Saturday, February 23, 2013

UFO Craft Witnessed! Longview, Texas: 20/02/13

Filmed 20th Feb 2013 this UFO video comes in from Longview, Texas:

Filmers comments:
After filming the common I see one by luck light up the sky. I start filming and chase it to try and catch it lighting up agian.

UFO? Red Lights Above Helsinki, Finland

This UFO sighting was filmed during night in Helsinki, Finland

Friday, February 22, 2013

Huge 'Cigar UFO' Fly By - Popocatepetl Mexico, 21/02/13

A cigar-shaped UFO over volcano Popocatepetl in Mexico.
 This one was filmed on Thursday, 21st February 2013.

Webcams monitoring the volcanic activity of Popocatepetl, caught an unidentified object apparently passes swiftly over the giant crater. 
 The video was broadcast the program 'The morning' and was allegedly taken by monitors who follow the Popocatepetl volcanic activity at around 2.30am on Thursday. 
 This past October, a luminous object about one kilometer long and 200 meters wide, according to some experts who discussed the issue, was recorded by one of the cameras when Televisa fell into the crater. 
 The object detected in the image of Thursday is apparently similar to that seen at the time, but this time just flew over the crater. Foreign object enters the Popocatepetl from space, February 2013 So far there has been no official or scientific about this case.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Triangle UFO Sighted! Plano, Texas: 16/02/2013

UFO filmed over Plano Texas. Best viewed in full screen:

Filmers comments:
 I was outside on the patio with friends just enjoying the evening...when I saw those 3 yellow lights in a perfect triangle shape emerging in the distance from behind the silhouette of the roof. Lights were not blinking, and no sound was heard. Speed felt fairly slow... the triangle shape remain steady throughout the observation until I lost visibility behind a tree and house. It was striking weird to all people around me who witness this (about 6 person) First thing that came to mind was 3 planes in formation, but the color of the light and the fact that no sound could be heard was rather strange. See link for video I shot with my phone.

UFO Footage - San Antonio, Texas: 16/02/2013

Super bright and highly interesting UFO filmed over San Antonio, Texas 16th Feb 2013:
Filmers comments:
February-16-2012 a high altitude Glowing U.F.O was caught on video over San Antonio,Tx... A large glowing object was observed traveling high in altitude.This object was Huge and did not seem to be an aircraft.So i grabbed my camera for a closer observation...When zooming in a U.F.O Orb could be observed...This object was clearly no aircraft as you can see on the video stills.This object seems to be emiting some kind of energy.It did not seem to reflect the sun's ray's,It seemed to be glowing..I pan back to look for some kind of reference point.(used the roof top's as a refrence point).Clearly this glowing object was under some sort of control.U.F.O traveled in a southeastern direction.I did not hear any noise coming from this unknown object..Clearly an UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECT....U.F.O seems to be the size of an aircraft ..This glowing object was clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite.

Meteor, Asteroid ? Orange and Red Fireballs Light up Night Sky in Florida & cause UFO alarm

You may have seen the red Fireballs the other night in Florida. If so its apparently no cause for alarm, however tell that to the people in Russia last week where the meteor caused widespread damage!
Best thing is stay indoors as no one can guarantee the potential for damage from smaller meteors and asteroids which are not as closely monitored by NASA's NEO program as well as the larger threats,

Residents in south Florida spotted something in the horizon that they described 'as orange or red fireballs in the sky,' according to officials. Amanda Mayer, of the West Palm Beach area, told reporters that she noticed the bright flare in the night sky on Sunday and thought it was somebody flashing a light. Mayer said she hit the record button on her camera just in time to capture the rare sight. 'I was like, 'Wow! That's weird,' said Mayer.
 'I just started videotaping, and that's when it happened.' The bright flare that many saw was likely a sporadic meteor, said Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Sabrina Laberdesque. A sporadic meteor is a rocky object that comes from the asteroid belt, Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society in New York, told NBC News. 
 He said that his organization received 27 reports within about the first two hours of the incident, an unusual amount for what he called a 'common' event. 'This is a lot of reports to come in quickly,' Hankey said. Source read more

UFO Sighting In Southern Oregon 17th Feb 2013

Did you see it? a New UFO news report in from Southern Oregon 17th Feb 2013. To be honest the footage is poor. If you have further information or footage please reply to this post.

"At first I was like what's wrong with that star? I thought, whoa, that's kind of trippy. So I went to get him and he's like whoa! What is that? And it started moving, said Heather Scherffius. Scherffius and Gregory Soldner say they just happened to look outside around 10:30 at night and say they've never seen anything quite like this. "It looked like a metal disk of some sort. I'm not sure, but it was metal and the way it moved was wierd. I mean I don't believe in flying saucers but..." explained Soldner. The two claim the object stayed in one spot for several minutes and then made a few sporadic movements. "It moved up and down, back to one spot and then zigzaged a bit. It was there like 20-30 minutes and then it was just gone!"
Source read more

UFO In Mexico City Mexico 17th February 2013 ovni

This strange black hovering object was filmed daytime on 17th February 2013 over Mexico city.
Appreciste your thoughts and feedback on what you think the object may be?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UFO over San Francisco 16th Feb 2013

UFO over San Francisco 16th Feb 2013 - Best viewed in full screen:

Filmers comments: I had just arrived home from work. It was about 7:40 PST. I noticed the first light in my bedroom window. it was basketball sized at this point. I assumed that it was a helicopter or perhaps it was a fireball from the recent meteor activity. So I grabbed my iPhone and ran up to the roof of my apartment and began filming. At the start, you can see the first light heading west. Its below the star seen at the center of the frame. By the time I grabbed my phone and headed up to the roof, it was almost gone. Initially, this baby was HUGE. I was bummed that I didnt get video of its initial appearance. Just as I was about to head back indoors, the second light appeared from the north. You can clearly see that this thing doesnt zip through the sky like your typical space debris. It moves slowly. Oh and by the way, it also appears to stop, change direction and follow the first light that is continuing west.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Large meteor to be recovered from lake in Chelyabinsk Urals region - UFO link?

Joining the dots in the Chelyabinsk Meteor case....
Ive been sent numerous emails from people mentioning the strange link between the previous UFO sighting in Chelyabinsk three weeks ago and the recent meteor incident.
I would like your feedback if you think there is some connection here at all.
Please remember the Urals region is long known historically for very strange UFO activity (video) .
A reader also reminded me of the post we did on the Cauldrons - the submerged objects in Russia which apparently attract meteors as a kind of ancient ET designed earth defense system. I guess if you look at the  concentration of large meteors that have hit Russia in the last 100 years it does make you wonder, however the Urals region is apparently on the opposite side to the Siberian region where the cauldrons are and the Russian continent has the largest surface area so you would expect more meteors I guess?
The latest news is that now the meteor is to be recovered in a lake near Chelyabinsk
(note the large disc shaped hole in the ice in this report):

A coincidence? strange black object hovering near the meteor:

 A strange co-incidence? just quick reminder that it was only 3 weeks ago this UFO report happened over Smolino lake near Chelyabinsk in the Urals region in Russia  ( link to previous report)
 Did the UFO's know the meteor was coming?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Readers Personal UFO sightings Feb 2013

Readers personal UFO sightings Feb 2013.Please remember to submit your sighting using the submit button above.
Note: If you also saw a UFO in the region mentioned below please respond to this post.

Maine New England Feb. 12, 2013
We are currently watching a very unconventional craft in the night sky from Old Orchard Beach, Maine starting from approx. 10:15pm and is still over the direction of Portland Intl. Jetport in Portland, Maine this Tuesday night, Feb. 12, 2013. It is low in the sky relative to all stars and is very bright at times then dims. It is flickering constantly and changes colors from bright white to green and red. From my flying experience I understand these are typical nav light colors but after watching this for nearly a half hour, there is no way this is a conventional craft. It is stationary for the most part but there is unmistakable movement. I have tried to think of every possible scenario this might be and it fits nothing I can come up with especially after approx. 10 mins. into watching it the lights went completely out for nearly 3 mins. then came back on. There are two illuminated objects to the east and west of the main object that seem to be further away, one higher and one lower than the main, brighter and bigger object. These are either smaller, dimmer, or further away but have slight movement toward the main object. Since beginning this report I have stopped to go out and watch all of this twice while my friend has not moved from the same spot for over 45 mins which gave him reference from a building's roof and chimney as to the movements of these objects. I am hopeful to see more unconventional or radical movements but none so far. I have never witnessed anything of this magnitude or nature and have never reported anything UFO in nature on this sight or anywhere. I came in the house the first time and punched in, "UFO sighting over Portland, Me on Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013" into BING and saw the headline link for a sighting last Tuesday over Albuquerque, NM on this site; watched the video then continued to report this. We will continue to watch this unusual sight in the night sky and will report any n ew activity.

Fowler California Feb
live in Fowler,Ca. in the country so it is pretty quiet where i live surrounded by grape vineyards. I have been seeing several odd lights in the sky that are not regular looking airplanes. I did report one sighting to the Sanger Paranormal of a slow moving red pulsating light close to my house from my backyard. It was silent. I watched it for several minutes heading south between 7:30 and 8pm NO noticeable shape of a airplane-No wings no tail. Another recent sighting on January 30 at 8:30pm 2013. I seen two red lights that were apart that were parallel blinking then other lights appeared in odd places. Lights that moved around. 7 red blinking lights total. Not in a shape of a plane. Lasted for several minutes then went Southeast. About a 45 degree angle high in the sky. Again, these I am seeing were and are silent. 

 San Antonio Texas 15th Feb
I was driving home heading west on loop 1604 in San Antonio. I was talking to my wife on the phone when I see a shooting star. I hang up with my wife and continue driving. I noticed cars on the side of the road but I thought they had just broken down. I then turn north and witness more cars pulled over. I turn west again and look up and see a cluster of red lights in the sky. I try my best not to take my eyes off of the them. I pull over and grab my iPhone and attempt to take video. The video only shows black since camera phones are meant to record at such distances. I observe the objects moving in different directions. One starts to pick up speed and is moving directly over me. The rest are still clustered together. The light above me suddenly disappears. I continue observing the cluster but they seem to be fading away one by one. Suddenly they are all gone. 

Older sighting Kentucky 1998
This is the account of my own U.F.O. sighting. It took place sometime around summer or fall of 1998 in Eastern Kentucky. I was 18 years old at the time and was at my parents home. Their house at the time was a two-storyframe home. It was around noon or so on a Saturday, and I had just walked up stairs to use the restroom. As I was standing there about to do my buisness when I looked to my left out a window which gives whoever is looking a view of the tops of the pine trees in our neighborhood. I was stunned to see a light hovering there above the trees. Motionless. At first anyway. I zipped up and watched in amazement as the light hovering there VERY SLOWLY began to move. I thought perhaps I was seeing things or possibly a reflection from the window. So, I opened up the window and it was no reflection. I yelled for my parents to come and see this! For some reason even though they were both downstairs, only my mother ran up stairs. I to ld her to look at the light above the trees and she couldn't believe what she was seeing either. It's strange to think back on this as the light seemed small but it was a decent size at the same time. We watched the light for about maybe 5 or ten minutes and it moved slowly from left to right. Up and down a lot but, it was basically in the same spot the entire time. Almost as if it was observing smething below it. I couldn't see the ground below it so, if it was observing something I never found out what it was. And then, and this to me is the strangest part, the light just sort of moved very, very quickly to it's left and then collapsed into itself and disappeared. My mom and I just stood there still looking. We couldn't believe what we had just witnessed. We both definetly agreed that this object was controlled by something. On that there in NO DOUBT whatsoever! We never reported it to police or anything because we really didn't see the point. What could anyone do? And we would of course probably not be believed anyway. I was thankful to have had the sighting though because I always believed in U.F.O.'s and on that day I had seen one first hand and knew( and will always know) without a doubt that they are 100% real! It was definetly NOT a plane, or helicoptor, or a reflection, or some natural phenomenon. No way! It was a light, just a regular type of light like from a lightbulb flying in the sky and it was controlled by someone or something not from this earth

UFO lights filmed over Newark Nottingham 17/01/2013

This UFO video is about a month old, filmed over Newark Nottingham 17/01/2013
Filmers comments
Saw these lights at work between 2pm and 5 pm, kept appearing but whenever I had my camera they went. Finally got this tho. Explanations please

Ancient Aliens - Beyond Nazca

New from Ancient aliens - Beyond Nazca: Erich von Daniken's landmark book, Chariots of the Gods, brought attention to the mysterious phenomena of the Nazca Lines. Hundreds of gigantic lines, some in the shape of animals, geometric patterns and even an alien-like being, extend for miles throughout a remote Peruvian desert. Scholars are divided as to who built them, and why. Some Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that the massive markings have an extraterrestrial connection, and perhaps the ancient people of the region created these gigantic figures in tribute to the gods who visited them. And with one of the largest deposits of nitrates in the world--a key ingredient in rocket fuel and weaponry--could Nazca have been a mining operation for advanced beings in the distant past?
Heres a preview of the new episode staring world famous UFO reporter Linda Moulton Howe:

An older episode on the lines: