Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alien Planets? Here They Come.. Looking For Alien Planets? Here they come.. Video

Scientists are on their way to discovering thousands of new planets, potentially including hundreds of worlds the size of Earth, in Earth-like orbits around sunlike stars. They expect to achieve that goal within three years or so. But they'll start with the weirdest worlds.

The most advanced planet-hunting probes — the European Space Agency's COROT satellite and NASA's Kepler spacecraft — are designed to spot close-in planets most easily. That means the first revelations will be about planets in orbits much smaller than Mercury's.

So when Kepler's scientists announce their first official results next month, expect to hear about "hot Jupiters" and "super-Earths" whirling so close to their stars that they sizzle. And you just might hear about phenomena so strange that the scientists can hardly believe their instruments.

"I was not prescient enough to anticipate something that we're seeing," David Latham, a mission co-investigator from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, told "There are some good things coming."

Kepler's principal investigator, William Borucki of NASA's Ames Research Center, expects that his science team will present about 30 papers at next month's American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington.

"We have planets to announce, and we will have planets to announce next year — quite a few more, in fact," he said.

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Mark said...

Declassifying Pluto as a main planet could just be another way of saying there are only 9 planets when the tenth does actually come in to view in the next year or so. So they can say no its not the tenth planet its the 9th, remember Pluto isn't considered a planet any more, it s crock, there is a means to their madness trust me.

Anonymous said...

Mark - I don't quite get Planet X. All astronomers I've heard talking about the subject simply discards it. Not because of their "personal agenda" but because there have been no observations of it. If it isn't observed then why can people claim it to be coming?

One more thing, some people say that it has been observed but the scientists/military keep the data secret. 1) For what purpose? 2) There are several observatories scattered around the world - why would "they all" conspire to keep this a secret?

Anonymous said...

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