Friday, March 01, 2013

UFO In Clinton Township Michigan

UFO video report sent in by a witness in Michigan:

Filmers comments:
Wife and I were walking across the parking lot trying to get to our car when I spotted a glowing orb in the sky. I would probably think nothing of it until 2nd one appeared and followed exactly same pattern of the first one. Then 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. No blinking lights, no sound, just simple pass over across the sky. I did not capture all 7 on the film but did get most of them.

Mothership Fly's Above Longview,Texas: 26/02/13

Would like your opinion on what this huge craft with lights could be?
Filmed over Longview Texas, on Tuesday the 26th February 2013.

UFO Stalks Van Nuys & Sherman Oaks - Los Angeles 24/02/13

New UFO video in from Sherman Oaks Park, Los Angeles :

Filmers comments : I was in a parking lot across the street from Burger King eating some food. About 20 mins before I started eating, I was driving, left work listening to the radio when I heard a report on kfi-am640 about calls coming in about lights in the sky, then I heard something about a meteor shower. When I saw the lights in the sky I assumed they were meteors. Thats when I noticed they were moving slow. I grabbed my phone and began recording. There were 3 (looked like) orbs that were a glowing red/ orange. In the video there are 4 lights that appear. The light on the far left is a star. I thought I could use it as a reference. Thats when one of the orbs began disappearing. Then another faded away when I heard a helicopter and looked up and saw another red glowing light. The 4th one then disappeared about 2 mins later. I stayed in the same place for another 10 mins or so looking up but I didnt see anything after that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

UFO Above Lee County, Florida: Feb 2013

Super bright object seen in daytime and sent in by a reader.  Filmed in Lee County,  Florida:

Meteors? UFOs? Sky Lights Up In Miami Florida: 18/02/13

18th Feb, Miami, the Coast Guard received a host of calls describing bright, fireball-like objects flying through the sky. Experts told NBC Miami that the light show may have been a sporadic meteor shower. No injuries or damage were reported, according to the Sun Sentinel. 
 According to WPTV, meteor showers are common.
 It's less likely that so many people would have spotted it, though.  Link

UFO - Popayán, Colombia 2007

An interesting UFO video in from the town of Popayán, Colombia filmed in 2007.
Reader comments:
The navigational light configuration does not match the FAA standards for a known craft

Meteor Appears In Los Angeles Skies: 21/02/13

Yet another unusually large, bright, and slow-moving meteor appeared on February 21, 2013. This time along the California coast, with the majority of the sightings being reported in the Los Angeles area. This only days after very similar "meteors" appeared in Miami, San Francisco, and Russia. What is extremely strange is that all these meteors were very slow moving and long lasting. Meteors are moving 25,000-100,000 MPH when they enter the atmosphere and normally burn up within a fraction of a second. Source read more

Triangle UFO - Nova Scotia, Canada: 22/02/2013

Large triangle UFO filmed above Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada on Friday, 22nd February 2013: