Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Phoenix Lights Returned? reignited flares theory YOU DECIDE:

I've always been amazied by the phoenix lights, They may have made a come back earlier this month on the anniversary of their original sighting in 1997. There is possiblity they could be Military flares as flares can stay stationary for some time and look like they are hovering, they also do blink out and can be replaced by new ones. This may have happened in the latest event. However flares do not move in unison, fall toward the ground, and then fly back up into the air, and move across many miles without changing their relative positions as what happned in 1997, as well in 1997 many people bleive they saw a huge solid triangle.. Here is the latest news report, and below is the documentary , the flares analysis and orginal footage below that - i suggest you watch all and then you decide!.
Fox news 2007 - military explaination as flares

Great News Review -why flares are not phoenix lights

review of Fox news 2007 + analysis :

Long Documentary

original footage

Friday, February 23, 2007

UFOs NASA Hacker McKinnon tells all

A Briton accused of hacking into Nasa and US military computer networks has spoken out about his experiences. Gary McKinnon was arrested by the UK's national high-tech crime unit in 2002. What he has to say is chilling

UFO The Secret NASA Transmissions The Smoking Gun

UFO The Secret NASA Transmissions The Smoking Gun

Unsolved Mysteries Belgium UFO Wave 1991

Unsolved Mysteries Belgium UFO Wave 1991

Out of the Blue documentary

Cylinder UFO Chased by Soviet MIGs

Cylinder Chased by Soviet MIGs Accelerates Extra Tags: Russian Jet Documentary See Also: UFOs Merge during MIG chase in Russia

triangle Ufo 10/10/06 near Mesa, Arizona

triangle Ufo 10/10/06 near Mesa, Arizona

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday, February 19, 2007

The NASA Airbrushed UFOs / Lunar Base Towers The Greatest Story Ever Denied

The "NASA Airbrushed UFOs / Lunar Base Towers" trailer from the "UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied" movie, by Jose Escamilla.
Here is the whole movie of The Greatest Story Ever Denied

Buzz Aldrin Talks About UFO during Apollo 11

Apollo 11 is the mission that put man on the moon. About half-way into the trip, the astronauts spotted a strange object. Buzz Aldrin talks about what they did and having to hide it from NASA to stop any panic. The UFO was never determined.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

NASA shooting at a UFO? STS-48 sts

STS-48, the Space Shuttle Discovery September 15,
1991. A UFO appears just above the Earth's atmosphere and does a sharp angle turn when something appears to be shooting at it. This clip is the most famous of all NASA UFO video and broke the story of whats going on with these NASA videos. This is a good one! NASA tried to say these are dust particle or waste particles. After this video was captured, public transmissions during shuttle flights was terminated

UFOS vs Ball Lightning, a Weather Phenomenon OR UFO?

Do you think these videos are 'Balls of lightning' or ufos? The above video is most liekly a UFO as ball lightning only lasts for a few secondsIf you're looking at the above video to just watch the balls/ufos floating around the lightning, the best footage starts at 2:30 ... (more)
In comparison The below video is most likely the weather Phenomenon 'ball lightning'.
Ball Lightning does not look like "lightning." Instead, it usually appears as a mysterious glowing sphere which drifts horizontally through the air. It is typically the size of a grapefruit, but sometimes appears as small as a pea, or as large as a bus. It sometime hovers at a few feet or tens of feet altitude, but can also bounce along the ground. It usually lasts only a few seconds, but sometimes persists much longer. Various colors of "BL" have been seen, sometimes it changes colors, and sometimes it has internal structures such as glowing layers or moving sparks.

Popular youtube UFO videos removed due to threats

Unfortunatley, Two of Youtube most popular UFO video posters have closed and removed their accounts - along with their video footage which was some of the best online. Apparently this was due to threatening comments and hatemail from numerous sources. One must wonder why there was so much pressure was placed on them to close their accounts with youtube? Could this be part of the continuing government coverup policy to ensure that videos that seem to convincing don't reach the masses?.
See Area 51 Production's comments - Ask him to come back

The Majestic 12 Documents Documentary MAJIC MJ12

Released in 1987, controversy still surrounds the Majestic 12 documents. Many point to them as evidence of the US military having recovered an alien spacecraft and bodies in the vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 ... others insist that they are a very clever hoax .. View all the documents here

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5