Saturday, November 22, 2008

UFO meteor crash in Alberta Nov 17 2008 News Report

Hundreds of people in Western Canada Thursday night reported seeing a flaming object streak across the sky, variously describing it as green, yellow, purple and blue, brighter than a lightening strike and as loud as fireworks:
Here's a news report on the crash - your comments appreciated guys:

Plane Flys By Black UFO Phoenix, Arizona September 28 2007


One guy in Belarus filmed a UFO

ufo knocks plane out of the sky?

sao paoulo brazil 2006 at a airshow possibly a ufo knockied the plane out of the sky? - any comments?:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Save Gary McKinnon the NASA Ufo Hacker - new protest dates

Hey guys
As you may know Gary McKinnon the famous NASA ufo hacker has suffered another legal setback in his fight against extradition to the US on hacking charges:

The accused hacker has been refused a written judicial review of the Home Secretary's decision not to suspend  extradition proceedings in light of his recent diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome. McKinnon's lawyer, Karen Todner,  has been given until 5 December to apply for an oral judicial review (ie a hearing in chambers). The legal setback follows decisions by the House of Lords to deny his appeal against extradition and the European  Court of Justice washing its hands of the case.

So whats being done , although not officially confirmed on his site Another Protest for gary has been apparently been arranged for Thursday 27 November from 4pm - 6pm outside the American Embassy,  Grosvenor Square, London. Check back to Gary's site to confirm the dates

Also apparently also a concert called ROCK AGAINST INJUSTICE is being organised and will be highlighting the plight of people like Gary McKinnon and Brian Howes both of whom are being extradited by the Uk government to the USA more

Amazing ufo footage compilation

As the title says an amazing compilation of ufo videos:

Massive object crashes over Edmonton, Canada

Extract from here

Numerous people living in Edmonton and surrounding areas are reporting seeing a meteorite-like fireball that lit up the sky.

It not been confirmed as a meteor by official sources, but many witnesses report seeing "bright orange flames" with a large tail that shot horizontally across the sky and then disappeared.

Others said it looked like horizontal lighting, where all the clouds in one huge swath were lit up.

Richard Bellington said he was driving north of Highway 2 on his way to Edmonton when he saw the sky light up.

The flames were so bright and appeared to travel so close to the ground that he called 911.

Callers as far as Onoway, Beaumont and Cold Lake also report seeing the ball of flames. Stations as far north as Fort McMurray also report seeing the fireball.

Some experts say the fireball could be part of the Leonids meteor showers, where activity has been predicted to begin on Nov. 17.


November 18 Stephenville Ufo again

Looks like Stephenville Texas continues to be a major Ufo hotspot guys;
extract from this article
Upon the heels of multiple sightings in the area on October 23, last Tuesday, November 18, proved just as noteworthy for local residents.

Michael Corn, 27, and former member of the United States Army assigned to a Patriot Missile Unit from 2003 to 2006, saw something for which he has no explanation.

Corn said while at home at the intersection of Hwy 377 Business and U.S. Hwy 281, friends called him outside at approximately 7:15 p.m.

As he looked toward the small town of Dublin in the southwest sky he saw what appeared to be a brightly lit hovering object.

“It looked really close to Stephenville like it was almost over the courthouse,” Corn said.

article -source read more

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strange lights near Boundary Bay Airport (PART 2)

Ufos near Boundary Bay Airport

November 15, 2008
Time: 5:26pm to 6:09pm
Location: N 49 03.801 W 123 06.594
Bearing: approx. 70 degrees true

New Zealand UFO Footage, 1978

December 30, 1978, a television crew from Australia recorded background film for a network show on interviews about the sightings. For many minutes at a time on the flight to Christchurch, unidentified lights were observed by five people on the flight deck, were tracked by Wellington Air Traffic Controllers, and filmed in color by the television crew.

One object reportedly followed the aircraft almost until landing. The cargo plane then took off again with the television crew still on board, heading for Blenheim. When the aircraft reached about 2000 feet, it encountered a gigantic lighted orb, which fell into station off the wing tip and tracked along with the cargo aircraft for almost quarter of an hour, while being filmed, watched, tracked on the aircraft radar and described on a tape recording made by the TV film crew.

ABC News-The Lake Champlaign Monster caught on tape?

Non Ufo news guys but you mind find interesting - Lake Champlain's famous monster "Champ" appears on an ABC News Creature Feature segment:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photos of NASA Skylab Ufo incident

50 foot long Skylab was once Probed by an 800 foot long UFO. The NASA crew took four color pictures of the glowing red alien spacecraft as seen here.

Strange lights over Boundary Bay Airport Canada Nov 17 2008

Ufos or birds ? over Boundary Bay Airport Canada Nov 17 2008

The 1965 UFO Crash and Retrieval in Pennsylvania

A documentary on the events that occured in the sleepy and lonely town of Kecksburg,Pennsylvania on the date of Decmber 9th, 1965. According to many residents of the town they saw an acorn shaped object crash land in a wooded area which they clkaimed had hieroglyphic carvings on it's mettalic body.

pt 2

remaining parts

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crop circles - blue prints in the sand doco

Nice Documentary trying to explain what the signs in crop circles possibly mean:

pt 2

pt 3

White Orbs ?

What you guys think of these Orbs things guys? Some people they look like birds but on closesup they aren't?

UFO - Tremontan, Utah, July 2, 1952

An oldie - Multiple UFO's over Tremonton, Utah on July 2, 1952.

Sunday, November 16, 2008