Saturday, October 23, 2010

Live cam reveals more lights above new york - but what are they?

Further images of lights were caught yesterday late at night over the skies of New York.
The question is just what are they? Ballons with lights, remote controlled lanterns?
IS there an easy way to explain them away, if its illegal to let them fly over the skies of New York why is someone defying this.. ?

UFOs In Cincinnati or lanterns ?10/22/10

Calling people from Cincinnati - did you see these lights yesterday .. did they look like lanterns to you
Here's footage from different people of the lights seen over the area:
The people are freaked out in this first video 10/22/10:

Further footage, different people:

Did you also see a Bright orange Ufo Orb over Montreal ? 22 October 2010

I've received 2 emails about a bright orange orb up in the skies in Montreal Canada over the last week asking if others had seen it. Then someone just sent me this video link so it looks like this is the object everyone is talking about. Please reply if you also saw this orange orb in Montreal.

RealUfos reader:
This happened first at around 6:30 PM, then at about 9:45 PM. 
It happened yesterday, on the 20th of October.
Hi. I've been following your blog since a long time  now, and I wanted to submit two UFOs I've seen yesterday, at night. Sadly, I  do not have any visual proof, but I hope someone else saw them, too.  Basically, I was on my way to college, and, as I was heading towards the  subway, I saw this bright orange light in the sky. The sky itself was  covered with clouds, but there was this pretty big spot (As big as an eye   iris, but in the sky), with no clouds, and that was where the light was. I  first thought it was a plane, but I checked from different angles and the  light wasn't moving, until it dissipated out of nowhere. It was of a very   bright orange color.

 Next, on my way back home, I saw another light like  that one, except that this one was moving from left to right. I didn't  bother much because it could have been a plane, but it automaticly changed   direction and started going up and left at the same time. Sadly there were a  lot of trees and buildings so I lost it after a while. I live in Montreal,  Quebec, Canada, and the two UFOs were seen near the Cadillac subway and the  2nd one near the Pie-IX subway. Thanks for your comprehension, and keep up  the good work. Hopefully we'll get to see more important sightings.

Please remember to submit any personal sightings to both us here at RealUfos and Mufon. 

We are going to have an increased focus on personal sightings from now on, not just the run of the mill larger sightings.
Every sighting is important and helps us piece together a larger picture with multiple reports from different people.

Astonishing Proof of alien life - new DNA test reveals starchild skull is alien !

Updated - all remaining parts now below
 highly recommend you sit back and take time out to watch this whole fascinating Lecture by lloyd pye on the latest about the starchild skull - filmed on october the 12th 2010. Truly ground breaking find here and looks at the proof of alien life on planet earth - proven by newest dna tests of the skull itself.
Note his comments on wikipedia are totally true, wikipedia is a biased and dangerous mechanism of information control used by the a powers that be to discredit anything that goes against the norms of modern day science, don't use it and tell your friends not to rely on it as a credible source - read why.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
Part 5

 Part 6
Part 8

Part 9

Friday, October 22, 2010

2 Military helicopters inspect blue UFO over Washington DC

Im sourcing further information on this new Ufo sighting over Washington DC the other day.
Was it a fly hobby aircraft at night ? If so its illegal - as you can tell the military helicopters aren't impressed with this object:

UFO over Oregon with multiple unusual navigational lights

If its plane then it does not follow the standard FAA navigational light formation. Very unusual indeed.
Posters comments:
This is my best footage to date, and this object was recorded on Oct 19,2010. Multiple sightings over Oregon. This craft flew silently, about 300-500 feet overhead. The shape of the craft is very unusual.

Ufo over Mexico 2010

Bright bright Ufo orb (or ovni as they call them in spanish) seen over Mexico recently:

Ballons or not ? - final thoughts on the New York Ufo sightings

I have people emailing me telling me still what they saw over New York over the last week was definitely not ballons. Some people have mentioned "I mean do ballons have lights in them?" "ballons don't fly in giant triangles". Yet many also believe it could be put out there by a hoaxer tying the ballons together with string in a triangle formation with LED lights inside .
What are you thoughts?

Vast Amounts of Water Discovered on Moon

Big news here, scientists discover a billion gallons of water in just one lunar crater.
The has huge repercussions and brings a manned moon base yet another step closer.
Note in the video Obama makes a point to insist that the US will not be going back to the moon any time soon - why, its 40 years later and we have better technology.. why not if we are going to build a manned base there we will need to send people their sooner enough.,
So the question is will NASA be complacent as China attempts its upcoming moon discovery mission and if so is time running out for NASA to conceal their long known lunar secrets?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traingle Ufo formation seen over Peru

Peru is a well known Ufo hotspot. These orbs were filmed in triangle formation during daylight in a mountain region over there:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Did you see the Ufo over richmond virginia 17.10.2010 ? was it a Ufo?

RealUfos would like to hear from people in Richmond Virginia who may have also seen this sighting. Did it look like a Led kite to you or not?
RICHMOND - So, just what was that up in the sky above Richmond's Fan District last weekend?
 Dozens of people report seeing strange lights in the sky both Saturday and Sunday night. Jeff Brown tell us CBS 6 that the object he saw Saturday night had three lights in the shape of a triangle, while the object he saw 24 hours later had just one light.
 Witnesses say that light spotted Sunday night was just a small ball of light, there was no beam that could be associated with a strobe light. It was seen moving in the air for about four hours.

Source LA times

Ufos in Moscow on October 19 2010 at 20 54

Very interesting new Ufo sighting here from Moscow Russia from yesterday October 19 2010:

Cam captures objects over New York aagain ? 3am GMT

I would like anyone who may have also seen or caught this on live cam to please verify this sighting. This guy obviously caught this on his camera from the live cam broadcast, but i would like this confirmed. (Note: some full on language on the video)

3 UFO's Over Moscow Russia Form a Triangle January 16, 2010

Interesting triangle shaped Ufo here - note the similarities between the recent sightings in El Paso Texas and New York.
UFO's Over Moscow, Russia. Such objects could be observed in the north-east of Moscow on Jan. 16, 2010. Objects were flying from the center, lined up in a right triangle. It took about three minutes, after which all objects are "extinguished" Locations: Moscow, st. Engineering, 3

El Paso Texas Ufo Update

Ok Everyone has been emailing me saying that the Ufo over El paso Texas was skydivers with lights.
The reason i didn't post this as an update was that i was told that the golden knights sky diving team can not confirm that it was them skydiving and that this explanation was made up - read here.
Until this is 100% confirmed the sighting still remains unsolved.

Giant solar Filament erupts on the sun 18th October 2010

A gigantic solar "filament" erupted on the sun on the 18th on October.
According to Spaceweather - For days, astronomers had been monitoring the "mega-filament" of magnetism splayed across the sun's southern hemisphere. Measuring more than 500,000 km from end to end, it spaned a distance greater than the separation of Earth and the Moon before it erupted:

Posters comments:
Around 16:00UT (12:00 EDT), the giant filament next to sunspot group, AR11112, produced a small eruption along with a small C2.5 solar flare. Some type of instability in the magnetic field over the filament caused part of the hot solar plasma making up the filament to be released sending some of the material into space. This video show the eruption with data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The video shows 4 wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light, 304, 171, 193 and 211 Angstroms. A small narrow feature, possibly a CME (coronal mass ejection), can be seen moving outward from the lower right in the LASCO C2 coronagraph. But it does not appear to be earth directed. (credit: SDO and Sam Freeland)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A biased look at the phoenix lights Ufo sighting from 1997

The national geographic channel as usual does a biased skeptic based look at the Phoenix light sighting from 1997. I disgree with a number of the conlusions reached in this new documentary but decided to post for debate and discussion over this most famous sighting.
 It was one of the largest mass sightings in UFO history. In 1997, hundreds of people reported intensely bright balls of light forming a "V" shape in the sky over Nevada and Arizona. Some claimed to see an enormous, slow-moving aircraft. But what's behind the bizarre occurrence later nicknamed the "Phoenix Lights"? Join a team of rocket scientists, physicists and engineers as they use the latest in advanced technology to attempt to explain the mysterious sightings.

Monday, October 18, 2010

TRB3 Aurora? Flying Triangle, May, 2010, Surrey, UK

Filmed in May 2010 over Surrey, UK Towards the end of this clip (2.11) you can see the strange light formation, This looks man made but the navigational lights are in a formation that is unknown from normal passenger aircraft - so just what could this be? The elusive TRB3- aka Aurora? Your comments appreciated on this one:

Large triangle Ufo Over El Paso Texas 15th October 2010

Another video from a different angle of that Ufo over El Paso Texas

Strange Object Filmed over North sea Kent UK 17/10/10

Its poor quality but this reminds me of that strange object similar to the one seen in the sea off the coast of Australia a month ago over North sea Kent UK 17/10/10. Does anyone have any further info on this video.. could it be just ballon out at sea?

Filmed over North sea Kent UK 17/10/10 I spotted something in the air way out to sea and took some footage .

Triangle UFO over North London 17/10/10

New triangle Ufo videos in from london today.
Note: If your from london and also witnessed this please let realUfos know more about your sighting and respond to this post:

Posters comments:
About to sleep watching a movie, and a fireball like UFO appears, after literally 30-45sec, I called my flatmates and we saw formation of 3 and another one following in the back, it all took place at exactly 00:32 NW10 London. There must have been a total 15 UFOs always in formation of 2 or 3. Two more videos to follow.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ufo Over East El Paso Texas

UFO Sighting in East El Paso Texas USA. Note this is a very similar to the New York city and other sightings seen recently :

If your from El Paso Texas let us know more about your sighting by responding to this post.