Sunday, February 18, 2007

Popular youtube UFO videos removed due to threats

Unfortunatley, Two of Youtube most popular UFO video posters have closed and removed their accounts - along with their video footage which was some of the best online. Apparently this was due to threatening comments and hatemail from numerous sources. One must wonder why there was so much pressure was placed on them to close their accounts with youtube? Could this be part of the continuing government coverup policy to ensure that videos that seem to convincing don't reach the masses?.
See Area 51 Production's comments - Ask him to come back
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Anonymous said...

they´re not the only ones: RythemDrivin as well, I favorited loads of his movies just to see next time when I was on that they´re all offline now. It´s horrific. All the Phil Schneider, MJ12, and other UFO videos are gone. BTW I follow your blog for quite some time now and you´ve good footage linked. Just remember to download it yourself as it´ll be taken offline otherwise at some stage. such a pity coz i was about to download some of his stuff from youtube. :(

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