Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UFO Disclosure With Peter Davenport

UFO news report on MSNBC a few months ago:

Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, went on MSNBC to discuss whether UFOs are real, and if so, why the government doesn't disclosure what it knows.
Aired August 22, 2012.
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Anonymous said...


Not helpful,is it?..they are grey:)
white, black, what have you!?

But for those whom, don't know what ufo.means! they are GREEN!!
well I suppose its a light note to start on:) we all start somewhere
in this, while we're DRIP FEED, Disclosure, without disturbing...

The world is seeing LIGHTS! but what are ufos? Hahaha! you might as well ask,...what are little green men? and make some money out of the answer, hahaha!! this is because those whom are NOT in the know about ufology; can't view this seriously, and are ONLY aware of little green men!? for goodness sake! make it FREE!!!

Its like paying a fee,to go to church,to learn about your God,and I disagree with that too!! [the fee!?]

It should be your "God given right"
not a fee!...ufology the same!!

Why?...Because its the biggest story ever, in our history, going back into ancient times, and we have the right to know, why we are here? and were did we come from?
what is our future? and what are these lights, that are beeing seen around the world? we want to know,
WHATs going on?? This IS, "BIGGER" than money!? seriously! but there are those, who will ride on the back of this story,just for a buck
its not about little green men,the story is really about US!!!

Now! how GREEN can we be?........$

Anonymous said...

No way this interview was aired this year. That's Tucker Carlson doing the interview. He was dumped by MSNBC years ago (2008). He now occasionally contributes at Fox News and runs a conservative political blog.

This vid has to be over 4 years old. Not a bad piece, but...

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