Monday, February 19, 2007

The NASA Airbrushed UFOs / Lunar Base Towers The Greatest Story Ever Denied

The "NASA Airbrushed UFOs / Lunar Base Towers" trailer from the "UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied" movie, by Jose Escamilla.
Here is the whole movie of The Greatest Story Ever Denied
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slyam said...

Thanks for sharing your experience

Anonymous said...

Hi i am posting this artical because i can smell smoke coming out from this new's because its not about india-pakistan or china .if you read the comments of indian Air marshal he is talking more then that...might be he is talking about a big thing .you have to decide what you guys feel about this joint exercise done by indo-french Air Force(one of the world best craft & one of the top fighter pilot .ind )


Su-30s spring a surprise on the French
Jayanta Gupta 21 Feb, 2007

KALAIKUNDA: The two forces are presently engaged in joint exercises. Even Air Marshal Patrick de Rousiers, commander in chief, air defence and air operations command, French Air Force.

Air Marshal P K Barbora, senior air staff officer, Eastern Air Command, however, maintained that the purpose of the exercise is not to assess each others assets. "We are mixing the aircraft during every sortie. There are some Indian and some French aircraft in each group. This exercise is basically about co-operation.

Such exercises, according to him, are not offence co-operations but defence ones. "In today's world, there are certain interests beyond the country's borders which will have to be protected. This is where our interests meet and the need for co-operation comes in," Barbora added.

Neither Barbora nor Rousiers would talk on whether both forces were actually preparing for joint operations involving air strikes. However, the exercises have been planned keeping real life scenarios in mind. "This is for the governments to decide," they said.


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