Friday, September 28, 2012

UFOs Down Under? Stowport, Tasmania, Australia

This week, we received emails about a UFO sighting, from people in Tasmania, Australia.

We would like to hear from others who may have taken videos or photos of this apparent mass sighting. You can clearly see the fast moving 'light trails' reminiscent of the Stephville, Texas UFO sighting.

 FLASHING lights in the sky have lead to reports of an unidentified flying object in the Stowport area. See your ad here Several local residents have contacted The Advocate with photographs of the lights which featured some unusual behaviour. Flashing, darting from side to side and straight up in the air, they were a sight to behold. And even more concerning was when they disappeared altogether before reappearing in a different location. 
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On reader said: I saw it near Julius River, which is quite a way from Stowport.
Image source  Cindy Kingston The Advocate
Stowport a town in Tasmania - an island Located at the bottom of Australia:

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Anonymous said...

alway test rockets

Lady said...

I think some of these sightings like these that give the look that they are appearing in different spots are in fact UFO's circumnavigating the planet and converging to the same point. My sightings were very similar and I was able to see them appear on the opposite horizon in just over a second. Maybe they are moving in space and time but I'm certain they can circle our planet in a blink of an eye

Anonymous said...

Listen This may sound weird, but today over southern vt me and 2 others saw what appeared to be a plane of millitant appearance I cant seem to find any info on this except for back in june of this sommer.It looked like one of the older models. baffled in brandon

Anonymous said...

Bright light in sky in southern Tasmania rokeby/clarondavale/gilston bay area when i observed with binoculars it was a triangle shaped golden object it had what looked to me like an eye in the center and little dots in the corner of the triangle points i obserbed around 4:40am on monday morning

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