Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UFO over San Francisco 16th Feb 2013

UFO over San Francisco 16th Feb 2013 - Best viewed in full screen:

Filmers comments: I had just arrived home from work. It was about 7:40 PST. I noticed the first light in my bedroom window. it was basketball sized at this point. I assumed that it was a helicopter or perhaps it was a fireball from the recent meteor activity. So I grabbed my iPhone and ran up to the roof of my apartment and began filming. At the start, you can see the first light heading west. Its below the star seen at the center of the frame. By the time I grabbed my phone and headed up to the roof, it was almost gone. Initially, this baby was HUGE. I was bummed that I didnt get video of its initial appearance. Just as I was about to head back indoors, the second light appeared from the north. You can clearly see that this thing doesnt zip through the sky like your typical space debris. It moves slowly. Oh and by the way, it also appears to stop, change direction and follow the first light that is continuing west.
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Anonymous said...

I have been seeing all week. Have pictures of same things. Exactly!. I live in Iowa.

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