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Readers Personal UFO sightings Feb 2013

Readers personal UFO sightings Feb 2013.Please remember to submit your sighting using the submit button above.
Note: If you also saw a UFO in the region mentioned below please respond to this post.

Maine New England Feb. 12, 2013
We are currently watching a very unconventional craft in the night sky from Old Orchard Beach, Maine starting from approx. 10:15pm and is still over the direction of Portland Intl. Jetport in Portland, Maine this Tuesday night, Feb. 12, 2013. It is low in the sky relative to all stars and is very bright at times then dims. It is flickering constantly and changes colors from bright white to green and red. From my flying experience I understand these are typical nav light colors but after watching this for nearly a half hour, there is no way this is a conventional craft. It is stationary for the most part but there is unmistakable movement. I have tried to think of every possible scenario this might be and it fits nothing I can come up with especially after approx. 10 mins. into watching it the lights went completely out for nearly 3 mins. then came back on. There are two illuminated objects to the east and west of the main object that seem to be further away, one higher and one lower than the main, brighter and bigger object. These are either smaller, dimmer, or further away but have slight movement toward the main object. Since beginning this report I have stopped to go out and watch all of this twice while my friend has not moved from the same spot for over 45 mins which gave him reference from a building's roof and chimney as to the movements of these objects. I am hopeful to see more unconventional or radical movements but none so far. I have never witnessed anything of this magnitude or nature and have never reported anything UFO in nature on this sight or anywhere. I came in the house the first time and punched in, "UFO sighting over Portland, Me on Tuesday Feb. 12, 2013" into BING and saw the headline link for a sighting last Tuesday over Albuquerque, NM on this site; watched the video then continued to report this. We will continue to watch this unusual sight in the night sky and will report any n ew activity.

Fowler California Feb
live in Fowler,Ca. in the country so it is pretty quiet where i live surrounded by grape vineyards. I have been seeing several odd lights in the sky that are not regular looking airplanes. I did report one sighting to the Sanger Paranormal of a slow moving red pulsating light close to my house from my backyard. It was silent. I watched it for several minutes heading south between 7:30 and 8pm NO noticeable shape of a airplane-No wings no tail. Another recent sighting on January 30 at 8:30pm 2013. I seen two red lights that were apart that were parallel blinking then other lights appeared in odd places. Lights that moved around. 7 red blinking lights total. Not in a shape of a plane. Lasted for several minutes then went Southeast. About a 45 degree angle high in the sky. Again, these I am seeing were and are silent. 

 San Antonio Texas 15th Feb
I was driving home heading west on loop 1604 in San Antonio. I was talking to my wife on the phone when I see a shooting star. I hang up with my wife and continue driving. I noticed cars on the side of the road but I thought they had just broken down. I then turn north and witness more cars pulled over. I turn west again and look up and see a cluster of red lights in the sky. I try my best not to take my eyes off of the them. I pull over and grab my iPhone and attempt to take video. The video only shows black since camera phones are meant to record at such distances. I observe the objects moving in different directions. One starts to pick up speed and is moving directly over me. The rest are still clustered together. The light above me suddenly disappears. I continue observing the cluster but they seem to be fading away one by one. Suddenly they are all gone. 

Older sighting Kentucky 1998
This is the account of my own U.F.O. sighting. It took place sometime around summer or fall of 1998 in Eastern Kentucky. I was 18 years old at the time and was at my parents home. Their house at the time was a two-storyframe home. It was around noon or so on a Saturday, and I had just walked up stairs to use the restroom. As I was standing there about to do my buisness when I looked to my left out a window which gives whoever is looking a view of the tops of the pine trees in our neighborhood. I was stunned to see a light hovering there above the trees. Motionless. At first anyway. I zipped up and watched in amazement as the light hovering there VERY SLOWLY began to move. I thought perhaps I was seeing things or possibly a reflection from the window. So, I opened up the window and it was no reflection. I yelled for my parents to come and see this! For some reason even though they were both downstairs, only my mother ran up stairs. I to ld her to look at the light above the trees and she couldn't believe what she was seeing either. It's strange to think back on this as the light seemed small but it was a decent size at the same time. We watched the light for about maybe 5 or ten minutes and it moved slowly from left to right. Up and down a lot but, it was basically in the same spot the entire time. Almost as if it was observing smething below it. I couldn't see the ground below it so, if it was observing something I never found out what it was. And then, and this to me is the strangest part, the light just sort of moved very, very quickly to it's left and then collapsed into itself and disappeared. My mom and I just stood there still looking. We couldn't believe what we had just witnessed. We both definetly agreed that this object was controlled by something. On that there in NO DOUBT whatsoever! We never reported it to police or anything because we really didn't see the point. What could anyone do? And we would of course probably not be believed anyway. I was thankful to have had the sighting though because I always believed in U.F.O.'s and on that day I had seen one first hand and knew( and will always know) without a doubt that they are 100% real! It was definetly NOT a plane, or helicoptor, or a reflection, or some natural phenomenon. No way! It was a light, just a regular type of light like from a lightbulb flying in the sky and it was controlled by someone or something not from this earth
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Anonymous said...

February 12, 2013 over southern Missouri, United States. I noticed in the sky above my city what appeared to be some kind of craft. It was stationary, and flashing a brilliance of lights. It stayed in one spot in the sky for roughly 10 minutes before I realized that it had been moving because it was now smaller and flickering out. After flickering out, a new light appeared to the right. This one was orange and white and did the same thing. Okay, so THIS MORNING AT 1:10am, I saw it AGAIN! In the exact same place! This time I woke up my husband so he could witness it too. After they left, I came inside and ordered star gazing binoculars off Amazon so I can see these next time they appear. They seem to have their own light source. Obviously not aircraft. The brilliance of colors that shoot out of it is simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

I live in Wilmington Delaware and Tonight was heaDing out with my son around 758 pm. I saw a greenish light flash in the sky. It then streaked toward the east at an increDible speed. I followed it with my eyes for a bit and to be honest wasn't sure what I was seeing. It reminded. Me of d speed associated with s firework but I am sure it wasn't one. STill have a chill about me from sEeing it

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