Friday, September 28, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Possible ufo prediction ?

Brian from has posted an interesting dream prediction, I have been following his site for over 1 1/2 yrs now and over time many of his dreams have actually come true eg, the landfall of huricane katrina and the london bombings ,- and you can check to see they are not backdated so who knows about this one?:

"930 6000 O'Hare, military cover-up is exposed, Mexico lights, they know, watch 'sunshine"...I believe this is related to DD5986 and a few others...I woke up shaking and scared...the only dreams that usually make me act like this are UFO/Alien dreams. It's possible, something is going to happen at O'Hare Airport and is somehow connected to lights in the sky in Mexico. I also believe the US military already knows what's going to happen...I'm not a big believer the military UFO cover-up plots, but I have had many dreams in the past related to such issues.

"6, 6, 6, 322 X white house makes announcement to change world 6000, red white an blue" "Mexico - the world is about to change -- we are back"

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