Monday, January 04, 2010

Whiltshire, UK and crop circles

Strange lights or ufo`s over a field in Whiltshire, UK Jan 2010
I would like to remind everyone that Chinese laterns and New Year go together ... but could these impressive orbs be lanterns? Comments appreciated.
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a|x said...

Why did the camera operator take the entire length of the film behind those branches/grass or whatever it was?! This is total garbage and I am disappointed realufo's have given this any dignity what so ever.

Note to editor: this is total garbage, realufos used to be quality. I'd rather there be no news than false news.

Anonymous said...

Was this video taken from the yard out side the house ? If so , then these people will have some idea what is where the orbs were at. Looks like farm land and as such with all farm land , roads make it possible to go have a look.

Anonymous said...

always impressive footage but its not new footage it was filmed silbury hill 17/ 7/ 07

i remember when this was uploaded to youtube and it was quickly pulled

Anonymous said...

I instantly recognised those clumps of trees, there are ancient burial mounds right by them (Avebury). I witnessed a 'genesis flower' (6 petals) crop circle right in the same spot in 1999. Not convinced its Chinese Lanterns, it looks like something far more exciting!!! Thanks so much for posting.

Hellboy said...

hmm..if they stod outside they could film it better then they did!the camera man had a golden oppertunity to make a real good sighting, so something is wrong!

sry for bad english, im from sweden hehe

Alan said...

Isn't it Wiltshire, not Whiltshire? There's bad spelling all over this site. The fancy crop circle film even had spelling crimes in its captions. If E.T. surfs the net, no wonder they think that we aint ready for "contact".

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