Monday, December 14, 2009

The lights over Santiago december 10 2009

Filmed over Santiago on december 10 2009 - were these plans flying in formation late at night or something else?
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nick dk said...


This can only be ET or CGI if u ask me.
Pretty cool vid either way.

Anonymous said...

wow this is a very important vid. they are NOT planes in formation thats for sure. also the way they fly off looks just like what you would expect from an anti-gravity craft. it would need to tilt on its axis to gain max speed. this looks very close wow.

markymint said...

Always a spectacular annual video, whatever it is. I've always thought it was planes, but the movement of them in this edition was far more spooky than previous years!

Anonymous said...

Helicopters, and the lights look "brighter" when they shine towards the camera, rather than towards the ground or a point to either side. WHen they fly off, put the video on full screen and pause it and you can catch what is clearly the profile of military helicopters.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing, there is no way this is anything other than ET's. They are here to show us that we are not alone and that they are here to help us. Very soon the day will come when our governments will tell the world the truth. The day of Awakening.

Anonymous said...

Those were nor planes (where are the red & green lights; also the stroboscopic?)nor helicopters (speed and flying formations).

So what had been flying over Santiago? I have no idea.

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