Saturday, September 20, 2008

UFO sightings related to Large Hadron Collider LHC experiment

This interesting article guys looks at the latest Ufo sightings near the LHC. Many ufo reports have been coming in over the past month , probably due to Ufos monitoring the experiment and its impact on earth:

MORE responses to sightings of 'orange lights' UFOs near Louth have been pouring into the Leader – with some wondering if recent UFO activity is connected to the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Geneva.

A man called Anthony from Wales emailed a similar account of what he saw: "I was having a cigarette outside my front door on Saturday at around 9pm and I looked over the roof tops and saw two orange-red glowing lights coming from over the hill where I live.

"I called my wife and daughter to come and have a look, then a third light followed the other two. My wife phoned her father who lives not far away and he saw them too. I then went to get my camera but by the time I got it out the lights just vanished. Not knowing what they were I decided to search the net to see if any one has seen the same as us and I came across your picture which is exactly what we saw.

"We live in a little village in Swansea and after 47 years of looking up at night this is the first UFO I have ever seen."

He added: "Could it be something to do with that experiment they are doing under ground in Geneva letting out pockets of energy or something?"

Ufo over Balikesir, Turkey 09/11/2008

Ufo over Balikesir, Turkey-Time: 09/11/2008, 23:00 hours

Witnesses: At least 5 people
A lady who witnessed the UFOs made the following statement:

At first, we saw these lights over the city. We thought maybe they were normal planes, but after seeing very fast and random movements, we knew what we were seeing were not normal aircraft. We very quickly got our camera out, and started filming. It was a very amazing event for us.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Web Bot predictions of 2008 predicts the collapse of the US economy ages ago

Hey Guys
Looks like the web bot predictions written back in late 2006 and coming true, they got the month and year right (check the original predictions here):

October 2008
*Global emotional release event begins – largely economic.
*Think of the US economy as a lit fuse that is lit over the early part of 2008
*In late 2008 the rest of the world’s currencies are ‘touched off’ by the dollar and US decline.
*May be a global replay of what the 1932 bond crash in the Great Depression was.

more parts here

Please support this new Ufo documentary - Beyond the Blue

Hey guys
This is some news from James Fox producer of Beyond the Blue.
Sadly, with the advent of free video sharing on the internet, funding for new ufo documentaries which once flourished in the 90's is now at an all time low and as a result we have seen a massive decline in the ability to document the ufo phenomenon. Costs producing such movies are huge and with poor sales (thanks to free distribution on the internet) there is little incentive to develop new films due to a lack of investment.

Please support and help out with this cause guys:
(by the way i bought the dvd's and they are really worth it -its a must for any ufo fans's collection)

from James Fox:
"We have been working tirelessly on a new production, Beyond the Blue which is months away from completion. It contains some of the best UFO cases and evidence from around the world. With credible military and
government officials coupled with high level HD production, this film, with proper distribution, will alter the perception of UFOs in the mainstream forever.
In an attempt to generate completion funds for Beyond the Blue, we have produced an additional 150 copies of the 5 Year Anniversary Edition of Out of the Blue, UFOs 50 Years of Denial with out-takes and media coverage as well as the unedited footage from our November 12, 2007 National Press Club event. That's 3 DVDs, which we're offering as one package for the next few weeks for $100.00. 100% of the proceeds will go towards completing Beyond the Blue.*

Come be a part of history as we approach the final stretch.
All the best,*
*James Fox**

Please Click here to buy the DVD set and support Beyond the Blue

Click here to check out photos from the new movie

UFOs Seeing is believing Art Bell cameo appearance

Ufo radio legend Art Bell featured in UFOs Seeing is believing show aired on the evening of September 16th 2008. If anyone has the link to the full new episode of documetary pls reply to this post. click herefor the previous version of this series narrated by the late peter jennings
"UFOs: Seeing is Believing" takes a serious look at the phenomenon in today's world. The 90-minute special includes interviews with scientists searching for proof of life beyond earth and UFO witnesses who claim aliens are already here. Building on the original Peter Jennings report in 2005, David Muir reports on new sightings, as well as NASA's current search for life on Mars.

Strange little orb over Birmingham UK September 2008

As the title says...


This is an extract from the new documentary aired 17th september. The guy who made out of the blue (james fox) is featuring the phoenix lights in the new doco beyond the blue

Youtube shuts down the No1 featured Ufo Video poster aceBryan7ox !

I warned about this before guys and now its happened...
Youtube has struct off the No 1 most popular Ufo video poster aceBryan7ox. I knew this was only a matter of time because this is how censorship works with google - post too many ufo videos and get too much of a following and your considered a threat so your cut off. Before you say .. ohh its due to copyright, well ace was always very selective in his video clips and many were just of ufo videos captured by the public. AceBryan7ox had almost 900 of the best ufo videos under his belt and its a travesty that this has happened.

What happened to Ace Byran:

This is why in the past i have urged video posters and the public to use instead as its located in France and not bound to manipulation from external forces that Youtube faces in the USA. Infact If you check the ufo videos on dailymotion you can cleary tell that they are of a much more sensitive nature than those on Youtube.
Also i checked my youtube subscriptions today and Ufo video posters are dropping off like flies - freeforyoutohave, UFOdude92, brancoiii and a few others have also had their acccounts suspended... any they say we live in a democracy - shame on you youtube!!

ABC News Primetime: Have UFO's Visited Earth?

As featured on ABC news Sept. 16, 2008 - looks at the most credible witnesses to ufos - police:

KOAT News - UFO Sightings Stir Up Roswell

On Monday night, several Action 7 News viewers reported an alleged flying saucer on the northwest side of Roswell.

Roswell resident and owner of the Pasta Cafe Andre Buonaiuto said he could confirm the sighting. "We walked outside, my wife and I, we noticed a glow in the sky," said Buonaiuto. He said it was the first time he had seen anything remotely resembling an extraterrestrial.

The sightings are big business for Roswell. Richard Hesse owns a UFO novelty store just off Main Street. He said the tourist town has seen a record number of visitors in recent years for the annual UFO Festival.

UFO in Vilcabamba Sept 11th 2008 Ecuador

posters comments:
2 days after filming a probable UFO on the 9th of september, I notice again at 6.35PM 3 lights on the left and right of cliff is at the almost same position as 2 days ago and 2 new ones.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

October 14 Ufo another Channeling Update - Whats your thoughts?

October 14 Ufo update again ..
Hey Guys, This story is getting weirder and weirder, but as many people are interested in the developments of this prediction i have decided post any updates. The new channelings seem quite bizzare so i decided not to post them as i believe the original the channelings from Blossum are more legit .
Basically the news is that Susan Leland and quite a few other psychics have also channeled similar information that backs up the claims of blossum Goodchild , (the lady who originally channeled the october 14 predictions). For more about this see this site
Anyways just wanted to ask what you guys whats your thoughts on all of this and if you have any comments or more thoughts from original prediction (repost again below - if you missed it):

UFOs Seeing Is Believing documentary

This is the previous version of the new episode of the documentary which aired today - The special draws on interviews with police officers, pilots, military personnel, scientists and ordinary citizens who give extraordinary accounts of encounters with the unexplained. While professional skeptics about UFOs speak out, including scientists who are leading the search for life forms elsewhere in the universe. The special also examines the most recent advances in the search for life on other planets. This past summer, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, a robot that tests and analyzes soil on the planet, found conclusive evidence of water ice on Mars. You'll hear from scientists on the project about the real possibility of finding life on Earth's next-door neighbor.
pt 1

UFOs Seeing Is Believing Part 1 of 9 (HD Quality)
pt 2

UFOs Seeing Is Believing Part 2 of 9 (HD Quality)
pt 3

UFOs Seeing Is Believing Part 3 of 9 (HD Quality)
remaing parts

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The latest Gary McKinnon documentary filmed outside recent protest

Anarchy on the Airwaves investigates the recent protest outside the Home Office against Gary McKinnons failed extradition appeal:
Gary McKinnon documentary for Edge TV

Ufos filmed in VILCABAMBA Ecuador Sep 11 / 2008

Ufo over VILCABAMBA Ecuador Sep 11 / 2008, anyone have any news on this one guys?

The complete collection of Lake Erie Ufo videos

A good montage of ufo videos all filmed over the famous ufo hotspot in the US - lake Erie

Haarp in Action? Aural Clouds seen + NASA verify's aural changes cause earthquakes

Below us a common example of an artificial aural disturbance cause by something like Haarp. Usually seen over places like the north and Alaska naturally as the aurora borealis, artificial aural disturbances are now seen all over the earth, especially before earthquakes. According to this article NASA can now predict earthquakes by looking at aural disturbances - so its obvious they know that HAARP is an earthquake machine. The below one filmed in china 30 minutes before the Sichuan earthquake, you join the dots guys ....