Saturday, September 29, 2012

UFO Witnessed! Cambusbarron Stirling, Scotland

This man uses an apparent infra-red night camera, to film a UFO above Cambusbarron Stirling in Scotland. Is there a chance it could be a drone or helicopter? We don't think so, but you're welcome to discuss.  (as you may know the infra-red spectrum is invisible to the human eye)

Filmers comments:
 I filmed this ufo for over 10 mins you can only see it in infared I also filmed the same object 1week later same place around about the same time filmed the lot cheers I filmed this ufo over stirling cambusbarn woods. I could not see it with my own eyes only through the viewfinder on my camcorder . The camcorder is infared how is that possible you cant see it with your eyes only infarred crazy how is that possible thanks for watching it lasts 10 mins.

Bizarre? Triangle Cloud In Hawaiian Skies

Some people have told me over the years that UFOs disguise themselves in, or as clouds. I never thought this was possible...but this video did make me consider the possibility some more:

Posters comments:
 I am adding this video footage to a previously submitted report from a year ago. A distinctly non conforming cloud that appeared where twice before I have observed contrails in geometrically / angularly laid paths. I have also recently observed a blinking star that " turned off " two nights in a row in the same location in the sky. Very perucliar. The blinks were at roughly 15 second pauses. Thats another report I guess.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Triangle UFO On Camera -Gilbert, Arizona: 22/09/2012

New Triangle UFO video, of the skies above Gilbert, Arizona on 22nd September 2012. This footage was captured as the object flew south on Cooper & Elliot St.  If anyone else saw this please respond to this post. Highly interesting...
Please view this in Full screen: (note strong language)

Mufon report:  heading south on cooper and elliot 7, thinkin git was a shooting star but disappears and 3 others reappear like 4 shooting stars, have footage on cell phone... Gilbert south on cooper and elliot st

UFOs Down Under? Stowport, Tasmania, Australia

This week, we received emails about a UFO sighting, from people in Tasmania, Australia.

We would like to hear from others who may have taken videos or photos of this apparent mass sighting. You can clearly see the fast moving 'light trails' reminiscent of the Stephville, Texas UFO sighting.

 FLASHING lights in the sky have lead to reports of an unidentified flying object in the Stowport area. See your ad here Several local residents have contacted The Advocate with photographs of the lights which featured some unusual behaviour. Flashing, darting from side to side and straight up in the air, they were a sight to behold. And even more concerning was when they disappeared altogether before reappearing in a different location. 
Continue reading at the Advocate
On reader said: I saw it near Julius River, which is quite a way from Stowport.
Image source  Cindy Kingston The Advocate
Stowport a town in Tasmania - an island Located at the bottom of Australia:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

UFO Disinformation - Active On Youtube?

I just wanted to remind everyone that disinformation means to "confuse not necessarily disprove".
It is a well practiced technique used in intelligence and military circles, to divert attention away from the real situation by means of diluting and confusing information about it.

YouTube and other video sharing sites have taken Ufology into the homes of anyone with a computer and internet connection. With the surging increase in smart phones and video recording devices, anyone in the world now can simply film a UFO, upload and share it. This freedom of information and online video access previously not available in the history of mankind, has lead to a huge interest in taboo topics like UFOs.

Accordingly, government circles are worried about the power of information sharing in this day and age, where a simple video , blog post or comment shared on social media, can spark mass riots, social upheaval and even the downfall of a government or political party.  Governments have been cautiously observing this development over the last 10 years and are now implementing ways to manipulate the social media to their own advantage, in order to regain any power lost to the internet.

The US government has actually carried out numerous studies on dangers of social media against National Security, with one study identifying blogging on war as an "integral and decisive factor of war propaganda".
In fact, a new part of  National Defense Authorization Act would legalize U.S. government propaganda directed at the American people, with the belief that successful wars require domestic acceptance. (read more). In addition, a recent a Guardian investigation revealed that the US military has developed software that will let it "secretly manipulate social media sites like Facebook by using fake online persona's to influence internet conversations". Link.  This "if you can't beat them then join them" strategy of the US government is now seen as the current agenda after the failing of the SOPA and PIPA internet regulation schemes. If they can't block the websites, then why not infiltrate them? -  is the new idea.

It obvious that the Internet is a serious threat to the traditional power models, and the governments have started to learn about the benefits of manipulating it.  This brings us to the situation on YouTube which which we  have seen unravel over the past few years. Some popular UFO channels seem to be replicating highly computer generated UFO videos, mimicking genuine sightings, copying the classic Triangular Orb formations and presenting these videos as if they are legitimate. (I won't name name's here, but your welcome to discuss this in the reply).

These videos do gather alot of attention, but that is their purpose - to bring in the hits. Often the comments on these videos are heated, with ongoing debate about the authenticity of the videos. Many people reading the comments on these videos often then come to assumption that UFO videos on YouTube simply can't be trusted and the whole topic once again becomes diluted.

The question is - is this disinformation in action, or simply the work of people who spend too much time with video editing software creating good fakes? Who knows...

Another technique seen, is video spamming. If an important UFO sighting occurs and is uploaded, YouTube will be spammed for the week with irrelevant videos with similar key words spammed in that category making it impossible to find the real video. People eventually give up looking for the UFO video after hearing about something in the news or in the area. Also, Youtube videos with ads now generate serious income for the posters, so you can see the benefit it gives to people who sensationalize or photoshop great fakes - more hits basically mean more add revenue. It's a fine line that all bloggers and Youtube channel owners need to consider everyday - should they post quality content or content that will simply lead to more hits and money?

This is the reason why we set up RealUfos over seven years ago - basically to sift through these UFO videos and provide you with the best, most genuine and most up to date UFO sightings, so you dont have to waste your time with all the garbage out there. Seeing is believing and often as a rule, if something is too good to believe then often it is the case!  Use your judgement - be skeptical but never close your mind.

Keep your eyes (and smart phones) to the skies!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UFO Lights On Arlington, Texas: 10/09/2012

UFO filmed over Arlington, Texas September 10th.
We would like to hear from other people in the Arlington area - have you also seen these UFO lights?
Our team do have previous UFO reports from this area before.
On September 10 I recorded these objects from the backyard of my house, thinking it was a triangular object, but to review it filters through my and other specialists, we realized that there is no structure, and are four objects but to start video another is blue, but leaves the cuadro. Gracias!!

UFO Sighted Over San Diego Airport?

We would like to ask our readers from San Diego if they have spotted any UFO activity recently?
A current report suggests a UFO may have been within the area of the local airport:

A witness from Mission Hills, California believes he saw a UFO moving over the San Diego Airport on September 22. He said that it looked like a "black sphere." The object was noticed about two miles southeast of the I-5 and I-8 intersection. 

 According to the Examiner, the witness said, "Most of the sky was covered in tropical clouds; but there was one large section south and southeast of me which was mostly open blue sky (just a few small clouds). 

This open area would be over the San Diego Airport. The clouds were moving southwest to northeast pretty fast." What is very interesting is that the black object was moving against the wind and wasn't moving fast. The object was described as being round or sphere in shape. The size was hard to determine but it was bigger than a weather balloon but smaller than an airplane.
News source

Readers Personal Sightings: September 2012

If you would like to add your September sighting to the list, please use the "submit" button above.

Kinglake Victoria Australia September 
In kinglake victoria, last night around 10.30pm went out and looked up, although it was windy and the clouds were moving fast we have noticed light formations above cloud level moving in the opposite direction to the clouds ( from SW to N direction. ) for about 20min these formation of 5-6 lights, were moving faster than satellite and flying above any plane which was going over us at the time. been trying to film but the phone didnt pick it up. just wondering if anyone else noticed. we saw 5 waves of them and then they just moved on.

Ashville, NC
I was getting into my car, about to leave Ashville, NC when I was promted to look at the sky. Immediately I saw a vivid rainbow around the sun in a complete circle. I had seen one years ago and decided to take four pictures before I got back in the car. The next day I looked at my phone pictures and was astonished to see not only the rainbow circle but also a UFO in each photo within it's own rainbow!

Port Columbus Ohio
Recently found it interesting to observe flights incoming to Port Columbus from the West with a 10x binocular. Also observe things not usually seen with the naked eye like hawks, falling big bird feathers, hovering humming birds, etc. Somewhat fascinating way to kill some time before supper. Saw this perfectly round black ball traveling in a direct line South from the Port Columbus area. Size, about like a child size aspirin held at arms length as seen through the 10x binocular. Speed unknown but took about 4 seconds to pass from my field of view. Perfect straight line. Not seemingly affected by air currents as would be a balloon and as was affecting the hawk. I have seen another thing in the last few days which I am not yet ready to report. That thing was anomalous enough to cause me some concern and even fear, which I have yet to sort out in my mind. I may get enough courage to report it, although for now I would rather forget it was observed. I will not be called a nut case.

Southington, CT
I was personally abducted numerous times. It seems to have started when I was a boy in Southington, CT. I went camping with my brother and a friend when we noticed lights in the sky. I was on Southington Mountain looking toward Meriden Mountain. When these lights came over head. We had just lite a fire and walked towards the lights. The next thing that we knew we were walking back towards our fire and it was out. It had burnt all the logs we had put in it. This suggested that we had some missing time. I was also abducted many years later while living in Meriden CT. My wife and myself were awakened, well thats not quite correct. We came to consciousnesses and we were sitting up facing each other and our room was illuminated by a intense white light that seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. The light then vanished and I told me wife that " its the Aliens". I ran outside to find a space ship but to no avail. I have also been visit ed in my house by grays and blues as I call them. They always put me into a paralysis. It seems to start with a buzzing sound and then I am paralyzed to my bed. They then come in and do some experiments on me. I have also been brought into there space ship by what seems to be some kind of anti gravity field. As my wife and myself float up into the air. These are only a few of my many experiences. If any one else in CT has these same experiences please contact me. Thanks Jim

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Zealand - UFO Seen in Manawatu Area

Two strange parallel UFO Orb lights, over the Manawatu area, New Zealand:

UFO Video In From Albuquerque, New Mexico: 22/09/2012

New UFO video in from Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Filmers comments:
We were leaving for the store when I looked up and saw the moon in the evening sky then saw a bright silvery orb to the right of the moon. I went to get 35mm Camera, Husband took video and we also took 6 megapixel images. I also took some with my smart phone using the theodolite app. The orb was viewed through the scope lens of a Bushnell Telescope as there are no eye pieces for the scope. The orb appeared to have cross section lines that were barely visible from the scope lens. My husband tried to call the MOFON phone numbers but stated that they were non working numbers. My Husband then tried to contact Mr. Burleson of the New Mexico Chapter and left a message. We went to the grocery store and the Orb was sill visible but the lighted reflection from the setting sun had faded and it then gave off a dim whitish glow. when we returned from the store both the moon and the Orb have moved with the earth rotation but they were still relative to each other in the sky. We also looked to see if there was a weather balloon launch but found no information of such at this time.

UFO Video - Carlton Gardens, Melbourne Australia

Posters comments:
A MELBOURNE man has captured footage of what he claims to be another UFO hovering across the city skyline. The three-minute clip was recorded as the UFO hovered over Carlton Gardens last night. Tod, who did not want his surname published, said he captured the footage on his phone after he first saw the object about 9.30pm. Other witnesses have reported seeing it as early as 7.30pm. Tod said the object left the Carlton Gardens area about 11pm, flying past the Immigration Museum. "It was moving like no other flying object that I'm aware exists, and it was displaying amazing patterns of lights that looked something like a light show display in the sky," he said. "I was on Lygon St when I first saw it then I walked up to Carlton Gardens, there were a whole bunch of other people saw it as well," he said. Astronomical Society of Victoria spokesman Perry Vlahos said it was unlikely the object was anything extraordinary. "Something that has been around that long and not seen by astronomers is probably unlikely to be anything odd," he said. "The fact it was in the sky for that long probably indicates it was something not too unusual." Mr Vlahos said members of the ASV had not reported anything unexpected. "The ASV has hundreds of members - many are looking into the sky with large telescopes every clear night from various locations around the state, including Melbourne, and none of them have reported seeing anything unexpected," he said. But other witnesses have described seeing other UFOs in the area. Carlton resident Penny De La Soyo said she was shocked after seeing a "weird formation" of lights from the balcony of her 9th floor apartment. Ms De La Soyo said the formation passed her home about 10.15pm. "Eight orange lights in a weird formation came up over the horizon, then their formation changed a bit, one disappeared and then others did," she said. "It all lasted about a minute. I know it wasn't a plane or helicopter. "The lights were orange, they weren't flashing like lights on a plane," she said.Ms De LA Soyo said she had tried to "be logical" about the sighting, but said it was unlike anything she had seen before. The sightings comes less than a week after a western suburbs man captured an eight minute video of a fast-moving disc-shaped object descending and ascending high above his Albanvale house. The man, known only as Ivan, said a neighbour called him outside to witness the spectacle, both looking on in astonishment. "I have dismissed a lot of things thinking of what it could be," Ivan said. "But I am left with very little other than to think it is something unearthly." Ivan said the object lingered in the sky for around an hour and changed colour - switching between green, red and blue - and for several seconds at a time disappeared.

Helicopter Inpects UFO? Raleigh, North Carolina: 03/09/2012

Since that recent news report, I decided to take a closer look at UFO videos from North Carolina over the past month, to see if UFO activity has increased in the area. Another video has appeared, this time  from Raleigh, North Carolina which I don't think we covered here. You can hear a helicopter nearby and then it moves away but the light is still there.
This was filmed on September 3, 2012

And also this very interesting footage:
TR3B-Triangular UFO Filmed in Boone, NC

This silent triangular shaped UFO hovers over a neighborhood in Boone,North Carolina.
 Something else blinks in the sky @ 0:42 on right side of screen.

UFO Lights! Otway, North Carolina: 20/09/2012

A news report on the highly interesting UFO lights seen over Otway, North Carolina.
RealUFOs would like to hear from anyone in the surrounding areas of North Carolina, who have seen similar lights recently (please reply to this post)

UFO Witnessed Above Cape Coral, Florida: 22/09/2012

An interesting bright light seen over Capre Coral in Florida.

Coast To Coast AM - Alien Visitations: 22/09/2012

An interesting Coast To Coast episode looking at Alien visitations.
As 2012 progresses and instability mounts with the looming Iranian War and disappearance of the Artic Ice Shelf, many are reporting an increase in alien abductions and the common theme in these abductions for the preparation of an upcoming mass event that will change humankind for ever.
You will need to fast forward to 49 mins in the video:

More News Reports - Mass Meteor Over Ireland / UK

The media has picked up on the recent meteor incident over Ireland and the UK. It seems that multiple meteors were seen - not just the one seen in this footage. We would like to hear directly from our UK and Irish readers who may have also seen these meteors.

Fireball Lights Up Sky Across UK trigger ufo reports Sep 22, 2012

Did you also see it? A recent Fireball lite up the Sky Across UK an ireland triggering ufo reports.
Seen on Sep 22, 2012: