Friday, March 01, 2013

UFO Stalks Van Nuys & Sherman Oaks - Los Angeles 24/02/13

New UFO video in from Sherman Oaks Park, Los Angeles :

Filmers comments : I was in a parking lot across the street from Burger King eating some food. About 20 mins before I started eating, I was driving, left work listening to the radio when I heard a report on kfi-am640 about calls coming in about lights in the sky, then I heard something about a meteor shower. When I saw the lights in the sky I assumed they were meteors. Thats when I noticed they were moving slow. I grabbed my phone and began recording. There were 3 (looked like) orbs that were a glowing red/ orange. In the video there are 4 lights that appear. The light on the far left is a star. I thought I could use it as a reference. Thats when one of the orbs began disappearing. Then another faded away when I heard a helicopter and looked up and saw another red glowing light. The 4th one then disappeared about 2 mins later. I stayed in the same place for another 10 mins or so looking up but I didnt see anything after that.
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SeekingTreasures said...

Seems a helicopter came to check out the "meteors" too! Good catch :)

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