Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alien Scientist Guy Discusses Time Travel.

I love the AlienScientist guy, in this feature he talks about the possiblities of time travel.
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Anonymous said...

You speak such truth dude, do you have a blog? And how are you on pyramids? James 23 uk

Anonymous said...

Wow!...Time Travel!?...Leads to a paradox! "or does it?"

If you go back and kill your father
then YOU cease to exist as well,to
have done that in the first place.
A Paradox!! "OR" you go back in a time line one,and kill your father
and at "that point!" you would have
split the time line one,and now have a time line two, where your father is dead! but he still exists
in time line one,for your existence
and you can only return back to time line one from whence you came.

In time line two,your father died! and YOU do not exist!!He is dead in time line two, because you came from time line one,and caused a rift in time,DON'T DO IT!:)....Haha

In reality of this "time line" there is only the "here and now"
changes, that go through time,but in theory, anything is possible,if
it can be made to happen!?

Five hundred years ago, who would have thought,that we would be looking into our "crystal ball" in see what was going on around the world...TV!?:) and that we CAN, look into the past;VIDEOs!
and we can look into the future,it
will take get there!?:) but no retun!haha! So whats next?

Time is only a man made measure from yesterday, to tomorrow! and is always in the "here & now" that never stays constant,as it passes through today and tomorrow,on into our future,until someone comes along and stuffs it all up.........

Anonymous said...

Ah .. if you went back in time you might pass one of your former selves going forward in time to stop you from going back in time in the first place. How this is possible? In the imagination. But say one a yous is taking time machines into the past to soma youses former selves, say for instance, former self number 83611*08653- iytyd occupying time space buble 487543265335789954457.0987543125678753456 , in the year 1947, at precisely atomic time 12:23:33:03:78:89:55:12:12:.0000))) because quite frankly, it helps to know information like that, eha, am I right, hah?

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