Friday, August 30, 2013

August 2013 UFO Sightings over Brazil, Canada, USA, UK & Turkey

UFO planet takes a look at  a review of UFO sightings this month:
 Darin Crapo has a look at UFO Sightings over Brazil; Cambridge, Ontario, Canada; Kepler Footage; Massillon, Ohio, USA; Springfield, MO, USA; Turkey; Danish Alien; Hedon, North London, England and special guest Michel Deschamps:

Super bright hovering UFO orb March 27,2010 Moscow Russia

This super bright UFO was filmed hovering  very low on March 27,2010 over Moscow Russia

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Triangle UFO Over Berlin, New Hampshire, U.S August 25, 2013

Filmers comments: 8:30 pm August 25th! A man records the moment a group of bright lights in a triangle formation pass overhead!!! but then they stop and keep formation over the Berlin district, the recorder is shocked at what he is witnessing, by eyesight its not planes-craft-lanters... So what are they? Did you see any UFO's over New Hampshire

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

UFO Sighting Over Kilkenny Ireland 17 August 2013

A bright pulsating object passes over Kilkenny Ireland, the UFO was hovering then starts moving slowly before stopping on last minute before continuing its course, Its very interesting footage, 4x slower than any satellite and no Meteor or lantern!

Former Major Jesse Marcel in his own words - Roswell crash was real

In memory of Jesse Marcel Jr, below is his father, the original first witness of the Roswell craft, talking in a rare 1979 interview. Both son and father left their legacy for this information to survive on after their death so that everyone alive today knows the true story of Roswell incident - that it was indeed a crash of an extra-terrestrial craft.
Major Jesse Marcel brought the crash to the attention of the airforce, and the subsequent media announcement worldwide about a UFO crash, which resulted in major Marcel's forced participation in the staged photo and statement to revoke his story and blame it on a weather balloon.
In the interview below he confesses the weather balloon story was in fact an absolute fabrication.
The years may have rolled the story into the realms of folklore - but the Roswell incident remains to intrigue current and future generations to question the official explanation and delve further into the truth behind the UFO topic. This force to know this truth, be it the curious nature of the human mind, is unstoppable.
We all deserve the right to know the truth about what happened with the Roswell incident - it should have gone down as a pivotal moment in human history. Should the truth about Roswell been revealed to the world over 66 years ago, every school child today would have grown up with the fundamental knowledge that we are not alone in the universe.
To date there are numerous deathbed confessions of Roswell witnesses and the governments best kept secret seems to have slowly unwoven.
One (not so) strange fact is that the Roswell incident occurred on July 7th 1947 and less then 3 months later by order of the National Security Act of 1947 on September 19th 1947 the CIA was created.
1979 Interview with Major Jesse Marcel on Roswell:

Its time the history books are set straight for this generation and the next. 
Its time the US re-opens a serious, scientific investigation into the UFO phenomenon - with all the advances in  technology we have at hand today surely a re-investigation long overdue. Ask yourself why is the government so hesitant to reopen an investigation on the UFO topic that was eagerly deemed as 'case closed' in the 1960s - if they are so sure that extra-terrestrial UFOs do not exist what is there to hide in re-opening an scientifically based re-investigation of the most noted historical and current UFO cases using the latest technology.

Monday, August 26, 2013

RIP Jesse Marcel Jr

Just got this news/email in i thought i would share with you:
Dear friends in UFO studies, I've just gotten off the phone with Jesse Marcel Jr's. daughter Denise and am the bearer of extremely sad news. Jesse has passed away, likely from a heart attack. He was alone at home when it happened, a UFO book by his side. Jesse was a giant to many of us, a modest man whose father, Major Jesse Marcel, Sr., was the Roswell Army Air Field base Intelligence officer, the first to reach and examine the Roswell crash debris field, and who was marked by the Pentagon to take the fall when it was announced the following day that it had only been a crashed weather balloon. Jesse never once backed down in his all-too-credible account of his father's showing him debris from the crash, and always honored and defended his father's honor, credibility and memory. I'm incredibly proud to have had him as a friend, and incredibly sad this afternoon; I loved him very much and will miss him. The attached photo was taken by his son in Washington the morning of May 3, the last time I saw him. Rest in peace Jesse, and thank you for everything.

One of his last interviews back in 2010:

UFO sighting over grand rapids Michigan 24th August 2013

Although this footage is poor if you view in fullscreen you can make out the house lights to the left overlooking an area into the night sky witht he bright object hovering above:
Source: MUFON Filmers comments: on August 24th around 2:45 a.m. I witnessed an orange pulsating orb in the sky to the north northwest I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when I noticed left eye I quickly turned on the video on my galaxy exhibit 4G but the video is not very good I am a US Air Force veteran and Ive seen many aircraft at night as well as growing up near Pensacola Regional Airport in Pensacola Florida I am aware of what aircraft, look like at night from different angles with their lights on and such and I have never seen anything that fits the description of the craft that I saw. this is the second strange encounter Ive had in the last 2 years my brother also had a strange encounter in between Grand Rapids and Hastings where he has a farm. I also have a strange photo from that he took from that evening.

UFO sightings over Ankara Turkey August 2013

A series of UFO sightings of a super bright orb hovering over Ankara Turkey on multiple occasions.
Does anyone have any idea what the object is? Has anyone else in the area seen it?

Posters comments:
2013 Ankara Turkey - Footage provided by Tolga Yazicier, a possible UFO wave above Turkey??

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Unconventional Aircraft Over Georgia Aug 21st 2013

Filmers comments:
This obvious unconventional aircraft (UFO) over Georgia Was spotted by Margaret Pfeiffer on Aug 21 , 2013. It caused a severe lightning storm out of a clear blue sky causing Ms Pfeiffer's house to shake violently and her neighbors house to catch fire.

2 parallel ufo lights over the UK

2 strange parallel UFO lights over the UK - could they simply be some sort of satellite?
 Your comments appreciated.

bright moving UFO orb over Eau Claire Wisconsin USA 22nd August 2013

This bright UFO orb was filmed over Wisconsin:

Source: MUFON:
My son, roommate, and myself went outside to stargaze and to try and capture these orb like objects we have been seeing on video. We are all believers in the whole UFO phenomenon and have seen strange lights in the sky which even lead to me creating a website to help shed some light on this subject. On this particular night we were seeing a lot of orb like objects that appeared to be stars hiding among constellations but then would move and appear dim at first and then get really bright and then again go dull. I have an 8.9 megapixel Sony 55x zoom so usually I dont even bother trying to record these objects sine the distance is way to far in the sky to capture on my equipment. This object however was lower to the ground and I could pick it up fairly well on my video camera so as soon as I could record the object, I started getting exited and started recording. On the video the object clearly is changing colors but to the naked eye you could see a slight change in color but it was not as apparent. This object appeared near a bright star or got bright enough to view it and then proceeded to get even brighter until it was over my house and then it got really dim and finally we were unable to see it. It disappeared over my house it seemed and I kept recording in the spot its lights went out however, it never appeared again at least in that spot. Later on we witnessed the same object in the far distance way off in the north but it was too far for me to get on video. There is an airport nearby so this object may have been picked up on radar. I have posted this video on YouTube with the story and coordinates link