Thursday, January 07, 2010

'Wiked-pedia' - editors re-write history at Wikipedia

Wikipedia (aka 'Wiked- pedia') is becoming more biased and less balanced as the years go on.
Less people are relying on the online encyclopaedia because of controversial editing and manipulation of data to portray history in the eyes that its editors want us to see rather what it really is.

Over the years Governments and corporations have been caught in the act via Ip tracing editing out articles about themselves and this is just disgraceful. How are people meant to make informed research when a large port portion of information has been conveniently edited and removed ? ... well they can't and thats why Wikipedia must be avoided at all costs - its rigged! Don't let your kids use it for research projects and don't rely on it for you own research.

You know the control of information is a powerful tool - We have become too complacent with researching on the web and the manipulation of information at wikipedia is the result!

Love this - See what i mean!:

When it comes to the Ufo topic and Free Energy (and basically anything that is outside the square of normal thinking) on Wikipedia it is ruthlessesly edited to make sure these topics are quickly discredited....

And now ...Colin Andrews speaks out over this after his name was removed from the Crop Circle File on wikipedia recently  - I mean he invented the damn term in the late 80's!

"I invented the term 'Crop Circle' during the 1980s and hence was responsible for the term eventually entering the Oxford Dictionary in 1990. This used to be referenced on the 'crop circle' page at Wikipedia until one day last year (2009) it suddenly disappeared along with other important historical facts" I attempted to correct these and was told if I continued I would be banned. Colin Andrews - Crop Circles"
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Fox hits out at Wikipedia:
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VirtuallyLucid said...

Just for the sake of calming nerves, almost every college level class will not allow Wikipedia as a source on any paper. Also, my daughter came home from her sixth grade class with a project instruction sheet that said that Wikipedia is not a valid source.

What Wikipedia IS good for is finding other sources. Skim an article and then go to the bibliography and find what sources they used, then start tracing sources. You can often trace articles back to themselves or find sources with contrary information in them. It's fun!

Push Back said...

I have been banned from several sites for printing the truth. Many sites have an agenda and the over seers of the sites have banned me. At many sites , any one that is not like them will be banned sooner or later. It is easy to tell with these sites because those that go to the sites chant the same mantra as every one else. I do not chant the same mantra as every one else, go to my posts in the forum and else where on this UFO web site and you will see that I am right in there with the UFO , however I say Push Back , just don't let them do what ever they like while you do nothing , Push Back.

a|x said...

This isn't news? Isn't it obvious drug companies and media corporations will be protecting and amending negative contiributions to their Wikipedia page? Would it not be more surprising if they didn't?

Wikipedia is a fantastic tool which has revolutionary research tool. 20 years ago it would of cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a full set of encyclopedias, which by the time they were printed were out of date. And whomeever published them would have slanted the information therein to suit their agenda anyway!

Wikipedia is a working progress and spreads information to millions of people, for free. It is no real surprise that topics such as free energy are manipulated, as this sort of information is on any other type of medium!

Abandoning Wikipedia because its not balanced is not a productive or intelligent way forward in the long term for what is surely the largest bank of free information for everyone.

I would finally question the editors motives or perhaps lack of judgment in providing a post like this to a community who are already equiped to HELP wikipedia information accuracy.

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