Monday, February 25, 2013

Meteor Appears In Los Angeles Skies: 21/02/13

Yet another unusually large, bright, and slow-moving meteor appeared on February 21, 2013. This time along the California coast, with the majority of the sightings being reported in the Los Angeles area. This only days after very similar "meteors" appeared in Miami, San Francisco, and Russia. What is extremely strange is that all these meteors were very slow moving and long lasting. Meteors are moving 25,000-100,000 MPH when they enter the atmosphere and normally burn up within a fraction of a second. Source read more
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luther renfroe jr said...

you can tell the media is tightly controled,just a meteor and you hear all about it,but anything buzzing around a military base with jets or black helecopters chasing it and you hear not a whisper..

Astronononomer said...

I'm a believer but these actually were meteors. Meteors do burn up in a fraction of a second, but not until they hit significant friction at lower, denser levels of earth's atmosphere. If a meteor enters the upper level at a very low angle (think skipping a stone) it will appear to be moving much more slowly and last much longer than one hurtling directly at the planet (like a dart thrown at a bullseye).

Additionally, the fact that all these meteors exhibited the same slow-moving, long lasting behavior makes it extremely likely that the Earth-on its 584 million mile journey around the sun-wandered into a meteor shower.

Or, you know, spaceships.

Anonymous said...

Astronomy!?...With the study of the universe,from which UFOs.come from,one might have thought,they would hold the floor on this subject!? but we hear little or nothing on this,which surprises me some what!?

They have the telescopes in the direction of:..and its "quiet" on the home front!??? WHY?

We hear more from Pilots!
Are we missing, something here?

Its NOT that they haven't commented
on the subject,its seems that its not in there ARENA to discuss, any
sightings, they might have had, if any?? which would seem unusual,to say the least, since they are looking in the right directing,out there.

NASA is the talk of town out there,
but ASTRONOMY with thier telescopes
seems "quiet"..Why?

If UFO.are out there,and NASA is showing this to be the case!?
then astronomy would be seeing this, as well, don't you think???

It could be said: Well they are!!
So where are, these close ups???

If astronomers believe,that what they had seen is "real!" it would be very interesting as to how that
came about................

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