Monday, December 31, 2012

Ancient Aliens - The Cover Up

A new article for the holidays while you kick back and relax  - Aliens and Cover Ups
 Why do some people believe that the government keeps reports of UFO encounters under wraps, and what might these cover-ups reveal about our ancient past? For those of you who like the Rendlesham UFO incident, they touch on the dubious case of the hand on the craft and the coded message said to be seen by Jim Penniston.

Alien Secrets & The Pyramids

Ancient Aliens Secrets of the Pyramids:
For thousands of years, pyramids were the largest structures on Earth. The best known were constructed in Egypt and Central America, but others have been found all around the world, including in China, Africa and Indonesia. But what purpose did the pyramids serve? Researchers explore strange similarities between all pyramids, as well as the geographic, strategic and otherworldly connections between these mysterious monumental structures.

Europe's Untold UFO Stories

Holiday reading -  Europes Untold Stories: A pilot reports a hovering object 10,000 metres above Paris, while a headmaster in Portugal glimpses a strange disc ,and a driver sees an intense light...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

UFOs Fly Past The Dark Side Of The Moon?

Now here's a strange UFO video...
In this video it appears that 3 UFOs are flying across the Dark Side (side not exposed to the sun) of the moon.
Does this footage look real to you? If we discount camera reflection & objects in the foreground, then what is it? Remember the interesting dark side of the moon posts from 2008!?

Filmers comments:
“I had to add light to the above screenshots for you to better see the three orbs. These UFOs change positions and look circular in shape, but know this is the view from looking down at them from above them. Many UFOs have been caught along the moon's corona and only a very few have been recorded flying over the lighted side of the moon, but it is very rare to see them on the dark side of the moon. These are not stars and to prove it I drew the line where the moon is for you to see it more easily. A really rare catch of a small fleet of UFOs, but mind you they are large, probably several km across for them to be so visible on the telescope,” writes Scott C. Waring

UFOs Or Lanterns? Crivitz, Wisconsin 23/12/2012

Did anyone else see this? Could they simply be Lanterns ? Warning: strong language.
Posters comments:
Warning: Several F-Bombs dropped due to total freak out. Formation of unidentified bright orange orbs flying over the Crivitz, WI area on 12/23/2012 @ 7:03 p.m. Thought maybe the Mayan calender was a few days off! Two rows of lights that numbered 25-35 total. Watched them come from a distance, fly overhead, and disappear heading Southeast. Was a very quiet night and they did not make a sound. Blinking was caused by the camera. Lights were not blinking to the naked eye.

Bizarre Moving Lights - Laredo, Texas USA

UFO lights over  Laredo Texas?

Airline Passenger Witnesses UFO! Chicago: 19/12/2012

Strange UFO sighted and filmed from within a plane,  en route from La Guardia Airport in New York to Houston, Texas. The object appeared when the plane was in the Chicago, Illinois area. If anyone has suggestions on what the object may be, please respond to this post. UFO watcher note: Always keep your cameras ready when you fly. Choose a window seat and look out of the window - even if its dark!

FYI yes we are back, and ready to keep posting as we progress into the new year of 2013!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

RealUFOs Wishes You An 'Out Of This World' Christmas!

Hi all!

We want to wish each and every reader and follower of  RealUFOs an amazing Christmas!
For over 6 years now, you, our loyal readers have submitted countless videos, UFO news, and given valuable comments and feedback on the UFO videos that come in daily.

We appreciate your input - it's what keeps RealUFOs number one!

On behalf of the RealUFOs team, have a safe and Merry Christmas.
And most importantly - keep your eyes to the skies!


Monday, December 24, 2012

UFO Stalks Airplane! Hong Kong to Kunming City?

Our team would like everyone's opinion on this footage below - is the photo real or fake? I'm undecided myself and very interested in your feedback. Please comment:
An unnamed passenger has passed on a photograph of what appears to be a UFO stalking a plane. The picture is taken from the window of a commercial passenger jet. The disc-shaped object was captured on a flight from Hong Kong to southwest China's Kunming City last week. A friend of the anonymous passenger, Larry Siu, says the picture was passed on to him and was taken by a friend, who he refused to name. No details of the exact day or which flight the passengers were on has come to light, yet...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lenticular Cloud Or UFO? Ankara,Turkey: 14/12/2012

Lenticular Clouds are stationary, lens-shaped clouds.This recent sighting of such a cloud over Ankara, Turkey on the 14th December, sparked much debate as to whether it was a "mothership" UFO. I'm merely posting this video for your discussion and feedback on the video:

The orange-colored cloud-like object was hovering in the sky. On the day the footage was recorded, there were no clouds in the sky and it was crystal clear throughout the day. The cloud-like object did not disappear as expected; it was there and steady for a very long time. Because of the night fall it just became gradually invisible after 30 minutes. There was not enough light to see it. To make sure that is was not a reflection from a lamp, I turned off all of the indoor lights. The phenomena was visible from all windows. The object was nearly 2 miles away from me. . There were multiple local people who witnessed the incident like I did.

New Ancient Aliens: Secrets Of The Pyramids

New - Ancient Aliens Secrets of the Pyramids For thousands of years, pyramids were the largest structures on Earth. The best known were constructed in Egypt and Central America, but others have been found all around the world, including in China, Africa and Indonesia. But what purpose did the pyramids serve? Researchers explore strange similarities between all pyramids, as well as the geographic, strategic and otherworldly connections between these mysterious monumental structures.
Now that the Mayan 'doomsday' has passed, it looks like the History and National Geograhic Channels  have to look elsewhere for content!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

NASA Cuts The Live Feed! UFO's?

UFO at the  ISS (International Space station). NASA cuts the live feed during the transmission, for apparently no known reason on 16 Dec 2012: Allegedly a cylindrical object is seen just before the cut of the feed:
Seemingly, after the object is no longer present, the feed was activated again. The time span was five minutes.
 A highly interesting comment on this one: 
The camera was attached to the Z1 Truss Segment, facing Destiny Laboratory Module, with the recently attached Leonardo Permanent Multipurpose Module positioned on the right side of the screen. According to station's log from 16 Dec 2012, "Oleg Novitskiy activated the Russian payload TEKh-39 LCS in the Service Module", but there were no tasks for the crew on the american side of the station, which is in the scope of this camera. This is definitely an UFO.

UFO The Statue Of Liberty, New York: 21/12/2012

New UFO video sent in by a reader. Location - New York, 21 December 2012:

We have received numerous emails in from New York.
Similar report:
New York City - 11-24-12 At 5:00 am I was looking through the 2nd floor family room window of my residence admiring the clear blue early morning sky with a few white clouds and the fully lighted Empire State Building at a distance. I was getting ready for the daily working routines, when all of a sudden I noticed what appeared to be a big circular/round "plate" formation of bright colored lights cruising the sky. It was coming from the New York City direction, from my left to the right, passing at eye level towards the area where I was. The lights were not speeding nor where they moving slowly, mainly the peculiar sight was traveling on what appeared to be a constant straight path motion. There were stars above it. This was not a star. I have observed airplanes go by from a nearby airport. This was not an airplane. There were beam lights around the city in support of Sandy’s victims. These were not beam lights. I witnessed the most beautiful and unusual lights I have ever seen "adorning" our early morning skies. The size is unknown to me, but from my perspective it seems they were as big as my garage door, at a distance. No noticeable edge indicative of "a circular unknown flying machine" was observed. There was no outward reflection or beam light coming out. There were no pulsating lights, either. There was no clockwise movement to the left or right. It was a "plate" full of colored lights-red, yellow, and orange that came to a mind-flashing constantly without moving around. It happened fast, not lasting more than a minute. There was no time for me to call upon my sleeping children; no time to get my cell and take a picture.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Ret. Air Force General: UFO's & Nuclear Holocaust

UFOs and nuclear weapons - most assume this sensitive topic is the real reason behind the US governments UFO cover-up. This interesting feature on Russia Today,  looks at statements from retired US Air Force generals, who say UFOs will stop a nuclear holocaust. They also believe UFO's have been monitoring nuclear installations since 1947:

Texas Family Threatened - UFO Activity: 19/12/2012

A UFO case from Midland, Texas.
Midland, TX - This video was submitted with MUFON Case #44608 on December 19, 2012. The witness states in the short description....."been going on solid two weeks getting a worse feeling"

UFO OVNI Lights Up Cordillera, Chile

Three red lights recorded moving in the sky over the coast, towards Cordillera, Chile in triangleformation:

UFO Lights, East Vancouver: 8/12/2012

Strange triangle like UFO, sighting over East Vancouver on December the 8th

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Interesting UFO Footage Rendlesham, Forest UK: 12/24/2000

Many are calling this a highly important piece of footage filmed by shot by ex-Policeman John Hanson, over Rendlesham Forest. It supports the famous 1980 case of a UFO sighting and landing over the nearby Bentwaters Base. It's possible that at the time, the base had top secret nuclear involvement - an important factor in UFO visitations.

Huge Hovering Light - Manhattan Beach, California

We are seeking further information on this strange UFO sighting filmed over Manhattan Beach, California. If anyone actually saw this or knows more please reply to this post.

Germany - UFO Video Filmed :18/12/2012

This footage looks strangely familiar  - I'm assuming this is new video, and the poster also insists, the UFO video was filmed over Germany on 18th December 2012

Fast Flashing UFO lights over Santiago Chile 18th December OVNIs

Received so many emails about this one - While its likely yet another military exercise the flashing lights seen over Santiago Chile on the 18th seemed to flash exceptionally fast local and caused panic amoungst local residents.
Why the military do an exercise like this over such a heavily populated area?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fascinating! Alien Like Skulls Found - Cusco, Peru!

These interesting 'alien like' skulls, were found in the Cusco museum in Peru.
These skulls look similar to the Star Child skull which we have featured before.
It was known that adult human skulls could be elongated through ritual head lengthening, however what makes these skulls interesting if they are real (and not tampered with), is that they are meant to be child skulls, which would be much difficult to achieve at  such a young age. According to the poster "This (skull) one is at the center of present DNA testing, as is one other. Some results are expected perhaps in January 2013".Would like to know your thoughts on these strange skulls - alien hybrid or not?

2 more interesting videos
Elongated Skulls Of Cusco Peru: Filming Out Of Bounds 
 2 American Doctors Inspect Presumed Alien Skeleton

Update - Alaskan Pyramid Power Generator: Coast to Coast AM

This interview is really worth listening to. Linda Moulton Howe from Earthfiles , gives us an update on the Alaskan Pyramid Power Generator:
Fast forward into this video 59 minutes - 0.59 - to listen:

News from Earthfiles on the highly interesting  Alaskan Pyramid:
This is as super secret a situation as the Manhattan Project was. Nobody is supposed to know this place even exists. ...This thing is some kind of power generator and it’s thousands of years old, it’s made out of stone like a pyramid. They don’t know where it came from, who made it or how it works. But it can generate enough power to power the whole North Slope, all of Alaska, and probably the whole country of Canada!” - USAF Huey pilot to Bruce Pearson's father

New UFO Video - Baton Rouge, USA.

New UFO video in from Baton Rouge, USA. There is no date, but we assume this video is from the UFO flap in the region which happened in 2011

UFO Orbs At Play - Gilbert, Arizona: 8/12/2012

Strange hovering orbs in Gilbert, AZ. We'd love to know your opinion on these and if you suspect they may be Chinese lanterns...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Low Flying Meteor - Santiago Chile OVNI UFO

This video just in, and likely a very low flying meteor filmed over Santiago, Chile:

Mystery UFO Light Ball Over Gold Coast, Australia.

UFO light ball over Gold Coast Australia ...did anyone else on the Gold Coast see this?

The man who took the video comments throughout, and says that he first thought he was seeing the moon, until he got a better look. The object appears to be a large white orb-shaped object with a heavy mist around it.

Triangle UFO Above Mountain?

This strange triangle UFO was seen over a mountain. No date / location or further details.
If anyone can translate this video it would be appreciated.
Posters comments: Three red balls in the sky over the coast to mountains

Monday, December 17, 2012

Video - UFO Hit By Lightning? Orlando, Florida USA: 08/08/2012

You must view this video in full screen.  At 0.16 seconds into the video - you see a bizarre double lightening strike, followed by a fast moving horizontal object flying away. Look closely....Orlando Florida Lightning August 012

Meteor Confirmed - Not UFO: Ordu, Turkey

Just to confirm the news reports - it was a meteor, not a UFO,  that fell into the Black Sea region city near Ordu, Turkey:
 A security cam recorded the impact of the Meteorite . The sky brightened up along with a Sonic Boom as a slight tremor also occurred shaking the ground. Some Residents panicked. The region where the camera is; is about 5 kilometers away from the actual event came to an end on the Black Sea. During the incident, which occurred around 22:00 hours on the 11th Dec 2012, a man working as a security guard, Hakan Cesur, said that he felt a little jolt out of the face of the sky at the time. "It was a ball of fire coming down from heaven into the sea, I was just staring at the TV to see if there was anything going on in Turkey, he said." source

Real UFOs Site Update:

Hi there!
Hope you've all had a stellar weekend!
It seems that as every week passes, our readership increases here at RealUFOs at an exponential rate.
It's great that since this blog started over 5 years ago in 2006, the UFO subject has now gained mainstream attention though the medium of the internet. Of course, disinformation on the topic is still active and the internet is being flooded with fake videos, information and detractors.
We are committed to our mission of providing the most genuine videos and content and have replaced our old post rating system, with the new star rating page which offers more detail.
We are aware that our pull down site heading menus aren't working. but this will be available again soon.

As we come to the end of 2012, I want to personally thank all of our loyal readers and contributors over the years from across the world - you keep RealUFOs number one!
Remember 'Submit' your UFO news and reports using our submit tab above.

Keep your eyes to the skies!


Military On Alert - UFOs In Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Air Force states that it is keeping a twenty four hour watch on the unidentified lights, that were witnessed in skies over several parts of the country in the past month:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Appearing UFO Lights Over Lake.

Assuming this video was taken from Lake Erie :
Poster is adamant these were not flares.

UFO News Report, Lubbock, Texas.

An older news report about UFO sightings over Lubbock, Texas.
The town has been a UFO hot-spot for about a decade.

Another UFO Report On The News?

No further information on this one - the poster advises this footage was removed from media circulation because of its content?
If anyone has further information on this video please advise.

Missile Or UFO? Cape Town, South Africa

Hundreds in Cape Town ,South Africa saw this incredible bright moving light in the clouds.
Some assume the timing links in with the North Korean missile launch, while others say it was the Orbital Test Vehicle (below)
Appreciate your comments and if you live in Cape town please reply with your eyewitness report;
Posters comments
Video footage now added of the bright flash and a rapidly moving cloud that was seen from most of the Western Cape around 20:40 (SAST) on 11 December 2012. Lots of people saw it, some thinking it to be a UFO or the doomsday object due to destroy the Earth on 21 December! But patiently waiting at his home, satellite hunter Greg Roberts were waiting for this, the third flight of OTV (Orbital Test Vehicle). And was he surprised to such a spectacular show when both the 2nd stage Centaur rocket and OTV-3 made retro-burns above the Cape Town skies. 

Eyewitness News - UFO Reported In Bakersfield, California: 11/12/ 2012 -

Eyewitness News - UFO reported in Bakersfield, California December 11, 2012.
I must say, the Mayan doomsday reference was not really appropriate for this news cast:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Strange Lights Above Meadows Airport, California

UFO lights over Northwest Bakersfield above Meadows Airport.

UFO Makes The News! San Francisco: 8/12/2012

Did you see the UFO lights over San Francisco, on the 8th of December? Well many in the area did, and the media has caught wind of this story, since the posting of that interesting December 8th  footage on Youtube:

“Looked like flame, you know, fireballs in the sky,” Barrios said in an interview with CBS 5. David Shelley took pictures as the lights hovered over him early Sunday Morning. “Kind of looked like a fiery, floaty thing,” he said. Witnesses said the lights flickered on and off, then took different shapes. “So in the beginning they looked like flying candles, and then afterwards they started making formations, triangular formations,” said Barrios. Source

Huge Flashing Fireball Caught On Video.

Please let me know if this is an old post, but I dont think we have covered this report.
A bright flash was caught from an in-car camera - can anyone provide a translation of this?

UFO Lights - Victoria, British Columbia: 08/08/2012

Posters comments:
Six unidentified flying objects moving in formation over the Ministry of Finance building in Victoria on the 8th of August 2010 at 23:38 PST. Note the two central craft moving upper right to lower left of

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lights? Lanterns? Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico: 01/12/2012

A major sighting occurred in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico on December 1, 2012. This story even made the local news reports!
Many witnesses feel these lights weren't Chinese lanterns. We'll leave this to you to decide...
Our team would appreciate a translation of this video?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lights On San Francisco: 8/12/2012

Were they simply chinese lanterns or something else filmed over San Francisco December 8th 2012?

Crop Circles - Carl Sagan's Letter To U.K.'s MoD

Carl Sagan, a famous American astronomer and TV personality was long known for his skeptic stance towards UFOs in the public eye but over the years it has come out his personal beliefs on the topic were possibly quite the contrary.

 A few years ago, we covered a revealing post where Dr. Allen J. Hynek (from project Bluebook) apparently confided his revelations about Dr Sagan to his former associate Paolo Harris -   "I know UFOs are real, but I would not risk my research (College) funding, as you do, to talk openly about them in public.’

Linda Moulton Howe, investigative researcher from has uncovered a quote From March 6, 1996, letter by astronomer Carl Sagan to U. K. Ministry of Defence, in which he allegedly quotes that:

"evidence has been uncovered showing some farmers have been paid considerable sums of money to destroy the real crop circles when they appear, and groups encouraged to then make hoaxed replicas.”  

Coming from such a well respected man in the scientific community this is indeed a revealing revelation.

However it is not a shock to many, with the grandfather of crop circle research, Colin Andrews often explaining that crop circles were under deep surveillance from the 1980's and onwards with extensive CIA and UK military involvement in an active disinformation campaign to deter public attention and discredit researchers of the topic.

The UFO & The Noise - Warwick, Rhode Island: 3/12/2012

This occurred on December the 3rd. A strange, long 'hum' was heard by hundreds of residents in Warwick Rhode island apparently just after a strange UFO like object was seen in the sky.
If you heard it we want to know more - please reply to this post.
On Monday, December 3, 2012, first near 6:15 PM Eastern in Warwick, Rhode Island, an eyewitness saw a “dark sky blue circle with a black dot at the middle” suddenly appear near the horizon facing east toward Conimicut Point on the Providence River. 
Then there was a loud explosion, a rumbling, and a flash of light, is what residents in Warwick and Barrington repeatedly described to officers as calls flooded the police station last night. Denise Burrows described what happened," We heard a huge boom, just assumed it was an explosion in the local area, and then realized it was a little further away after hearing some of the reports and came out to see what it was." "It sounded like a really loud motorcycle," said Lauren Burrows. Crews searched the area through the night. The Coast Guard scanning the waters. Police say it appears the noise came from the Bay near Conimicut Point. The search has since been called off for now. Source
Read more at Earthfiles

UFO Lights On Omak, Washington: 7/12/2012

For some strange reason once uploaded to Youtube, this UFO video lost the quality needed to see the second orb below the bright one which made it impressive.
The best you can do is view in HD 1080dpi in fullscreen and you might be able to see it.
Please note anyone in the nearby Omak area, please reply to this post if you have also seen strange lights like these recently.

Mufon Eyewitness comment:
 It was dark outside. I observed what appeared to be a jet flying from the south to the northeast. it went in a straight line slowly but then it stopped and hovered close to 20 miles or so south of my location. it then moved in an arching pattern from the southeast sky to the northwest sky. it came to hover over Omak downtown. it hovered there from around 10pm until 1am. I did not see it depart 
I called my nephew outside and he was terribly startled and ran back into the house. he also told me to come inside. I then asked him to get a camera/video equipment and take photos. we did capture the object in several pictures and some video.

3D Triangle UFO Ovni - Bugarach, France: 8/12/2012

A rather strange UFO video here...not sure what to make of it?
Any comments people very much appreciated. It's strange how the 3D triangle like shape rotates and changes
Filmed Hovering over Bugarach in France December the 8th.

Bright Hovering UFO - Texas, USA: 5/12/2012

UFO video sent in by a reader:

.This morning at 5 am i went outside to look for the freaks that come out at night instead i saw 3 very large star-like objects in the sky one west another north and south .they where big bright and 2 of them was coming down and the other one was going straight video clips of them recorded till light out side.sorry alot of shakiness trying to show u all 3 of them.enjoy and be safe.

Monday, December 10, 2012

UFO Lights On Chigwell UK: 7/12/2012

Filmers comments: 22:50 when my dad tells me that something was going on outside, I take my camera and my impression was great to see those lights as they flew and they were so close together and formed something scared me enough and started recording, moves the pile and more keep coming. As extra information in Concepción two large blue lights and lightning were also seen in the sky????

Meteors Take A Shower In Texas - Or UFO?: 07/12/2012

A recent bright flash seen across the sky in Texas has raised UFO reported across the area.
See on December 7, 2012, some assume this was the Geminids meteor shower, however, others aren't so sure. If you saw these lights please reply to this post:

Eyewitnesses from Dallas to Houston, as far west as Austin and as far east as Louisiana described the light, which occurred sometime before 7 a.m., alternately as "a burst of green" or "a bright blue flash followed by a tail of smoke" that "looked similar to lightning flash" and even sounded to some like a "sonic boom." It's most likely an object from the Geminids meteor shower, speculated a meteorologist for KHOU. It's most likely an object from the Geminids meteor shower, a meteorologist speculated for KHOU.
Read more source

Sunday, December 09, 2012

UFOs In Europe - Government Investigates

Nat Geo's "Untold Stories  -UFOs in Europe". A great new documentary for this weekend..
An interesting overview of European Governments' investigations into UFOs over the past few decades:

UFO Pics Just In: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire: 3/12/2012

Interesting UFO photos sent in from a reader in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire on December 3rd.
I had to crop the original image (here) to fit it on the site. There are houses in the foreground and top left in the sky, is a UFO - possibly in triangle formation?
We'd love to hear as a reply from others in Yorkshire, if anyone else saw these lights:
Eyewitness comments:
Bright lights in the sky 2 bright white one slightly off colour, there was four at one point 3 bright one dull. stationary in the sky, didnt move. they were South from denby dale, got some SLR shots and some RAW files, no tripod though decent shots though. they were taken with a telephoto lense. went down stairs to put the camera back, after about 5 mins of looking at them in the same position then they vanished as i was away from the window. looks similar to the video recording over the hawai video you have on the site. dont know what it was but i thought i would share.

Multiple UFOs Sighted! Grand Blanc, Michigan: 4/12/2012

Calling all folks from Michigan.
UFOs reported by many over Grand Blanc area on the 4th December.
If you saw any strange lights like these below please reply to this post with your eyewitness account. It seems many in the area saw the lights and called the police to report them.

News report:
GRAND BLANC TWP., MI -- Jeff Holko doesn't know exactly what he captured on video Tuesday, but the 23-year-old township man is open to suggestions for something he can't otherwise explain. 
"I'm not saying it's aliens from another planet," said Holko, who grabbed his cellular phone and started recording the sky above Heatherwood Apartments on Grand Blanc Road after spotting a bright, flickering object hovering about 500 feet off the ground. Genesee County has been flooded with reports of unidentified flying objects since The Flint Journal reported on the claim of Denzel Washington, a 19-year-old, who reported seeing some type of craft in the sky above Rave theaters in Flint Township on Nov. 11.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Now That's Weird! Low Flying UFO, Longview Texas: 12/4/12

This strange low flying UFO with parallel lights was filmed over Longview Texas 12/4/12

Filmers comments: I watch the sky all the time due to the high rate of UFO activity. So I saw this on my nightly watch and finally got it on tape it being low enough. The sound is removed because of my cousins request not to be in it. future videos will contain sound.

UFOs Filmed On Multiple Nights - Wisconsin

Two different videos of the bright UFO seen over Wisconsin, this past month. If you have seen these UFO lights in the area, please reply to this post. 27th November

and the 5th of December:

UFOs Above Sunway Mentari, Kuala Lumpur: July 2012

Yes, this is an older video, but we seemed to have missed posting it for discussion purposes. Filmed in July over Sunway Mentari in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July 2012. What has since been identified as possible remote controlled LED plane, still puzzles many people. If anyone has any concluding comments on this footage, it would be very much appreciated.

Filmers comments :We had our dinner near Sunway Mentari hotel and we saw some flying objects that speculated by public few weeks ago that that is actually a UFO from outerspace. We can't explain what it is. Person in Video: Nantha, Danny and John. Cameraperson: John.

Massive UFO Ovni Type Cloud - Santiago Chile:30/11/2012

This was recently sent in by a reader. Not sure what on earth it is? meant to be from Santiago Chile on November 30th news broadcast but i can't confirm this. Please comment folks on what you think this is!
If anyone can translate the newscast it would be great - is it simply lense flare, a strange cloud or a UFO?

UFO Lights Up Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn NY: 3/12/2012

Another orb triangle appearance occurred in Brooklyn, New York on the night of December 3, 2012.
If you live in Brooklyn and saw these lights, or if you have more information please reply to this post.

poster:This seems totally crazy but we saw strange lights over Brooklyn again tonight. This time over the corner of Vanderbilt and Dean. There were three orbs glowing like fire and again flying in formation. Each of the three finally stopped at the same point in the sky, hovered, and then disappeared. They made no noise, however, several people in the street did notice and stopped to watch. If anyone else saw this or has any idea what it is please respond. (Please note - we are referring to the three glowing, slow moving orbs that are visible, the fast moving object at the beginning of the recording is glare from the streetlight.)

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Your UFO Sightings:

Your personal UFO sightings:

Please note this is a post is in progress as we go through all the emails over the last month ...
If you would like to add your UFO report click "SUBMIT" above.

November 28, 2012 @ 10:15pm, Bowling Green Ky USA
Large stationary orange defined lights (approximately 25) in a linear pattern. Stayed stationary for 10 minutes, then 1 by 1 the lights dimmed out. When 1 light remained, the object began moving away from me at a very slow speed. No sounds associated to report. This event took place over the campus of Western Ky University.

Flint Township Michigan 18th November
I was at work, outside. My coworkers and myself noticed a cirle of hawks above our heads. We were looking at them, the air was still; no noise whatsoever. The object entered our view roughly a mile in elevation. It sharply changed vector and took off toward the sky at approx. 3500-4000 miles-per-hour. It was boomerang shaped with sharp edges and had a blur surrounding it; as if it was disturbing the air around it. Estimated 600-700 feet across and travelling at impossible speeds. I drew a picture of it. Will be monitoring for future sightings.' (Pic Originally sent to Mufon)

November 2012 USA
I am not sure what this was and I may never know but I can tell you it didn't make any noise it was very big and just sat still in the air about 1,200 to 1,500 feet over my truck the other night. I pulled over and got out and took this picture. After I snapped the photo that darn thing was gone just boom gone. Never saw it again. 

28th october 2012  Las Cruces, New Mexico
Heading towards El PThe blue orb in the picture is the moon but if you watch closely, you can see a series of one or two "floating" yellow lights that we cant explain. In person those lights were bigger and more pronounced but my phone makes them seem much further away. Tell us what you think in the commentsaso TX

 Eastern Kentucky ( 10 years ago)
I just finished watching a show on the History Channel about UFO's.David Sereda was discussing an incident that involved the shuttle mission on Oct.1 1995. I'd like to report a similar sighting I witnessed from my home in Eastern Kentucky approximately 10 years ago. It was around midnight when I go outside to smoke. I'm constantly looking towards the night the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of falling stars. It was very clear on this particular night when I noticed 3 objects approaching from the East at a very high rate of speed. The one in the lead took a sudden turn to the north, the other 2 made a loop towards the south and then headed back north following the same path as the first one. Before catching up with the first they made a very Quick U-turn and headed back to the south. At this point a 4th object came from the East. When it came overhead the one that was in the north made a turn and came in behind and the other 2 that where heading south made a quick turn and joined up with them. when all 4 objects where close together they made a quick turn to the southwest and very quickly disappeared. This all happened in just a very few seconds, it was very quick and it caught me by surprise. I've spent 8 years in the Military and have never seen any type of aircraft make these sudden moves or move this fast, It looked to be at a very high altitude, no sounds could they appeared as big bright white lights, no shape could be seen or any other type of descriptions, kind of resembled a shooting star but making quick and abrupt movements. I continue to watch hoping to maybe get another glimpse but have seen nothing else yet. I've only told a few other people this story and when i saw your report on the shuttle mission i decided to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Dr Steven Greer - Sirus Movie Updates

Controversial speaker Dr Steven Greer, talks about the developments on his upcoming movie Sirus.
Of most interesting points and draw card of the movie, is the strange alien foetus - some assume the small alien creature is all movie hype, but Dr Greer insists the creature has been medically studied.

The goal of this film is to introduce as many people to this subject as possible - worldwide. We want to draw them in, help them see the validity of it and how it affects them directly. Then they can delve further via the wealth of credible information that has been gathered by The Orion Project, The Disclosure Project and CSETI. We are very excited and want to share with you in more detail some of the archives that have been offered to us to use. As you can imagine only a fraction of the material can be used in a 2 hour documentary of this scope. 
For the next few weeks we will discuss the materials we have from Paola Harris, Dr. Ted Loder and Dr. Lynne Kitei. Paola Harris (Italy/Europe/Vatican) is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research. She is also a widely published free-lance writer, especially in Europe. She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field. From 1980-1986 she assisted Dr. J. Allen Hynek with his UFO investigations.
Read more

Glowing UFO Lights, Louisiana: 03/12/2012

Sent in by a reader,  this deer hunter filmed a flashing UFO light over Louisiana, on December 3 2012. 

UFOs Or Military? Pennsylvania: 29/11/2012

These strange bright lights, filmed over Pennsylvania are unusual indeed. If anyone can explain them away, please do so as a reply to this post. Filmed on November 29, 2012

Bizarre Red UFO Orb - Moreno Valley, California: 29/11/2012

Strange red UFO Orb, over Moreno Valley, California 29th November 2012
Mufon report: I was walking from my shop in the backyard to my house I looked up in the night sky to look at stars like I always do and saw this bright red/orange circle. I yelled for my wife to come outside and I used my phone to record it. After a minute the light disappeared. It appeared to be going toward outerspace in the southwest night sky. It looked like maybe the fire you would see from a rocket or missile but I checked every web site I could and the only missile that day was in south korea which i wouldnt see from my house. Im just curious if something was launched I live by March Air Reserve Base but I would've heard a missile lift off. The beginning of the video is moving alot because I was trying to zoom in once I did the video is better viewable.

Caught Again! UFO Craft In Hilo Hawaii Skies: 03/12/2012.

Apparently taken from a third camera, this video shows the UFO craft filmed again over Hilo Hawaii on the 3rd December 2012. This footage shows us a different vantage point:
Note: If you live in the area and were at witness to this sighting please reply to this post. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Orb Lights In Princeton, Indiana: 26/11/2012

Unusual lights seen in Princeton, Indiana on the night of November 26, 2012:
Note: if you witnessed these lights, we would like to hear from you as a reply to this post.

Strange lights appeared in the sky this weekend and more and more Tri-Staters are asking- what were they? Kimlee McCraw sent in a picture to 14 News. This is what she says she saw outside of her Princeton, Indiana home Thanksgiving night. McCraw says she's a skeptic of UFO's, but says she definitely saw something right out of a movie. She grabbed her camera and got them on tape. "So, these are like the first ones I took," McCraw said. McCraw is eager to show anyone the pictures she took Thanksgiving night in hopes someone could explain just what she saw in the sky over her home in Princeton. "They just stayed in that four, all of them, and they moved across the sky," McCraw said. The objects immediately caught McCraw's attention while her family was outside Thanksgiving night. She even pointed them out to a neighbor who stopped by. "And I was like, 'what is that?' And she kind of turned and came back and said, 'that's an airplane.' I said, 'that is not an airplane,'" McCraw recounted. McCraw says it was just before 7:00 p.m. when she started seeing the objects rise from the horizon. She says they didn't make a sound. All glowed and changed colors, all were about the same size, and all appeared to just to float up in the air.
Read more source

Bright Flash Over, Argentina: 30/11/2012

A bright flash was seen over Argentina

Filmers comments:
Friday 30,11,2012 with "UFO Activity They record the abnormal activity of severe abnormalities in Havana Heaven towards 21:18 m at the height of the area Celeste, North "and North West" in the capital of Argentina where the flashes were observed anomalous large magntitud for several minutes, there was also there, minutes before an orbital Lenticular trasa with plotting sheet This "(which generated Confucianism), but later identified as a satellite HST" comfirmado, no visible steps in this evening ISS. Monitoring was continued, pending three starts Flares "Iridium" Comfirmado "If they were" three "(recorded) Mysteriously three minutes after the last pass" Iridium 75 "at 22h51m, was recorded in the same area a Lenticular fourth start "facing a flight on the Horizon" North West ", the fourth start'' could not be identified, however all list checked Above Heaven. TRV HI8 Frames Ware Fire x port. To see star map and original digital paintings, enter Glaucoart report.

A UFO Surprise In Surprise, Arizona: 30/11/2012

Filmers comments:
11/30/12 Approx 8:15pm taken from my Galaxy Nexus near Surprise,AZ. While driving, noticed the lights and pulled over. Watch and decide for yourself!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Triangular UFO Over Knoxville,Tennessee: 28/11/2012

New UFO report just in from Knoxville, Tennessee.
Note: o see the UFOs, please view the video in full screen HD
Mufon Eyewitness report:
Around 6pm on November 24, 2012 while driving south on Mabry Hood Rd in Knoxville near the intersection of Kingston Pike and Pellissippi Pkwy I saw approximately five orange lights in the sky in triangle formation. Four lights were in a line and one light that made the point of the triangle. These lights appeared to be hovering at a low altitude. There did not appear to be any mass between the lights. I pulled over at the Chilis parking lot to take a video with my iPod Touch, but I lost sight of the lights. Then I saw one of the lights again to the east, and then eventually two more which made another triangle. Two of the lights gradually disappeared, but the last one remained and appeared to glow more brightly. I did see other planes in the distance in the same direction as the lights, but those were obviously planes because they were moving at a constant rate and had blinking lights. I thought that the planes may have been dropping some sort of flares, or these were flares on balloons. I stopped my recording because the light was just stationary, but when I looked for the light again after it was gone.

Cape Coral, The UFO Wave Beginning: 10/11/2012

The wave of UFO sightings over Florida this month, began November 10th when several people in Cape Coral reported seeing a fast hovering object and beams of light.
The RealUFOs team would like to hear from any Florida resident who may have seen a UFO recently...if you have, please reply to this post with the date and description of your sighting.

UFOs Continue to Appear in Florida November 27, 2012

UFOs continue to appear in Southwest Florida. Bright orbs of light, often in triangle formation, have appeared on several occasions in Cape Coral and Fort Meyers during the month of November 2012.
Note: If you live in Florida and have seen these UFO lights please reply to this post with your eyewitness description.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bright UFO Image - Fort Worth, Texas: Nov 2012

This interesting bright UFO image, was filmed over Fort Worth, Texas in November 2012

Alien Scientist Guy Discusses Time Travel.

I love the AlienScientist guy, in this feature he talks about the possiblities of time travel.

Close Up: Red Orb Footage Over Butterwick, Boston

Sent in a by a reader filmed over Butterwick in Boston. The red orb has been zoomed in:

I was watching strange orange and white lights over our local
church in Butterwick,Boston,for 20 mins and wet to get my camera.When I went back outside the lights had gone but I saw this ufo over the field and managed to capture it before it flew out of site.

Strange Lights - Princeton, Indiana: 26/11/2012

A new UFO news report about a Triangle UFO seen over Princeton, Indiana on November 26, 2012.
RealUFOs is calling on any eyewitnesses or people with further footage of this sighting, to reply to this post.

News report:
Strange lights appeared in the sky this weekend and more and more Tri-Staters are asking- what were they? Kimlee McCraw sent in a picture to 14 News. 
This is what she says she saw outside of her Princeton, Indiana home Thanksgiving night. McCraw says she's a skeptic of UFO's, but says she definitely saw something right out of a movie. She grabbed her camera and got them on tape. "So, these are like the first ones I took," McCraw said. McCraw is eager to show anyone the pictures she took Thanksgiving night in hopes someone could explain just what she saw in the sky over her home in Princeton. "They just stayed in that four, all of them, and they moved across the sky," McCraw said. 
 The objects immediately caught McCraw's attention while her family was outside Thanksgiving night. She even pointed them out to a neighbor who stopped by. "And I was like, 'what is that?' And she kind of turned and came back and said, 'that's an airplane.' I said, 'that is not an airplane,'" McCraw recounted. McCraw says it was just before 7:00 p.m. when she started seeing the objects rise from the horizon. She says they didn't make a sound. All glowed and changed colors, all were about the same size, and all appeared to just to float up in the air. "And they all took the same path and then sometimes there would be two, sometimes four." In all, she says she and her family saw 20 or 30 of them in a period of 10 minutes. 
 They weren't the only ones to see strange objects in the sky recently. Some in Henderson, and even Illinois, posted on social media sites, that they saw objects, too.
Source read more

Bizarre UFO Fireball! Gold Coast, Australia: 10/10/2012

New UFO video just in! From the Gold Coast in Australia,  we're really interested to know what readers think this object may be?

Posters comments: 
10/10/12 5.50 pm. I went out side to have a look at a new shade sail that was put up that day and noticed a fire trail in the sky above my house. I grabbed my camera and filmed it thinking it was probably a jet or meteorite. It changed direction a couple of times and went back up out of site, so a jet was the obvious. After a closer look at the footage i noticed it was something else. The object also appeared again on 13/11/12 at 6.15 pm. Once again i caught it on film, sunset and night shots. The object had a much larger fire trail this time. More vids coming soon. Enjoy...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

UFO Hovers Above Montréal: 26/11/2012

Poster comments: I think qui'l was a helicopter, but when I heard nothing, I started filming with my phone samsung galaxy s3 celulaire, there is no noise, and it is moving slowly.

UFO Craft Sighted! West Texas: 26/11/2012

Triangular type craft filmed over West Texas USA on the 26th November 2012

Strange & Bright: Arlington, Texas: 21/08/2012

A bright flying obect was seen over Arlington, Texas on August 21, 2012.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flower Crop Circle In Boorowa, Lachlan Valley, Yass - Australia

I've never heard about crop circles in my native Australia - but here is a first.
In Boorowa, Lachlan Valley near Yass, New South Wales about four hours southwest of Sydney the below circle in the shape of a large flower appeared .
Apparently the pattern is a week or two old, but does not show any signs of human tracks in or around it:

Source - CropCircleconnector 

UFO Disclosure With Peter Davenport

UFO news report on MSNBC a few months ago:

Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, went on MSNBC to discuss whether UFOs are real, and if so, why the government doesn't disclosure what it knows.
Aired August 22, 2012.

UFO Lights On Maricopa, Arizona: 17/09/2012

Some very odd, flashing lights were seen over the town of Maricopa, Arizona on September 17, 2012. If you live in the area and have more to add, we would like to hear from you.

Posters comments: On September 17, 2012 at around 9:28 PM, I just got back to the City of Maricopa, AZ from Mesa, AZ, and I had just got out of the truck when I spotted almost directly south these orange lights that sporadically flashed in the sky. I went inside the house and grab my video camera then went back outside and started video taping. During the evening the next day or during that week of the sighting of those strange lights, there was a huge column of heavy dark smoke in the same direction I saw those strange lights in the late evening time. The second time I saw this heavy column of smoke which was in the late afternoon, I went to investigate what was causing that dark column of smoke. While investigating the cause of the smoke, I discovered that there was large amounts of bales of hay that was on fire which the fire department was fighting. The fire also occurred a third time on a different day what I think was also during the same week. About two months later, I downloaded the video of those strange lights onto my computer. When I was reviewing the video, what I saw was baffling. That is also when it just occurred to me that there was a hay fire in the same direction. Did those lights create that hay fire? I have no idea if it did yet I did see in that direction those lights in the late evening. If you look closely, you will see some lights swirling towards the ground--what are those lights? I have never seen lights swirling like that while it also traverse towards the ground. Another witness said that they had seen some strange lights in that direction but from a different location, but I am not sure of the date; it may be the same date I saw those strange lights. I thought those strange lights may had been flares I seen, but now I don't known because of that swirling light.

Monday, November 26, 2012

UFO Visits Perthshire, United Kingdom

A report from earlier this week over the roof of a cabin in Perthshire, United Kingdom. Offiical explanation later came forward, saying they were lights from "tree lopping" exercise but UFO investigators still disagree with this.

UFO investigators are studying footage of a mysterious object seen floating in the sky above Perthshire. Adrian Musat filmed the glowing white light when he spotted it from his living room window in Pitlochry. Mr Musat sent the material to the British UFO Research Association who are now examining it. The 40-year-old chef, originally from Romania, says he is open minded about whether the experience was a brush with extra terrestrials.
Note: a follow up story advised it may have been a 'Forestry Commission vehicle light'

Readers Personal UFO Sightings: November 2012

Post in progresss:
Please submit your November UFO reports using our "submit link"

FOUNTAIN VALLEY California November 24 2012

Mufon report: I was sitting in my backyard sky gazing with my binoculars, when almost straight up from me slightly to the right i cought a flashing. i thought it was a plane but quickly realized as the 1 object split in two, i ran in the house and grabbed my camera to see 1 headed towards east of me towards john wayne airport and the other east of me in the direction of magnolia and heil. they were flashing various colors of red then green, then bluish, then just white. i tried my best to film but my camera didnt get as much as i wouldve liked to show.

Orbs Circle Unusual Red Chemtrails - Poland

This firey looking Chemtrail, was filmed over Poland. It may be simply the effect of a sunset, but it is definitely a bizarre sight:

UFO Ovnis Above Inclan, Peru: 24/11/2012

Submitted by a reader and filmed over the town of Inclan in Peru, this (terribly) filmed video from a cell phone shows towards the end at 0.43, a shaky light which if you view at full screen and freeze, looks almost like a triangle UFO. The filmer noted that "the tiny light that intensifies after it rises quickly into the sky and disappears".

UFO Light Show - Rotorua, New Zealand: 06/11/2012

What looks like a giant star in the sky,  actually disappears which seems highly strange. This was filmed over Rotorua, New Zealand on the 6th of November. For those who don't know about the town, Rotorua is noted for its sulphurous odor due to its close proximity to the Volcanic Plateau region.
FIlmers comments:
06.11.2012 S.E, not long after 10.15pm ,Big Bright light gets lost in the clouds,....I am standing on a Hill recording the city from 28km's away, bit boring at the end,i just want to show you it does not come out of the cloud,cheers

UFO Lights Over Glendale, Arizona?

Posters comments:
I was going over some of my photos from an event called Glendale Glitters in Arizona and I noticed something really strange. What appears to be three orbs out in the middle of the sky. The second photo shows them from a different angle. Flying orbs have been seen in Arizona lots of times and one good example is the Phoenix lights.

Peculiar UFO Lights On Israel / Palestine border

As we all know the Israel/Palestine border is an area of serious conflict at present.
Could this footage be of some anti-aircraft defence system or is it something more unusual?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Incredible! UFO Light Beam? East Field Wiltshire, UK: 05/2010

This was witnessed at night over a canola field at East Field, Wiltshire using night vision googles. Throughout the night we witnessed many unusual sightings of lights - fields lit up with pale blue flashes - streaks of 3 white lights shooting across the sky and then a beam of light appeared over a distant field. Due to all the activity throughout the night we had hope that a formation had appeared somewhere within the vicinity but as dawn arrived there was nothing to see so we drove through all the possible locations but to our disappointment, we still didn't see any crop formations. Canola formations can sometimes be hard to spot from the roadside so we flew across the entire location just to be sure that we haven't missed one somewhere, but yet still nothing. On the 4th of May, colleagues still out in the field begun to witness many lights which were quickly joined by military choppers. These sightings continued for over 3 hours - I get the feeling that there is a bit of teasing going on and testing the patience of helicopter pilots. We haven't a crop formation just yet but other activity has definitely begun.

UFO's Visit Kent, England? 19/11/2012

An interesting UFO reported, in Kent, England

Filmers comments:
Here is some footage and photos of UFO's in my home town, Tenterden in Kent, England: Unidentified Flying Objects/Orbs. Watch the zoom in from 15 mins 44 seconds and see the black dot thing going over the surface. Watching this with binoculars is extraordinary - shame I didn't have a more powerful lens. No, they're definitely not meteors or weather balloons. They were there too long to be meteors - and they come and go - see them pop in and out on the video. Besides, when you look at them (or some of them) through binoculars they change shape. No, certainly not any kind of aircraft (at least that I know of) - we double and triple checked this with binoculars. I wish we could have filmed what we saw through the bincoculars, with the changing shapes, the brightening and dimming, enlarging and shrinking of the lights/orbs. Even that bit where it looks like it might to some look like a helicopter - look at how it changes into two and then into one and then disappears with big flashes. And there was no noise, and on and off there were around eight of these things in different parts of the sky. Also, as the photos show they were there on and off all night and had appeared on and off over a few days.

UFO Fleet Over Westhampton, NY: 19/10/2012

An interesting set of hovering lights, filmed over New York:

Poster comments: "It was my mothers birthday roughly around 945 pm and my sister came running inside on her way out to tell us 5 ufos were flying over our home...when i ran out i saw 5 giant orange orbs slowly moving east across the sky!!! Completely in shock i took one still picture of the ufos and went to the video to record the event...the kicker was that the ufos only appeared as white dots on video...u can clearly see them but wow...they all started dissapearing..on camera too!! After they all dissapeared into thin air i reviewed the pictures and only one picture showed the white ufos and the rest showed orange orbs!!! I have an edited version of the video but i dont want you to think i messed with video so here is the full unedited version and u can hear my whole family in awww!!! I believe i caught a group of boomerang ufos!!! U tell

UFO Ovnis - Distrito Federal Mexico: 15/11/2012

A mass of UFO Ovni lights were seen in the town of Distrito Federal Mexico on 15th November 2012

UFOs Vs Insects: No Bugs Here Says Insect Expert

Follow-up report from the Denver TV station on the recent UFOs filmed there. While many are convinced they're just bugs, at least one entomologist, after watching the video, says she doesn't believe they're insects.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UFO Light Dance Over Westlake Village, California: 11/11/2012

Strange series of lights over Westlake Village, California Filmed 11 November 2012.
Comments appreciated from anyone else who may have seen these lights.
Please view in full screen
I was in the living room when my mom pointed out lights in the distance out the window. We went outside and viewed orangish, goldish lights accending. We immediately thought they were helicopters, but helicopters dont have a bright orange light on them. At one time there were as many as six lights. They accended, decsended, hovered, changed directions, split up, regrouped, and before the lights dissapeared they began to get dim, bright, dim, bright. We were very confused as we have never seen any thing of this type before. All the lights eventually dissapeared after about ten minutes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

News Report - Permian Basin UFOs

MIDLAND- A man is making an extraordinary claim that he's seen UFO's fly over the Basin. The person NewsWest 9 interviewed wanted to remain anonymous and he's associated with the Laredo Paranormal Research Society. "The facts are above our skies in the Permian Basin. We are seeing the lights, we are seeing stars, we are seeing crafts. My belief is that they're transporting something or someone, and depending on how in depth you would like to open Pandora's box, we're thinking of course, they're aliens," the man said. He said the lights that he's been seeing going across the sky are following each other at different altitudes and he's able to do that with a special type of night vision binoculars that the military uses. "What do you say to those people who say you're crazy?" 
NewsWest 9 asked. "Seeing is believing, but if you don't believe that's ok. We're not out here to win anyone, win anybody over and prove to anybody anything. It is what it is. There's enough facts, there's enough proof out there that we know that they're there, we don't know what they want. We know that the government is covering all of this up," he said. 
 There's tons of video of possible UFO sightings all over the Internet. There are possible UFO images that were captured by third generation night vision technology from the Laredo Paranormal Research Society. The organization claims the crafts resemble a triangle with spheres at each of its vortices and cruising at an altitude of 1,000 feet going 80 miles per hour. They enhanced the video to prove it with color spectrums and temperature filters. Our source says these crafts are appearing and disappearing in our solar systems through portals. T
The Triangle UFO Laredo, Texas footage link
  Read more source

Again? Volcano Popocatépetl & UFO Ovnis Make News

Yet another piece of news footage about UFOs and this famous Mexican volcano. It seems that UFOs over the volcano have been reported countless times now. The volcano like many others, is a no fly zone due to the danger the volcanic ash poses to aircraft engines (as leads to the phenomenon of St. Elmo's fire) .
 So what were these objects? Can anyone translate this newscast:

Volcano Popocatépetl located in Mexico:

UFOs Downunder? Melbourne, Australia: 11/11/2012

Using an infrared IR camera, this man in Melbourne Australia, caught these interesting UFOs.
He mentioned: One of the most amazing sights I have ever recorded. Objects not visible to naked eye.

Mystery Explosion - UFO Impact? Indianapolis USA 2012

Indianapolis a major explosion has caused many to question what would be the cause of this catastrophic event:
An explosion that leveled two homes and set two others ablaze in a huge fire forced about 200 people from an Indianapolis neighborhood where two people were killed, authorities said Sunday. 
The powerful nighttime blast shattered windows, crumpled walls and inflicted other damage on at least three dozen other homes, and could be heard three miles away. 
The explosion, which occurred at 11 pm. Saturday, destroyed two houses that were side by side and spread fire to two other nearby homes. Mark Lotter, a spokesman for the city's mayor, said 27 houses had been rendered uninhabitable and another eight had sustained significant damage.

UFOs Over Longmont, Colorado 11/6/2012

Ufo sighting over Longmont in Colorado

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Big Flash & The Emirates Flight - Engine Failure!

A reader brought up this interesting story, whereby an Emirates A380 Airbus encountered a super bright flash followed by engine failure.  It is assumed that something large enough, such as a bird, may have flew into the engine...though it is highly unusual at an altitude 30 mins into the flight, a bird of that size was large enough to damage one of the A380's (massive Trent 900 Rolls Royce) motors.

Article extract:
Passengers on board an Emirates A380 flight from Sydney say they saw a bright orange flash and felt the plane shake in a mid-air scare less than an hour after take-off.

" It was a bright orange light, I didn't see it for more than a split second, but it was still a very scary sight. "

The problem, believed to have been caused by one of the plane's engines, occurred on Flight EK413 bound for Dubai which departed Sydney at 9:45pm on Sunday night.Read more source

Eyewitness report - A380 Emirates engine failure out of Sydney 11/11/12:

UFO On Video In Denver, Colorado.

A new UFO account in from Denver, Colorado,  reporting fast moving objects caught on camera.
What makes this story even more interesting, is the detailed analysis of the footage:
RealUFOs would like to hear from other people in Denver area, who may have also seen recent UFO activity in the area.

 DENVER – It’s a mile high mystery in the skies over Denver. Strange objects caught on camera flying over the city and nobody can explain it. We first learned about these sightings when a metro area man, who does not want to be identified brought us his home video. He captured the images on his digital camera from a hilltop in Federal Heights looking south toward downtown Denver. He said, “The flying objects appear around noon or 1:00 p.m. at least a couple of times a week.” The strangest part is they are flying too fast to see with the naked eye, but when we slowed down the video, several UFOs appear. We altered the color contrast to make it easier to see. You can take a look for yourself by watching the video clip. We wanted to verify the video we saw was legitimate and not doctored in anyway. So our photojournalist set up his camera in the same spot, and shot video from just before noon until just after 1:00 p.m. 
He also captured something unexplained on video. Aviation expert Steve Cowell is a former commercial pilot, instructor and FAA accident prevention counselor. He thought he would have a logical explanation, until he watched the video. “That is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not birds, I can’t identify it,” he said. He also told us the objects are not insects. He said he knows of no aircraft that flies as fast. He did tell us there is one other possibility. “Perhaps there’s some sort of debris that is being raised up by some of the atmospheric winds.” But in his professional opinion, “As it fits the definition, it’s an unidentified flying object.” The FAA tracks all air traffic in Colorado and across the country. The FAA sent us a statement that says, “We`ve checked with air traffic control and no one has had any reports of the activity you described…nor have any of our employees observed anything of this nature either visually or on their radar displays.”
Source read more