Monday, September 24, 2012

Coast To Coast AM - Alien Visitations: 22/09/2012

An interesting Coast To Coast episode looking at Alien visitations.
As 2012 progresses and instability mounts with the looming Iranian War and disappearance of the Artic Ice Shelf, many are reporting an increase in alien abductions and the common theme in these abductions for the preparation of an upcoming mass event that will change humankind for ever.
You will need to fast forward to 49 mins in the video:
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good listening!..interesting talk show, & just love that d e e p voice of authority on the subject of ufology,it commands attention where doubt, might have yawned!?
I found the show to be, down to earth,and intelligent & practical
for good listening.

I have often heard it said,that we
the human race,have nothing that the extraterrestrials want,so if this is the case, I'm thinking!?
Why have they, for thousands of years,been watching over the human race???and we're still here,seeing these things..whats going on???

The sightings of ufo go way back in history,but the sightings today
appear to be on the increase,and you can only ask why??

Well of cause today,there is more in our airways to "miss identify" compared to past sightings!? would
be one explanation!!
But the wheel grinds on,doesn't it?
more of this & that, but no real
identification of the very thing we're all here for,other than the identification of the: "miss identified,ufos"..Lanterns,BalloonsPlanes,& what have you,!? amazing-yawn!!.................

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