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Final thoughts on the Santiago lights from 2 weeks ago

It was the 16 December 2009 and this video cause a stir when it came out.
Most obviously now its thought that it was the Chilean military Practicing some dangerous moves with jets over the city at night. Why they would do an airshow like this over a densely populated city at night seems puzzling, especially when one of the jets turns its lights on and then off...
As i missed this video while i was away i thought i would repost this here.. did anyone in Santiago see this and do we have any further updates on this event?
Comments appreciated

Russia to send spaceship to make sure Apophis Asteroid won't hit earth

Just heard this interesting news on the radio - Russia may send spaceship to knock threatening asteroid off course. Like Russia i dont trust NASA's cash trapped NEO (Near Earth Program )revised predictions on this one -they have been wrong numerous times , given little warning and have even missed recent asteroids. Good idea Russia is being proactive:

Anatoly Perminov (Head of the Russian Space Agency) said the agency was considering the creation of a mission to send a spacecraft to the Asteroid Apophis to cause a deflection in its orbit.

Apophis, a moderate-sized asteroid is reported to be around 800 feet in length and weighing around 1,000,000 tonnes. This would cause huge damage if it were to impact with the Earth – tsunamis of much greater force that the recent Boxing Day event; huge earthquakes and an significant effect on the atmosphere.

Apophis expected to pass close-by the Earth in 2029 and again in 2036. It is the 2036 passage that is causing some concern, as there is a small risk of impact.

read more Article Source itwire

Big Rotating lights over Cardiff 27-12-09

i was following a ufo at low altitude when the famous 2 that appear linked were moving in the other way so i foolowed then for as long as i could before they vanished.  

The Last Transmission Of Flight #N3808H During A UFO Encounter.

One of the major reasons why pilots aren't allowed to talk about Ufo encounters in the USA - they are a significant danger to commerical passenger craft!.

The ongoing coverup: The multi billion dollar airline industry would be in ruins if people knew the truth that every time you fly your aircraft could not be guarateed safe from a passing Ufo.  So concerned are the airlines about this that companies like United & American airlines have advised their pilots they would be fired on the spot if they revealed any Ufo reports to the public ! The FAA is in on it to and radar sweeps confirming active Ufo targets are often never released to the public unless pressured. 

I have written numerous times over the years about the ongoing safety concerns of modern aircraft in the presence of Ufos. I have received emails from pilots advising its best to avoid the modern airbus, A330, A380 etc.. at all costs (fly in a boeing craft instead - they have manual overide) - Airbus's fly by the wire techology which connects and automates the plane via a central computer  is highly sensitive to EMF pulses & radiation emitted by Ufos (and solar flares as we approach 2012) and any stronger than usual interference can cause the airbus computer system and thus plane to malfunction!
Unlike the US other countries have allowed Pilot reports and blackbox recordings out  - like this disturbing report and cockpit  recording from a pilot detailing a repeated Ufo encounter before their plane crashed West of Puerto Rico:

Mayday, Mayday, Ercoup ochero cero, eight, zero, zero, Hotel. We can see a strange object in our course, we are lost, Mayday, Mayday."

An Iberia Airlines Flight IB-976 en route from Santo Domingo to Spain responded to the Mayday and received a reply:

"Ah we are going from Santo Domingo to ah San Juan International but we found ah a weird object in our course that made us change course about three different times we got it right in front of us now at one o'clock, our heading is zero seven zero degrees our altitude one thousand six hundred a zero seven zero degrees our VORs got lost off frequency"

Iberia Flight IB-976 then relayed a message asking from San Juan Center asking N3808H to turn on their transponder.

Hi replied that the Ercoup was not equipped with a transponder. At 8:06 Iberia IB-976 asked for their call sign and estimated position and received this reply:

"Right now we are supposed to be at about thirty-five miles from the coast of Puerto Rico but we have something weird in front of us that make us lose course all the time I changed our course a second (unintelligible) our present heading right now is three hundred we are right again in the same stuff, sir."

They were not heard from again. At 8:12, the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range verified the last radar position of N3808H as thirty-five miles West of Puerto Rico.

Ufo Orbs seen above the Sea

Were they lanterns? - i truly think not this time - look at those lights pulse!
.. These orbs were seen above the Sea night time footage (aug 1st 2004) night time

AND IN 2001

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Anti-Gravity Technology discussed on Radio

Anti-Gravity technology is here - Very Interesting

This is an excerpt taken from MIT Student Radio WMBR 88.1FM Cambridge/Boston featuring AlienScientist on suppressed technology

Orbs following a plane

Often known as "foo fighters" here is an excellent piece of footage showing an orb tailing an aircraft:


Witness was driving to work from Ely, Nevada to an oil field and refinery in the Rail Road Valley.

He stated that fellow employees had seen the same object in the sky earlier that evening. Onother multiple witness UFO event in Nevada.



What were these lights over New Jersey? 12/28/09

Bizzare T shapped object over New Jersey

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Object over Belfast Decemeber 2009

A possible UFO was caught on camera hovering over a rural area of Belfast. This covert display included beams of light and what looks to be "ORBS" shooting out from the primary object.

Would like your comments on this footage.

Here is the posters description:
"In this video you will see all raw footage from when i hit the record button until i stopped recording. This is unedited apart from the writing to explain what i was seeing. Hopefully you will see the beam in this footage, but i am going to do an edited version to try and show it better. The main UFO was there for 8 - 10 minutes, and the ''thing'' that flies from under the beam was a pure W.T.F!, I still don't know what it was."

"All footage filmed in Belfast at 8pm facing south, the UFO was going from east to west."

My Chinese Lantern Ufo test

So ...

I was in asia last week and i had the opportunity to let release and study my own Chinese lantern going up in the night sky.

As you may or may not know Chinese lanterns are one of the main objects that the public commonly confuses with for Ufos . Especially when they see a 'fleet of these objects together'.

The lanterns can be easily purchased by the public for about $30 USD and are elevated by the heat created by the burning of the wick lower down in the frame of the lantern. Launching the lantern at the right time is pivotal as the wind direction can effect the initial take off.

I was surprised after realising how quickly these lanterns take off once they get going. In Asian cultures they are often released over the sea to celebrate good luck , the passing of a person and Chinese new year festivities.

After only 5 minutes my lantern claimed to a very high elevation and could be seen moving erratically as they follow wind currents. (Red lanterns and different colours can be purchased to give different light effects.) We asked some onlookers who had not seen us launching the lanterns initially what they thought the lights were and they were puzzled and could not identify it.

So... to make sure lights at night are not lanterns check:
is 1) are out at sea and 2) do they move erratically with the wind and have numerous lights together? - If they do they are most likely Chinese lanterns.

I strongly feel that yes it is easy to confuse the lanterns with Ufos but it is not possible for lanterns to mimic complex light formations like that of triangle Ufos.

Also note: Chinese lanterns are let off alot during January - especially as we approach new Year and Chinese new year (late jan)- so keep an eye out so as not to confuse with genuine Ufos.

Above Top Secret - District 9 Ads

I have had a few emails from people telling me that ATS (above top secret) now looks like a major advertising portal for the 'C grade' movie that was District 9!

The top header of the forum has huge ads promoting the DVD release of the movie. District 9 was branded poorly by many people and i can't see how the movie has any relation to ufology.

The question is has ATS gone too far with these ads - are their marketing motives distracting from the goal of having such forum?

Your comments appreciated.

Keep your Ufo reports coming

Im Back after a well deserved break!

So Please submit any Ufo news or reports people as they come in to me!

Thanks -
and Happy new year to you all!

2010 is going to be a huge Ufo Year for sure!


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NASA lacks funds to monitor dangerous asteroids?

Very disturbing report here:

NASA report - breach in earths Magnetosphere found

Another concern as we approach the solar storms of 2012 - NASA scientists have identified a large hole in the earths Magnetosphere:

NASA's five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth's magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist. Solar wind can flow in through the opening to "load up" the magnetosphere for powerful geomagnetic storms. But the breach itself is not the biggest surprise. Researchers are even more amazed at the strange and unexpected way it forms, overturning long-held ideas of space physics.

"At first I didn't believe it," says THEMIS project scientist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "This finding fundamentally alters our understanding of the solar wind-magnetosphere interaction."

The magnetosphere is a bubble of magnetism that surrounds Earth and protects us from solar wind. Exploring the bubble is a key goal of the THEMIS mission, launched in February 2007. The big discovery came on June 3, 2007, when the five probes serendipitously flew through the breach just as it was opening. Onboard sensors recorded a torrent of solar wind particles streaming into the magnetosphere, signaling an event of unexpected size and importance.

READ MORE - NASA Article Link

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A security guard and Police witness UFOs Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - A security guard and Police witness tho bright UFOs and they were able to videotaped them.

Hi Everyone

Just a message out to everyone.

Yes i am still here , and no i haven't been 'gotten to!'

I am back from Holidays next week ...
Sorry thats why the posts have been a bit slow!

Wishing a great christmas season to all our readers all over the world.


Lights in Moscow on December,21st,2009

Original video of Two Undefined Flying Objects in Moscow in area"Falcon Mountain"(Sokolinaya Gora) on December,21st,2009 at 21:28(Moscow time)

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Dundee Scotland - what are these little lights?

Birds on night vision or something else - comments appreciated people

Filmed Dundee Scotland 28th july 2009 00:28A/M
This video tells the story loud and clear.. I film with yukon ranger 42x5 nigh vision i use my tv as a monitor and record tv with pannasonic camcorder...

Jaime Maussan gives his spin on the lights over norwa and mpscow (SpanishH)

For our Spanish readers - Mr Maussan gives his spin on the recent Ufo sightings in norway :


Web Bot Project on The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas

This is another explosive show with Clif High: The Final Countdown. In a special 3-hour appearance for One Year Veritas Show Anniversary, Clif discusses predictions for 2010 and beyond. The collapse of the dollar, global cataclysm, 2012, war, and much more. January 15 and July 15 are significant dates to follow. If you have heard Clif High on Veritas, you cannot miss this show. As a bonus, this show includes an exclusive interview with Zecharia Sitchin. Become a member by visiting our Web site:

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Did anyone see those lights over Dubai the other day?

Dubai Police operations room has received a number of calls reporting red lights in the night sky over Satwa and Jafiliya, Colonel Omar Al Shamsi, director of command and control room of Dubai police said.

Some of the reports received stated that there were 'red lights' seen in the sky. Some also suggested it could be a space ship.


16 December 2009 in SANTIAGO CHILE

Triangle Object appears over Italy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seeing Ufos Using Infrared

Viewed through an infrared camera, conventional aircraft display infrared light-absorbing characteristics, exhibiting dark silhouettes against the daytime sky. Vehicles with these
light-absorbing properties include propeller airplanes, helicopters and jet aircraft.

The object in this daylight video is remarkable for its brillant long wavelength light-emitting characteristics revealed through the infrared camera. Even when viewed through an exceptionally dark glass, this object outshines conventional aircraft in an outstanding luminous display.

Closer examination of the color infrared data reveals a lenticular, or saturn-shaped saucer. I recognized this profile from video recorded under starlight conditions one week earlier. The lenticular saucer in the starlight recording produced a remarkable multi-colored light display as it passed through the night sky.

Due to the high similarity of the lenticular profiles, it is likely that we are observing the same class of object in recordings produced one week apart. It is even possible that we are witnessing the passage of a singular object on two separate occasions under two different lighting conditions using two different optical magnifications.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crop Circles The Hidden Truth

Recommended documentary on crop circles: Crop Circles The Hidden Truth Video
The same week as the British Government closed its UFO reporting office, explosive revelations that MI5 agents designed and constructed crop circles. The new television documentary Crop Circles – The Hidden Truth is a detailed investigation into the crop circle mystery and as Colin Andrews says “Goes places many are afraid to go”. The alleged MI5 Agents are named and
the human Circlemakers are unmasked. Also today named fro the first time the CIA agent who approached Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado during a BBC Television interview and later at their homes.……. These are disclosures that have major implications…

Ukraine Ufo

Poster comments:
This is a UFO we removed from our own balcony Podol in Kiev. And, though I am a filmmaker, in this clip is not a drop of mounting or animation. Ukrainian ufologists conducted examination, and this video was recognized as the best real video UFO in Ukraine. I was lucky with UFOs, I saw him several times, and the previous meeting with him was more than impressive ... Unfortunately, while I did not have cameras, it is now.

Colombian Air force taking Ufo reports seriously

The Colombian Air force are investigating all the UFO sightings in the country..according to officials the video here is not a balloon since balloons can only remain in the atmosphere no longer than 45 minutes

MISSILE TAURUS caues a spiral over China

To those who think the Norway spiral lights were a once off -think again - Chinese news reports its own spiral lights - this one formed by the TAURUS missile

Triangle object - this time over the UK

That weird triangle (apparently seen over Russia) was seen on the 12th December over the UK. Could it be a weather ballon? Any ideas people?

Alien Planets? Here They Come.. Looking For Alien Planets? Here they come.. Video

Scientists are on their way to discovering thousands of new planets, potentially including hundreds of worlds the size of Earth, in Earth-like orbits around sunlike stars. They expect to achieve that goal within three years or so. But they'll start with the weirdest worlds.

The most advanced planet-hunting probes — the European Space Agency's COROT satellite and NASA's Kepler spacecraft — are designed to spot close-in planets most easily. That means the first revelations will be about planets in orbits much smaller than Mercury's.

So when Kepler's scientists announce their first official results next month, expect to hear about "hot Jupiters" and "super-Earths" whirling so close to their stars that they sizzle. And you just might hear about phenomena so strange that the scientists can hardly believe their instruments.

"I was not prescient enough to anticipate something that we're seeing," David Latham, a mission co-investigator from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, told "There are some good things coming."

Kepler's principal investigator, William Borucki of NASA's Ames Research Center, expects that his science team will present about 30 papers at next month's American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington.

"We have planets to announce, and we will have planets to announce next year — quite a few more, in fact," he said.


News report - the object over moscow

Friday, December 11, 2009

Russian military flip flops - saying the Spiral Ufo Over Norway was now a failed missle

As expected - the Russian military has flip flopped today on its explanation of those lights over Norway now saying it was a failed intercontinental missile ( after denying this for days!). Due to the excessive media scrutiny caused over these amazing lights the Russians realised that people would eventually work out they launched a missile was that day .. I am sure they simply didn't want it out that their new weapons are outright duds so they denied it first off!

If you have been following my blog for some time you will come to realise the common 'flip-flop' response seen from military worldwide on Ufo events. If an event gains too much media scrutiny then its suddenly explained very away easily when originally it was unknown - funny isn't that?

Even though this sighting in Norway was spectacular - i do feel it was a rocket actually because previous videos of rockets do show similar blue ion trails (see 2nd below video). But many people may not agree with this .. what do you think?

Russia has confirmed that its latest test-firing of a new intercontinental missile ended in failure - at the same time observers witnessed the early morning light show.

The submarine-launched missile was from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea early Wednesday, according to Russian newspapers.

Russian defence analyst Pavel Felgenhauer said the images seen over Norway were consistent with a missile failure.

"Such lights and clouds appear from time to time when a missile fails in the upper layers of the atmosphere and have been reported before," he said.

Article source
That amazing spiral one more time.

Previous Russian Missile launch showing similar blue ion trail:

spiral on Japanese TV

Mutilated cattle on the increase say farmers

Mutilated cattle are an ongoing mystery in the US - just what could be causing this strange phenomenon

Colorado Brand Inspector Dennis Williams came out and looked at Miller's calf. He lives next door; the calf would be the last of three strangely mutilated cattle that he would investigate in March of this year.

"I've heard about it. It was weird, to say the least. Totally unexplainable. To me, it looked like that calf had been dropped from a high distance, the way its hips were dislocated and all its broken bones," Williams says.

That same month, ranchers had called Williams to grisly scenes northeast of Aguilar and west of Weston to investigate mysteriously mangled cattle that had been seen healthy the day before.

To add to the weirdness, Sanchez, Miller and Mike Duran, who found a sliced Red Angus cow near Weston in March, have all experienced similar mutilations before. Sanchez lost cows in 2006 and 1993, Miller in 1997 and 1980, and Duran in 2000 and 1995.

"It's weird and unexplainable," says Duran, who lost a healthy 27-year-old Red Angus cow on March 8, her udder and rear end removed with what he describes as "laser cuts, like when somebody cuts metal with a torch."

Cops, like Williams and the ranchers, are stumped.

"We can't come up with anything," says Las Animas County sheriff's Deputy Derek Navarette, who investigated the Miller and Duran calves.

"We've seen these before and they are all kind of the same. No one has ever explained it. Northern New Mexico has had some of these same cases, and in those cases they never got any further than we did."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Giant Triangle craft appears Over Kremlin in Moscow 10/12/2009 - Reflection or not?

I can't work out if this is are reflection from inside the car or not - it doesn't seem like it as you can see the light reflecting in the car but the object remains in the same spot.. but what do you think?
Some people are saying the Russians would prefer us to believe the spiral Ufo over Norway was a ufo and not their failed rocket launch - thus the reason for this video? (a Russian launch was infact detected the day the spiral object was seen)
Was filmed yesterday over the Kremlin in Moscow, Red Square
Вы видели этого треугольника над Москвой в последнее время? Просьба ответить на этот пост, если у вас есть - кнопки ответа ниже

UFOs no stranger to Norway - Hessedalen

With all the spin about that spiral Ufo in norway at the moment its important to remember Norway is no stranger to Ufos - infact Norway is the home to the famous lights seen in Hessedalen (explained in previous post - documentary)

More footage - Spiral UFO over Norway December 9 2009 - Russian Military deny its a rocket

The russian Military say this object was not a rocket not. (see below report) So just what was this spiral object seen over Norway?
News report

Thousands of awe-struck Norwegians bombarded the Meteorological Institute to ask what the incredible light — that could be seen in the pre-dawn sky for hundreds of miles — could possibly be.

The phenomenon has been dubbed 'Star-Gate' — as the world's top scientists and the military lined up to admit they were baffled.

Theories ranging from a misfired Russian missile, meteor fireball, never-before-seen type of northern light, 'black hole' and even alien activity were all proposed.
Witnesses across Norway, who first glimpsed the space show at 8.45am, all described seeing a spinning 'Catherine wheel-style' spiral of white light, centred around a bright moon-like star.
A blue "streaming tail" appeared to anchor the spiral to earth, before the light "exploded" into a rotating ring of white fire.

The spiral spectacle — which lasted for two minutes — was seen by vast swathes of the Scandinavian country's almost five million population, with sightings as far north as Finnmark to Trondelag in the south.

Totto Eriksen, from Tromso, in northern Norway, was one of the thousands who bombarded Norwegian newspapers with sightings — after nearly crashing his car on spotting the spiral overhead.

He said: "I was driving my daughter to school when this light spun and exploded in the sky.
"We saw it from the Inner Harbour in Tromso. It looked like a rocket that spun around and around - and then went diagonally across the heavens.
"It looked like the moon was coming over the mountain - but then turned into something totally different.

"People just stopped and stared on the pier - it was like something from a Hollywood movie."

Axel Berg, from Alta, also in the north of the country, added: "It was like a giant spiral - a shooting star that spun around and around.
"I initially thought it was a projector but then the 'tail light' left and the spiral remained spinning still." Norway's most celebrated astronomer, Knut Jorgen Roed Odegaard, said he had never seen anything like the spiral before. He said: "This was seen over an exceptionally large area of the country - in all of north Norway and the Trondelag.

"My first thought was that it was a fireball meteor - but it lasted far too long.
"It may have been a missile from Russia - but I can't guarantee that is the answer.
"I rang the Air Traffic Control tower in Tromse. They said it was over in two minutes. To me, that is far too long for this to be an astronomical phenomenon.

"This spiral shape is unique. It is definitely not a variation of the aurora borealis - northern lights."

Chief Scientist Erik Tandberg, at the Norwegian Space Centre, said that he too was "totally amazed" by the spiral.

He agreed with many other experts that the spiral pattern could have been caused by a missile from Russia — something the Russian military have strongly denied.

Dr Tandberg said: "I agree with everyone in the science community that this light was the weirdest thing. I have never seen anything like this ever.

"It may have been anything from an exploding missile whose launch went wrong - to a comet or other celestial object that for some reason has been behaving strangely.

"If it was a missile - most likely from the launch base in Pletsevsk in Russia or one of the Russian submarines or even from the European Space Agency base in Kiruna - then we are talking about a rocket launch that has gone wrong.

"The spiral suggests the object came off course and balance and entered the spiral movement. Leaking rocket fuel could account for the blue light.

"But I know that the military have denied this explanation. So we could be looking at an entirely new natural phenomenon

Article Source

9th December Ufo Pukekohe, New Zealand

Was it a chinese lantern? You decide:
At approx. 21:07p.m. UTC+13 (DST) on December 9th, 2009 the following bright light was visible above Pukekohe, New Zealand for a short period of time.
This film captures 03:25:40 of the time it was visible and was shot on a Canon Powershot S3 IS 6.0 Mega Pixel Camera at 30 frames per second, shown here at 25.
I'm open to the fact that in this huge universe there must be life of some kind somewhere other than here, but I highly doubt this is a UFO. In my opinion it is probably a Satellite or Space Junk. Still it's pretty amazing as there's no sound coming from it.

Norway Spiral Ufo Lights - Did you see them ?

Failured Russian Rocket launch or truly something mysterious ? - thats the questions being asked by all in norway who saw the spiral in the sky yesterday . Some people said the blue light may be an ion trail often seen on rocket launches, Here are further images and videos sent in by our readers as well as a report by the Sun.
We would like to hear from anyone from Norway who witnessesed this sighting.

Stunned onlookers flooded the Norwegian Meteorological Institute with calls after seeing the dazzling light.

Witness Totto Eriksen from Tromsø spotted the lights on the school run with his daughter Amalie.

He said: "We saw it from the Inner Harbor in Tromsø. It was absolutely fantastic.


"It almost looked like a rocket that spun around and around and then went diagonally down the heavens."

"It looked like the moon was coming over the mountain, but then came something completely different."

Nick Pope, former UFO analyst for the Ministry of Defence, said: "My first thought was this was a meteor, a fireball, or debris from an old satellite burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.

"But the spiral motion makes this unlikely. This is truly bizarre. It's a real mystery.

"A meteor or a fireball would simply travel in a straight line but for something to spiral in this way appears to go against the laws of physics.

"Some halfwits may think it is the Northern Lights but they illuminate the sky with a green glow. This is completely different from any image of the Northern Lights that I have ever seen.

"It's ironic that something like this should happen the very week after the MoD terminated its UFO project. It just goes to show how wrong that decision was."

Read more-source the Sun:

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Giant ring or portal opens in Norway yesterday - what was it?

RealUfos wants to hear from you - did you see this giant ring in the night in Norway the other night? Manmade or not - was it some type of atmoshperic experiment like HAARP?

Norwegian Meteorological Institute has received calls from people who have seen the mysterious giant spiral Trøndelag to Finnmark.

- People from Finnmark in the far north to south in Trøndelag call and say they have seen the light, "said Mona Mariann Lie at the meteorological department to VG Nett.
- It spun and exploded in the sky, "said Totto Eriksen from Tromsø.

Giant Spiral
He and his daughter Amalie Nyborg (16) were on their way to work and school when the sky suddenly exploded.

- We saw it from the Inner Harbor in Tromsø. It was absolutely fantastic. It almost looked like a rocket that spun around and around, and then went diagonally down the heavens. It looked like the moon was coming over the mountain, but then came something completely different, "says Eriksen.
- People stopped on the pier. It was absolutely sick, "says Eriksen.
- It was like a giant spiral - a shooting star that spun around and around. I initially thought it was a projector. The lights still, "says Axel Rose Berg from Alta.
- There must be a phenomenon that has happened in the atmosphere. The question is whether it has come from above or from below.
Nett has been in contact with Andøya Rocket Range who said that there have been no launches on Wednesday morning.

That Amazing UFO portal over Hessdalen Norway

Very interesting documentary - People claim there is some underground ET base in Hessdalen Norway . I have previously posted about Ufo sightings in this area.
If you have seen Ufos in the area or know about this please respond to this post.

where is Hessdalen Norway?

Strange Ufo Lights In France December 2009

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

CERN's LHC to go full throttle very soon !

Between now and February next year Cern's LHC will start to use the higher energy collisions. These powerful collisions are the major concern among some scientists who think there could be major safety issues:

Higher-energy collisions should occur before February 2010 and perhaps even before Christmas, Evans said.

The LHC is capable of collisions at 14 trillion electron volts (TeV), but some of the machine's most extraordinary discoveries could be made at much lower energy levels.

For example, scientists predict that the long-sought Higgs boson, sometimes called the God particle, could be discovered in the one to three TeV range.

"If we go to higher energies in February, there is a good chance the Higgs will be found," Evans said.

Article -continue reading

UFO Sighting By America West Airlines Flight 564

America West Airlines Flight 564 UFO sighting

At approximately 10:30 p.m. on May 25, 1995, Capt. Gene Tollefson and First Officer John J. Waller, piloting America West Airlines Flight 564 from Tampa, Florida, to Las Vegas, Nevada saw a huge dark wingless object with a row of bright white lights near
America West Airlines Flight 564 UFO Sighting

Tucumcari, New Mexico. The silhouette of this object was only visible when lit by nearby flashes of a thunderstorm. The pilots immediately contacted the Albuquerque FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center in an attempt to identify the object. The pilots describe the object to the control center as being over 400 ft long. The entire incident was recorded by the FAA.

Is this a massive Black triangle UFO or possibly one of the huge Black Stealth Blimps the USA government uses? In Area 51 there is a new gigantic hanger newly built. Some speculate that this type of craft is being hid there. Could this craft have uses for a false flag event? Something out of The V? A huge craft that would be used to darken a city sky to look like an extraterrestrial craft?
Tags: Alien Conspiracy DMT Illuminati Jones NASA NWO New Order Space aliens bush obama secret the ufo ufos world 2012

2012 movie review - hype & fear - your reactions?

Ok.. here's my review of that 2012 movie..

I just got back from seeing the movie today and i had a few words to say.

Firstly the special effects are great - but they are just that special effects!
That limo going through those buildings, ohh my god! totally unbelievable but great to watch - once again hollywood always gives me a laugh!

So basically we see a hyped up 2012 theme to fit your usual end of days movie. The solar theory stands up but thats about it.

They talk about galactic alignment at one stage & earth pole shifting theories but there are all speculative theories. The fact is that in 2012 there will be larger than normal solar activity, more than normal neutrinos could possibly be emitted but the main concern is the effect from the emf radiation on electrical devices.

Looking at the facts so far NASA predicts that with a weaker than normal magnetosphere (earth's shield) combined with excess solar radiation from a stronger than normal solar cycle in 2012 it could render earth more vulnerable to the emf pulses from the sun than ever before - wiping out the Internet, electrical power and communications for months at a time.

The less accepted theories of neutrinos and excess energy from the sun being absorbed by earths mantle & core could have some possibility but they are not fully supported at the time. Remember e=Mc2 .. the more energy absorbed by earth the more changes this could have on earths mantle and core if it has to disperse this excess energy.

I could also understand where they were going with the coverup themes - i mean what government is going to tell us the end of days i near?. Guess they would have to cover it up as it would cause mass panic if nothing could be done to avoid the inevitable .

I did notice however some people were genuinely concerned after seeing the movie - even with all the unbelievable stunts and animations!. Similarly when When war of the worlds movie came out in 1953 is caused a lot of worry in the public. So overall im not sure how much good this movie does. Hopefully people will go online after watching the movie to see what the facts are about 2012.

Would like your input if you have seen the movie - do you think its going to cause unnecessary fear ? what did you think?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

UK MOD shuts down the whole UFO Research Department after 50 years!

Sad news everyone on December 1 the Ministry of Defence terminated its UFO project. After over 50 years of investigating the phenomenon, the plug was pulled in a most unceremonious way.
Noke pope former UK MOD minister explains why this is a very bad move:

The news was slipped out so as not to attract attention. An amendment was made to an existing document in the freedom of information section of the MoD website, entitled "How to report a UFO sighting". The announcement states: "In over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom." It goes on to say that the "MOD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them". When rumbled, the MoD press office implyied that the money saved (about £50,000 a year) would be spent on body armour in Afghanistan. I doubt it will be. As someone whose 21-year MoD career included a posting in a financial policy division, I suspect that's not how it works. Finance has played a part in this, I am sure. The defence budget is under huge pressure and the UFO project was doubtless an easy target for the Treasury and MoD financiers.

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Triangle Ufo MIAMI FLORIDA 11/27/09

Click here to see the recent video of that triangle Ufo over Florida.
Were you in the area and did you see the object?- please respond to this post.

These triangle Ufos seem very similar all the time .. could they be a hang glider or kite with lights on them?

Pilot sees Ufo in China

Remember people pilots are the most credible Ufo witnesses:

A detailed UFO report of an incident involving a commercial pilot that includes radar images and recordings of the conversation between the pilot and the airport tower has just been made public in China. The report was released at a scientific forum held in Shanghai.

The event occurred on March 18 in the morning in Shanghai. Later that day hundreds of readers rang a local newspaper ‘The Xinmin Evening Times’ to report a strange object they had seen in the sky. One of these callers was the Tower Manager at Hongqiao Airport, Mr Jin Xin. He mentioned that a UFO had been spotted by tower staff and picked up by radar and that he had the recording.
Mr Jin Xin added that he requested that a pilot due to take off at exactly the same time chase the object and the pilot, who agreed, had reported that the UFO, seemingly made of two parts, was circling around his plane. A transcript of the conversation
between the pilot and tower control has also been preserved.
The pilot witnessed the UFO for no less than 9 minutes and described the UFO in the conversation with the tower as initially a glowing
fireball displaying extraordinary flight characteristics and quickly shifting position before ‘Descending sharply, changing colour from red to black and then separating into two objects: The top one a sphere, the bottom a rectangle. The craft travelled in a Northeast direction at level flight before climbing and disappearing.’
Source allnewsweb

Renowned astrophysicist Latchezar Filipov says alien beings are already on Earth

Interesting Article from the Star :

Renowned astrophysicist Latchezar Filipov says alien beings are already on Earth. A leading astrophysicist who has worked on space missions claims that he and his colleagues are in contact with extraterrestrials who are "living among us." And they don't like what they see.

Latchezar Filipov, head of the Space Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, is causing global ripples after researching crop circles around the world.

"We sent (the aliens) 30 questions about global problems," said Filipov, who was vague about how he actually conveyed the queries. "And now we have some answers."

The "answers" came in the form of pictograms in crop circles.
Filipov says the aliens are here, observing us, but unobservable by us for some reason.

"I feel that ... some kind of information is being taught, that they'd like to be in contact with
us," Filipov said Friday in halting English from his office in Sofia. Filipov asked the aliens about the SETI, the broad umbrella project searching for alien life, and the supposed end of the world in 2012, when the Mayan calendar expires.

He told the Star that the aliens have told him SETI doesn't work, owing to a confusion about communication through "magnetic fields." They also said there is some truth in the 2012 predictions, having something to do with volcanoes in Mexico.

Further, more prosaic revelations include that the aliens are angry about global warming, disagree with in-vitro fertilization and don't like cosmetics. Apparently, Filipov's aliens are
grumpy Republicans.

This work is only beginning, Filipov cautioned, and he is still open to the fact that he could be mistaken – "I don't yet believe that this is absolutely true information."

Filipov is no garden-variety crank. He sports an impressive CV: graduate work at Moscow State University, a variety of high-level positions studying astrophysics, work on a MIR spacecraft mission.

However, his latest preoccupation has caught his international contemporaries by surprise.

"I'm not aware of this work," said Ian Corbett, general secretary of the executive committee of the Paris-based International Astronomical Union. "But it is very hard to take seriously."
The IAU website shows Filipov as an active member. Filipov's colleagues inside Bulgaria are more peevish. There is a move afoot to force his resignation from the Space Research Institute.

"In Bulgaria now, we have a very strange reaction to my research," Filipov said. "The people in Bulgaria are frightened, they don't understand this. "You must understand that this is a very complicated situation."

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stranger in moscow ? large triangle Ufo over the Kremlin

Fast forward to 3.30 on the video and you will see what i mean - 24.07.2009 large triangle formation over the Kremlin (russian government) in moscow


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Toxic Skies - that new Chemtrail movie

Once again .. bit off the Ufo track here but there has always been a connection between Ufos and chemtrails... Following up on that Ukraine H1N1 chemtrail link here is a new fictional movie that shows how chemtrails could be used in a similar situation:
Again would like your thoughts on the movie - could something like this really be happening, like whats going on in Ukraine ?
For years the government has been involved in a secret operation involving contrails - the visible lines of condensed water vapor that jets leave in the sky. If you asked them, they would suggest that this is done in the name of environmental protection a safeguard that will alleviate global warming by reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. The real truth: these contrails are actually a toxic substance, or virus, deliberately sprayed upon an unsuspecting populace in order to "weed out the old and the sick".
pt 4 pt 5 6 7 8 9

Paranormal hunters spotting Ufos at Mount Adams

The paranormal hunters get blown away with what they see down at Mount Adams - by the way this happens daily there people!
If you live in the US and are into Ufos its really worth visiting mount adams - its a once in a life time experience to see a spot where Ufosactually visit daily on earth. See Mr Gilliands site.

Live near washington? - go visit mount Adams - here it is:

Cardiff Ufos 30-11-09 6.06pm

Uk Cardiff large object and 2 lights outlining the object - the ISS or something else?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

WHO did it - locals in Kiev say chemtrails caused that new pneumonic plague in Ukraine

You have probably seen all this conspiracy stuff all over the web about the new emerging threat of a mutated H1N1 (interesting that the web bots predicted a second more deadly hit from swine flu late in 2009). I usually don't post about this but like myself you may have known people who have come down with a stronger than normal flu or nasty chest infection this year. Infact i know numerous young healthy people who have come down with really severe pneumonia recently .. which which seems odd ..

So where is all this leading too? ... well RussiaToday seems to be reporting alot about a new emerging pneumonic plague in the Ukraine that was surprisingly apparently spread by Chemtrails . Over Kiev and the Forest area of Western Ukraine citizens were complaining of low flying planes spraying an aerosol that is "making the air heavy" and causing "dificulty breathing" as well as "red sores" forming on the skin, then a few days later thousands became sick with a nasty flu . 5 Sources confirms this and the local newspapers of Kiev also received hundreds of phone calls from residents and business owners close to the area the planes were spraying the suspicious substance. Not only that but local businesses and retailers were "advised" to stay indoors during the day by the local authorities.

Its not just plain old H1N1 anymore but pneumonic plague ... Doctors in Ukraine have been reporting that victims of the mutated H1N1 there are experiencing violent hemorrhaging in their lungs. Temperatures inside the lungs of patients in Ukraine have been reported to be as high as 135 degrees Fahrenheit. As the patients near death, their lungs reportedly become as “black as charcoal” and literally begin to disintegrate.

Ohh and another interesting find in a current article just published in the prestigious professional journal "Virology" provides a detailed analysis answering the question "From where did the 2009 'swine-origin' influenza A virus (H1N1) emerge?" Join the dots yourself... see this key point in the article :

"The three parents of the virus may have been assembled in one place by natural means, such as by migrating birds, however the consistent link with pig viruses suggests that human activity was involved. We discuss a published suggestion that unsampled pig herds, the intercontinental live pig trade, together with porous quarantine barriers, generated the reassortant. We contrast that suggestion with the possibility that laboratory errors involving the sharing of virus isolates and cultured cells, or perhaps vaccine production, may have been involved."
Brianspredictions was right on this.

Media hype or a cause for concern? - your comments appreciated.
WHO's in on it?
She's right on the ball here - listen to this woman:
In August 2009, Mossad microbiologist Joseph Moshe called in to a radio show saying he had knowledge of a bioweapon being made in Ukraine by Baxter International and was going to go to the US government about it. He was intercepted before he had the chance. women talks about it .. read more
Joseph Moshe arrested for predicting Baxter bioweapon

Continue reading - Baxters history of Vaccine accident