Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scifi encounters Et's in Peru

Loving the Scifi show at the moment..
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nick dk said... show

Anonymous said...

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shimmy said...

I would go believing this too quickly. I saw this a while back and find it very hard too believe that the guys foot breaks through the ground exactly at the right spot and doesn't crush the "alien". That whole show is suspect if you ask me.

. said...

Bad ass.

shimmy said...

I wouldn't go rushing to belive anything I see on this show. I saw this a while ago and if you see how they find this thing(decomposing plucked chicken) its really suspect. He just so happens to break though the surrface of the ground while walking and doesn't crush the chicken, oh, sorry "alien".

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Please try not to mix this kind of fantasy with genuine stuff.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting but you'd think they were running around in Steven Speilbergs basement by the way its presented.

Maybe if it was edited by the bbc and not the same idiots who did cops on camera, then I would beleive it a little more.

Anonymous said...

dont believe this one, its a set up

Anonymous said...

Looks a lot like "fiction" and seems very staged. I think the major flaw is that they "had to find their own way-out", which is stupid & unprofessional in itself. Then they send a woman back even though they apparently don't know the way back and continue on... All a bit suspect, but entertaining... yes!

Anonymous said...

theres craffiti at

Quinroxanne said...

This is cool but I don't believe alien existence. Sorry..

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