Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UFO Sighting In Southern Oregon 17th Feb 2013

Did you see it? a New UFO news report in from Southern Oregon 17th Feb 2013. To be honest the footage is poor. If you have further information or footage please reply to this post.

"At first I was like what's wrong with that star? I thought, whoa, that's kind of trippy. So I went to get him and he's like whoa! What is that? And it started moving, said Heather Scherffius. Scherffius and Gregory Soldner say they just happened to look outside around 10:30 at night and say they've never seen anything quite like this. "It looked like a metal disk of some sort. I'm not sure, but it was metal and the way it moved was wierd. I mean I don't believe in flying saucers but..." explained Soldner. The two claim the object stayed in one spot for several minutes and then made a few sporadic movements. "It moved up and down, back to one spot and then zigzaged a bit. It was there like 20-30 minutes and then it was just gone!"
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