil.

The work is being sponsored under international collaboration between the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Brazilian Air Force.

Basic research experiments using high-powered lasers are underway in Brazil, with experts investigating the central physics of laser-heated airspikes and pulsed laser propulsion engines for future ultra-energetic craft.

Bright Spots on Venus confuse Scientists

Here's an extract from a very interesting article i just read on

A sudden bright spot that appeared in the clouds of Venus just days after a comet left a bruise on Jupiter has scientists stumped as to its cause.

Venus' bright spot, first noticed by amateur astronomer Frank Melillo of Holtsville, NY on July 19, is not the first such brightening noticed on our cloudy neighbor, said planetary scientist Sanjay Limaye of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This time is a little different though because the brightening is confined to a smaller region, Limaye said. It also came in the wake of Jupiter'sown new (dark) spot, believed to be the result of a comet impact — Limaye attributes the fortunate confluence of the two events for the attention Venus is now getting in the astronomical community.

continue reading here at

NASA launches online asteroid watch tracker

NASA this week unveiled a new web site that provides data on asteroids and 'other space objects' that come within 4.6 million miles of earth. Its from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Near-Earth Object Program and the online site is called Asteroid Watch.

Asteroid Watch that will act as a centralized source for information on objects hurtling close to Earth. The site will take note of any asteroids or comets coming within 4.6 million miles of our planet. Site link

Note here they said 'space objects' .. but you can be sure NASA won't report ufos as space objects.

Also i am not sure how this will sit the 'meteor / fireball top secret classification'. Many astronomers and scientists are still upset with the US military after they revealed that
Space rocks that explode in the atmosphere are now classified.

So if a meteor comes we will know about it but after it enters our atmosphere we won't?
Very puzzling...

Meteor falls over mexico?

Was it a meteor that fell over mexico recently?
I have no further information on this, if you know any please respond to this post

New Films to prove what really creates crop circles - Silver Disc Near Barbury Castle

(Image source)
Finally researches are taking the 'next step' to get to what really creates these crop circles:

I remember reading someones comment once -
if they could only put a live cam in these damn crop circles they could prove for once and for all what really creates them.

Well know researchers are doing this and the they are coming back with amazing findings. Researchers are utilising the latest motion sensing equipment and infrared cameras to capture numerous never before seen light orb phenomenas.

As you may know orbs and light plasma are responsible for creating genuine crop circles. They often leave tell tale signs such as 'blown planet nodes' (like how microwave heat creates pop corn) & electromagnetic residues which can all be measured in the fields to verify the genuine thing.

Its the light orbs that attract the interest of the military who are often seen over crop circles in the UK trying to photograph and follow these 'balls of light'.

On Linda Moulton Howe's site Earth files some amazing new footage has surfaced showing a bright silvery disc object hovering over the fields. I suggest you check it out here.

Orbs and crop circles:

Terror in the Sky - a closer look at the flying humanoids

I know alot of you love monsterquest from the history channel . Here is their most recent episode looking at the flying humanoids. I am not a huge fan of these objects, i feel some of them are likely fakes but some people swear these sinister objects are real:
Across North America there is something strange and frightening circling overhead. Witnesses tell of human-like creatures that float or hover in the skies and often descend to attack. Legends and folklore tell of strange flying creatures, but in the 1940s and 1950s, strange humanoid forms were spotted above small towns, bringing waves of panic. Sceptics claim that misidentification explains these creatures, however the mounting evidence says otherwise:

pt 2

pt 3

remaining parts

Latest crop circles in England and USA July 2009

Ufo report from china July 2009

Hopefully i haven't reposted this one as there has been alot of news reports coming from china about ufos this month:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lake disappears overnight in Chile - was it due to Ufos ?

Please note there is a long history of Ufos taking up water from lakes,
this new report reveals how a massive lake apparently disappeared over night :
A large lake in Chile disappeared overnight, leaving in its place a giant pit 30 meters deep, but placed in dry soil, reported a head of the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) . It is believed that extraterrestrials or UFOS took the water..because they have been reports of UFO sucking up the water in the lake before:

Conaf requested help from geologists to find out what happened to the lake, located some 2 thousand kilometers southeast of Santiago, the National Park Huemules, as the regional body's chief, Juan Jose Romero, who said that the professionals visit the area in 10 days.
The disappearance of the lake was discovered last May 27, but was informed on Wednesday.
Romero said that a patrol of five officers Conaf in a usual route, monthly, found that the ice of various sizes and does not float over the year in the waters of the lake, but were deposited at the bottom of a large crater.
"They found the huge surprise that the lake had simply disappeared. And we're not talking about a small lake, but rather big and the icebergs that had the lake were usually there, but stranded in the dry bed of what was lake and the disappeared overnight, "Romero told.
He said "the icebergs were quite large and are still there in the dry bottom of what was once the lake," said Romero.
At the lake had no fish because it was water of glacial origin.
The official added that in the bottom of the pit there are huge cracks or cracks. "We do not know what happened, everybody speculates," he said.
But not only the lake disappeared, but a flowing river that flows into the lake, today is nothing more than a simple stream.
"You can walk through," said Romero. The river was about 40 meters wide and about six or seven miles long.

Bizzare FEMA drill July 27 2009 - what are they preparing for?

Just what could they be preparing for in this bizarre FEMA drill?

Orbs over crop circles

The footage of the bright glowing orb in this over the field is very interesting, not sure about the others:

More from the Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona

Nick Cook Steven Greer and others talk at the Exopolitics Summit.
Debating the issues of Ufo disclosure:

pt 2

remaining parts

Ufo Over Hatfield House Hertfordshire near Welwyn Garden City

A UFO sighting claim has been made in the UK, with a mystery object now being photographed hovering above a home in Hertfordshire.

Here is the picture (can't post due to copyright)

What do you think?

Ufo captured during Eclipse in China July 2009 ?

9 students separately filmed and photographed the UFO apparently during the solar eclipse. What are you thoughts on this one? Ballon, bored kids making a CGI or the real thing?

read more at source

Ufos and the Chilean Farmer

Farmer in Chile reports strange contact with a ufo


Another documentary on USOS - Ufos under the sea.
Have you ever seen one of these by the way? realufos wants to know - please respond to this post if you have,

remaining parts

Ufos over Dundee Scotland 28 July 2009

very interesting footage - any comments ?

Latest crop circles over the netherlands July 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Highland village Ufo UK July 2009

video source - the sun
New report in - if you live in this area and have photos and footage please respond to this post.

extract from this article:
RESIDENTS in a Highland village were left terrified by a UFO sighting which lasted TWO hours.
The bizarre sightings began at 11pm on Saturday and the spectacular show in the sky above Muir of Ord, Ross-shire ended at 1am.

Residents watched in awe as three bright orange dome-shaped objects hovered then flew at high speed in random spirals closer and closer to the village.

Last night leading expert Nick Pope said: "This could be one of the most significant UFO events in recent history.

"Sightings like this are hugely significant because they are very rare.

"Most UFOs are seen by single witnesses so it's very difficult to get any proof. For whole streets of people to see something is almost without precedent and this sounds like one of the most significant UFO events in recent history.

"It's also very unusual for a UFO to be seen for such a long time. Most are very brief.

source - continue reading

Ufo 26 July Sanremo Italy 2009

On 29 May 2009, at 21.00, was shooting a ball which moved from northwest to southeast at about two kilometers as the crow flies from the point of observation. The object was over the center of town and then disappear suddenly. A few days before had been a similar event.
On 30 May 2009 at 21.30 we spotted about a subject that apparently spheroidal stationed above the ridge of a mountain in the hinterland of the city: light, white and bluish button, after about 25 minutes, began to decline to disappear, finally, behind the mountain watersheds.
On July 15, on the Ligurian coast of the vertical were stationed for a few hours two bright spheres, and are several hundred meters. The unidentified objects are then suddenly disappeared from view, as they were published.
In several cases, the beads showed iridescent colors, white-gold, light blue or light green.
Also on 26 July 2009, at about 21:15, the movie was a brilliant globe who have crossed over the coast after a couple of minutes, he disappeared, as if it were dissolved.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hubble object 19th May 2009

Not a star - Falling debris or a satellite? A closer look at that object near the hubble telescope 19th May 2009

UFO Alderney Lights - 35 Ufos captured on Radar 1971

After 37 years, as a former radar chief with the Royal Air Force, Mr. Turner came forward stating the British Ministry of Defence asked him to keep quiet after he tracked a whole fleet of "spaceships" on April 21, 1971. He claims 30 people witnessed the fleet of 35 UFO's on radar and that each craft would vanish only to be replaced by an identical blip a few moments later.

Extract from the video:

Turner examined the blips on his screen and determined the only thing that could be moving at that speed was the most advanced fighter of the day -- the Lightning. But the sheer number of aircraft indicated was simply unbelievable.

Turner: It was so unusual. People just looked at it and said, "What is going on?" We're talking 30, 35 aircraft. No Air Defense Commander in his right mind would get the entire Lightning force in one location. He'd have absolutely nothing left with which to defend the United Kingdom Air Defense region. You could cut the air with a knife. It became electric rapidly. People were -- more than surprised.
@0:55 (emphasis added)

In response to this Turner rerouted a RAF Canberra jet returning from West Germany to intercept.

Turner: I kept asking the pilot, "Are you visual?" And then he said, the voice sounded quite jittery, "I don't know what that was, it was a quarter of a mile away, climbing like the clappers and we saw it on radar. We did not see it visually.

There were seven technically different radars all seeing exactly the same thing. Two radars at Southern radar, two radars at Heathrow, two at the fighter control establishment, and the airborne one with the Canberra bomber.
@1:40 (emphasis added)

NASA confirms a Ufo?

I would like to clarify the legitimacy of this video - it shows some large bright blob on the screen with someone from NASA talking about an alien spacecraft ...but it seems to good to be true ? - if anyone know anything more about this please advise.

NASA Confirms UFO Is it Real?

Ufo secrets documentary

remaining parts

Orbs and beings at Martinsell Hill July 2009

I am getting alot of reports about people seeing balls of light and strange things near crop circles in the UK. There is also alot of helicopters seen in the pursuit of these things flying at low altitude. If you have reports of similar events please respond to this post.
This link shows what meant to be the hidden tall beings and the balls of light near a crop circle field at Martinsell Hill in the UK


The new race back to the moon - why now?

The moon is suddenly back in fashion - every country now plans a manned mission back there after 40 years of nothing - but why all the fuss just now? I mean whats so valuable up there that countries from Iran to China world would spend billions on their own manned mission the moon?...
Is its no co-incidence that NASA is bombing the lunar surface in the coming months?

Lunar Planet Re-Colorized

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ufo crashes over Cambodia

A police team is investigating the source of metal debris after Cambodia's air force reported a plane explosion on Tuesday.
However, Cambodia retracted its comment after Vietnamese media reported that an unidentified flying object exploded in mid-air over a southern Vietnamese island.
The Vietnam News Agency says residents of nearby Phu Quoc Island found shards of gray metal, including a piece 1.5 meters long.

Weird object filmed in Mexico

New report from Mexico:
Mario García Galván informed me that his cousin had recorded a UFO in Mexico City, an object of great size, very bright and that the video was 8 minutes.
The observation was conducted from Cologne Nueva Santa Maria, where the father of Gabriel (who was on the balcony of the house) told him there was something strange in the sky.
Gabriel says that the object passed just above them, but not recorded because the time was looking for space on your tape, in which he had family parties.

Video of Bob Dean at Exopolitics summit barcelona 25th July 2009

The Exopolitics summit barcelona seems like a big success at the moment.
I will post more videos from the event as the pop up.
Here, contraversial Mr Robert (Bob) Dean speaks about Ufos at the exopolitics summit,
"we are not alone, and we've never been alone" says the former USAF officer :

more parts from this video

Alabama and Colorado - Cattle Mutilations on an increase

This is always freaky stuff:
After watching the below Ufo hunters episode i do feel cattle mutilations are a serious concern.

Now they are reporting that the events are on an increase:

Colorado is not alone in witnessing the resumption of cattle mutilations. Officials in Alabama say 32 mutilations have occurred since October in two northeastern counties.

"The cow's udder had been cut off cleaner than you could cut it with a razor. I've been ranching most of my life and I've seen animals that predators hot a hold of. I'd be willing to bet my life it was no predator," said Jimmy Pope, a Geraldine, Ala., rancher whose cow was found in a pasture 500 feet from his house.

"The cow had an oval-shaped cut on her shoulder where skin and hair had been removed, there was no blood nowhere, and the mouth had been cut in an oval shape and the teeth had been removed surgically," he said.

While removal of specific organs in DeKalb and Marshall counties cases is similar to two incidents last November in Costilla and Las Animas counties in southern Colorado, the Alabama cases have produced some new twists.