Saturday, April 07, 2012

Your Personal Ufo Sightings reports April 2012

Clarksburg Maryland USA
While doing my usual late night run, I saw two lights. Equal distance apart and moving at the same speed. Moving together. They were far apart though and then in a matter of seconds, they moved together and then apart again. It was moving very fast. Then the lights disappeared behind some houses so I ran to get a better view and saw it again. I ran home told my sister and she walked out onto the porch and said that is a fucking UFO. When I looked again it twirled once, the lights came together. Flashed green, then red and then gold and started ascending high into the sky very fast and vanished.

sigting off triangular shape late 1 night on the mckees mill road about 6 month ago was wandering can anybody tell me what the hell i saw its been pusling me and many other sighting too scince then

Rectangular UFO lehigh valley Pa 2012-04-05 
I stopped by my parents' house (18103) after work and was driving home thru their development. I was going down a street and the street looks up a hill and the open sky pops thru the trees and houses. In front of my car in the sky just above the trees was a dark brown/black rectangle with a white border around it. It looked like a floating box. I couldn't imagine how a box would be floating in the air. I looked for lights and there were none that I saw. There was no noise at all. It moved horizontally straight, slowly, and silently. As I was gawking at the thing in the sky, I noticed a man in a red pickup truck craning his neck as well. Instead of turning to go home I followed it and poof, it was gone. I even drove around some of the surrounding streets to locate it. I was amazed and a little nervous about what I had just seen. This is now the third time in my life I have seen UFOs. I have never seen one so up close and during the day. Freaky. I am not happy that I did not react fast enough to find my camera and take a photo.

Navy F/A-18 crashes into Virginia Beach apartments

Likely not ufo related but highly interesting:
A fighter jet that malfunctioned just after takeoff hurtled into a Virginia Beach apartment complex on Friday in a spectacular crash that sent flames and black smoke billowing from the rubble. Read more source

UFO over Dallas Texas ? 4-3-12

Ufo object over Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, 3rd April 2012

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Strange ufo Altoona Pennsylvania April 3 2012

Wait till the end part of the video!... Filmed Pennsylvania

Mufon report:
We were making mountain pies over a fire and getting read to put the fire out and say a large fuzzy bright vortex over Altoona. Eyes were not registering what it was at first and started filming it. Witnessed by 4..Looked like a tilted white-is vortex.. seemed to be a mist around it as well The sky was perfectly clear.

Truck with a Ufo on it ? Route 77

Strange footage here, would like your opinions:

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

UFO fake planes and followed by a helicopter ? 2012.03.31

Posters comments:
We where also followed by a suspicious helicopter for more than a hour that night while we were on a walk. The helicopter kept it´s distance most of the time but came closer on some occasions.

It was flying in circles outside of my apartment shortly before we left, it then followed us wherever we went at night.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Meteor fireball over New Zealand

We would like to hear from anyone in New Zealand who also saw this meteor:
The object, described by many eyewitnesses as a "bright fireball" followed by long vapour cloud, was spotted from as far south as Ashburton to the Waikato town of Tirau, around 6.30pm. Source read more

Monday, April 02, 2012

UFOs Filmed in Burbank, Washington - March 24, 2012

Ufo news in from Washington. If anyone also spotted Ufos in the area please let us know.

Just before midnight on March 24, Mike Klug saw what he described as an orb with a bright light inside of it. "It looked like a glass ball with an arc welder's light inside of it," said Klug, who grew up in Pasco and has lived in Burbank for 26 years. Klug described it as being no more than 500 feet off the ground and moving at 15 mph east toward Walla Walla.

Read more here

Tucson UFO video - March 31, 2012

Tucson UFO video:

Posters comments:
Just recorded this over the past couple of hours.. I saw my target (the stationary light/ufo(?) over the palm tree and I figured it looked abnormally bright and I'd like to see what became of it, without having to sit and watch it's boring arse. And as soon as I set up the tripod and walked away, the OTHER anomalous lights began to show up. Good thing I was already back in side my place, otherwise I prolly would have ruined the video by taking it off the tripod and goin nuts with the zoom n stuff ;P

UFO video in from LAS VEGAS

Many people have filmed these objects over Las Vegas Boulevard the other night.
Some say they were bats eating bugs that were attracted the high powered lights over the luxor hotel?. Would like to here your feedback on this footage:

Posters comments:
THESE ARE NOT BIRDS! They are NOT BATS... They are NOT Balloons... They are not RED BULL SKY DIVERS... They are not FIGHTER JETS... Its not a LASER SHOW... They are not MOTHS... They are NOT FROM THIS WORLD! Period... point... BLANK! I've heard it ALL... BIRDS/BATS FLY! And they do so erratically. They don't gracefully HOVER SIDE BY SIDE! They do not BLINK! Nor do they spawn from each other creating NEW BIRDS! Are bugs really flying THAT HIGH in the air??? Watch the LINKS before you run your mouth about how this isn't real!

The event I captured in this video changed my life forever. More and more these exact same sightings have been popping up all over the world! I can share similar videos with you upon request. We are NOT alone. The governments of the WORLD have lied to us for YEARS! In today's world full of technology, iphones, ipads, pocket recorders etc, the truth is coming out, but on our own terms. Soon, world governments will have no choice but to disclose what they know. Either that or whatever is in these " ships " UFO's whatever... Will make it happen on their own. There has to be a REASON for the increase in activity all over THE WORLD!

Collection of interesting Ufo videos