Saturday, December 22, 2012

NASA Cuts The Live Feed! UFO's?

UFO at the  ISS (International Space station). NASA cuts the live feed during the transmission, for apparently no known reason on 16 Dec 2012: Allegedly a cylindrical object is seen just before the cut of the feed:
Seemingly, after the object is no longer present, the feed was activated again. The time span was five minutes.
 A highly interesting comment on this one: 
The camera was attached to the Z1 Truss Segment, facing Destiny Laboratory Module, with the recently attached Leonardo Permanent Multipurpose Module positioned on the right side of the screen. According to station's log from 16 Dec 2012, "Oleg Novitskiy activated the Russian payload TEKh-39 LCS in the Service Module", but there were no tasks for the crew on the american side of the station, which is in the scope of this camera. This is definitely an UFO.

UFO The Statue Of Liberty, New York: 21/12/2012

New UFO video sent in by a reader. Location - New York, 21 December 2012:

We have received numerous emails in from New York.
Similar report:
New York City - 11-24-12 At 5:00 am I was looking through the 2nd floor family room window of my residence admiring the clear blue early morning sky with a few white clouds and the fully lighted Empire State Building at a distance. I was getting ready for the daily working routines, when all of a sudden I noticed what appeared to be a big circular/round "plate" formation of bright colored lights cruising the sky. It was coming from the New York City direction, from my left to the right, passing at eye level towards the area where I was. The lights were not speeding nor where they moving slowly, mainly the peculiar sight was traveling on what appeared to be a constant straight path motion. There were stars above it. This was not a star. I have observed airplanes go by from a nearby airport. This was not an airplane. There were beam lights around the city in support of Sandy’s victims. These were not beam lights. I witnessed the most beautiful and unusual lights I have ever seen "adorning" our early morning skies. The size is unknown to me, but from my perspective it seems they were as big as my garage door, at a distance. No noticeable edge indicative of "a circular unknown flying machine" was observed. There was no outward reflection or beam light coming out. There were no pulsating lights, either. There was no clockwise movement to the left or right. It was a "plate" full of colored lights-red, yellow, and orange that came to a mind-flashing constantly without moving around. It happened fast, not lasting more than a minute. There was no time for me to call upon my sleeping children; no time to get my cell and take a picture.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Ret. Air Force General: UFO's & Nuclear Holocaust

UFOs and nuclear weapons - most assume this sensitive topic is the real reason behind the US governments UFO cover-up. This interesting feature on Russia Today,  looks at statements from retired US Air Force generals, who say UFOs will stop a nuclear holocaust. They also believe UFO's have been monitoring nuclear installations since 1947:

Texas Family Threatened - UFO Activity: 19/12/2012

A UFO case from Midland, Texas.
Midland, TX - This video was submitted with MUFON Case #44608 on December 19, 2012. The witness states in the short description....."been going on solid two weeks getting a worse feeling"

UFO OVNI Lights Up Cordillera, Chile

Three red lights recorded moving in the sky over the coast, towards Cordillera, Chile in triangleformation:

UFO Lights, East Vancouver: 8/12/2012

Strange triangle like UFO, sighting over East Vancouver on December the 8th

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Interesting UFO Footage Rendlesham, Forest UK: 12/24/2000

Many are calling this a highly important piece of footage filmed by shot by ex-Policeman John Hanson, over Rendlesham Forest. It supports the famous 1980 case of a UFO sighting and landing over the nearby Bentwaters Base. It's possible that at the time, the base had top secret nuclear involvement - an important factor in UFO visitations.

Huge Hovering Light - Manhattan Beach, California

We are seeking further information on this strange UFO sighting filmed over Manhattan Beach, California. If anyone actually saw this or knows more please reply to this post.

Germany - UFO Video Filmed :18/12/2012

This footage looks strangely familiar  - I'm assuming this is new video, and the poster also insists, the UFO video was filmed over Germany on 18th December 2012

Fast Flashing UFO lights over Santiago Chile 18th December OVNIs

Received so many emails about this one - While its likely yet another military exercise the flashing lights seen over Santiago Chile on the 18th seemed to flash exceptionally fast local and caused panic amoungst local residents.
Why the military do an exercise like this over such a heavily populated area?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fascinating! Alien Like Skulls Found - Cusco, Peru!

These interesting 'alien like' skulls, were found in the Cusco museum in Peru.
These skulls look similar to the Star Child skull which we have featured before.
It was known that adult human skulls could be elongated through ritual head lengthening, however what makes these skulls interesting if they are real (and not tampered with), is that they are meant to be child skulls, which would be much difficult to achieve at  such a young age. According to the poster "This (skull) one is at the center of present DNA testing, as is one other. Some results are expected perhaps in January 2013".Would like to know your thoughts on these strange skulls - alien hybrid or not?

2 more interesting videos
Elongated Skulls Of Cusco Peru: Filming Out Of Bounds 
 2 American Doctors Inspect Presumed Alien Skeleton

Update - Alaskan Pyramid Power Generator: Coast to Coast AM

This interview is really worth listening to. Linda Moulton Howe from Earthfiles , gives us an update on the Alaskan Pyramid Power Generator:
Fast forward into this video 59 minutes - 0.59 - to listen:

News from Earthfiles on the highly interesting  Alaskan Pyramid:
This is as super secret a situation as the Manhattan Project was. Nobody is supposed to know this place even exists. ...This thing is some kind of power generator and it’s thousands of years old, it’s made out of stone like a pyramid. They don’t know where it came from, who made it or how it works. But it can generate enough power to power the whole North Slope, all of Alaska, and probably the whole country of Canada!” - USAF Huey pilot to Bruce Pearson's father

New UFO Video - Baton Rouge, USA.

New UFO video in from Baton Rouge, USA. There is no date, but we assume this video is from the UFO flap in the region which happened in 2011

UFO Orbs At Play - Gilbert, Arizona: 8/12/2012

Strange hovering orbs in Gilbert, AZ. We'd love to know your opinion on these and if you suspect they may be Chinese lanterns...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Low Flying Meteor - Santiago Chile OVNI UFO

This video just in, and likely a very low flying meteor filmed over Santiago, Chile:

Mystery UFO Light Ball Over Gold Coast, Australia.

UFO light ball over Gold Coast Australia ...did anyone else on the Gold Coast see this?

The man who took the video comments throughout, and says that he first thought he was seeing the moon, until he got a better look. The object appears to be a large white orb-shaped object with a heavy mist around it.

Triangle UFO Above Mountain?

This strange triangle UFO was seen over a mountain. No date / location or further details.
If anyone can translate this video it would be appreciated.
Posters comments: Three red balls in the sky over the coast to mountains

Monday, December 17, 2012

Video - UFO Hit By Lightning? Orlando, Florida USA: 08/08/2012

You must view this video in full screen.  At 0.16 seconds into the video - you see a bizarre double lightening strike, followed by a fast moving horizontal object flying away. Look closely....Orlando Florida Lightning August 012

Meteor Confirmed - Not UFO: Ordu, Turkey

Just to confirm the news reports - it was a meteor, not a UFO,  that fell into the Black Sea region city near Ordu, Turkey:
 A security cam recorded the impact of the Meteorite . The sky brightened up along with a Sonic Boom as a slight tremor also occurred shaking the ground. Some Residents panicked. The region where the camera is; is about 5 kilometers away from the actual event came to an end on the Black Sea. During the incident, which occurred around 22:00 hours on the 11th Dec 2012, a man working as a security guard, Hakan Cesur, said that he felt a little jolt out of the face of the sky at the time. "It was a ball of fire coming down from heaven into the sea, I was just staring at the TV to see if there was anything going on in Turkey, he said." source

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Military On Alert - UFOs In Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Air Force states that it is keeping a twenty four hour watch on the unidentified lights, that were witnessed in skies over several parts of the country in the past month: