Monday, February 18, 2013

Large meteor to be recovered from lake in Chelyabinsk Urals region - UFO link?

Joining the dots in the Chelyabinsk Meteor case....
Ive been sent numerous emails from people mentioning the strange link between the previous UFO sighting in Chelyabinsk three weeks ago and the recent meteor incident.
I would like your feedback if you think there is some connection here at all.
Please remember the Urals region is long known historically for very strange UFO activity (video) .
A reader also reminded me of the post we did on the Cauldrons - the submerged objects in Russia which apparently attract meteors as a kind of ancient ET designed earth defense system. I guess if you look at the  concentration of large meteors that have hit Russia in the last 100 years it does make you wonder, however the Urals region is apparently on the opposite side to the Siberian region where the cauldrons are and the Russian continent has the largest surface area so you would expect more meteors I guess?
The latest news is that now the meteor is to be recovered in a lake near Chelyabinsk
(note the large disc shaped hole in the ice in this report):

A coincidence? strange black object hovering near the meteor:

 A strange co-incidence? just quick reminder that it was only 3 weeks ago this UFO report happened over Smolino lake near Chelyabinsk in the Urals region in Russia  ( link to previous report)
 Did the UFO's know the meteor was coming?
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