Wednesday, September 26, 2012

UFO Lights On Arlington, Texas: 10/09/2012

UFO filmed over Arlington, Texas September 10th.
We would like to hear from other people in the Arlington area - have you also seen these UFO lights?
Our team do have previous UFO reports from this area before.
On September 10 I recorded these objects from the backyard of my house, thinking it was a triangular object, but to review it filters through my and other specialists, we realized that there is no structure, and are four objects but to start video another is blue, but leaves the cuadro. Gracias!!
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Anonymous said...

Filtering video automatically distorts it.

Anonymous said...

This just shows lights in the sky. They couldn't identify it but that doesn't mean another person couldn't. It doesn't mean it's from another planet either.
There are many,many millionaires who could have their own craft designed and made and would fly at night for fun to hide their identity but really high in the daytime to transport themselves somewhere.

catherine said...

it may look like one of ours...but,if it has no is not

Anonymous said...

I saw lights exactly like those in az .. it was really close and no sound. I think september of 1999.

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