Thursday, October 18, 2007

BBC News website shows video of ufo in israel ?

I hesitated on posting this one guys, After watching the version fom youtube a few days ago i thought it was another fake - However today i checked from the BBC website here and the objects do actually show in the original footage so not really sure what this object is.
At the 30 second mark you'll see a fighter jet fly over the other and you'll see what appears to be a shinny metallic object in between the two jets, there's also another object just before the bigger one, the BBC seem to have made nothing of it,. Could be something reflecting from within the plane but really not sure ??? Its also interesting to note that the reporters comments "they may have been on a secret mission to bomb the nuclear weapons (of Syria)" - may be a coincidence but this follows with my previous post about the common occurrence of ufo involemnet with anything to do with nuclear weapons.
click here to watch from the source -the BBC news website

You tube version

Dreamland ufo documentary

Dreamland, documentary on ufos

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
Part 5

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Roswell confessions - Truth about roswell revealed

Death bed testimonies and testimonies from children of military employees who worked on roswell.
Part 1

part 2

Part 3

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SOHO and ufos Orbiting The Sun

Hundreds of anomalous objects photographed near the sun since 2001 have captured the attention of UFO enthusiasts. These objects are reported to have been photographed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). SOHO is a NASA spacecraft that monitors the sun's activity. The observatory is located 1 million miles away from Earth. UFO investigators claim that the saucer shaped craft were moving in a manner that suggested intelligent control, and additionally, they believe that the images are proof of alien life. BBC reports that NASA originally dismissed the images as comets, asteroids, or the result of a camera fault. NASA now refuses to make further comment on the objects.

Lower Left (See arrow) and a slightly enlarged pic with the object at Upper

Enlargements of the object with colored filters.

ufos and nuclear weapons

The evidence for a UFO/Nuclear Connection grows by the day. Official FBI, CIA, Army and Air Force documents establish, beyond a doubt, that UFOs have been seen and reported where uranium and plutonium are mined and manufactured . Official reports are on file of UFOs seen where bomb development takes place (Los Alamos, Sandia Base) and where nuclear weapons are stored (Manzano Mountain near Kirtland, NM, and Killeen Base at Camp Hood, TX). Even where the bombs are transported to the testing areas: See USS Curtiss incident. The Camp Hood/Killeen incidents are listed in the Project Blue Book "Unknowns". Some of the most dramatic incidents involve interference with our missile sites (shutdown of 20 Minuteman missiles at Malmstrom AFB, Montana:

UFOS Controlled Air Space Near The Makinac Bridge

For a short time in 1972 3 UFOS were positioned and in control over the north tower of the Makinac Bridge In Michigan. State police called the United States Airforce to report this.B52's, that were in the flight path, were diverted to accomidate the UFOS to avoid any conflicting circumstances

Was Columbia shot down by a ufo?

David Sereda and others discuss the possibility that the planet is caught in a terrestrial-ET space conflict or an ET-ET conflict.Part of this looks at the case of the Columbia Shuttle which was seen with two UFOs and also photographed by a scientist who caught several frames showing some kind of plasma weapon homing in on the shuttle body. What are the consequences of above government agencies knowing about these type of conflicts and failing to disclose it to the world?

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