Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Phoenix Lights Returned? reignited flares theory YOU DECIDE:

I've always been amazied by the phoenix lights, They may have made a come back earlier this month on the anniversary of their original sighting in 1997. There is possiblity they could be Military flares as flares can stay stationary for some time and look like they are hovering, they also do blink out and can be replaced by new ones. This may have happened in the latest event. However flares do not move in unison, fall toward the ground, and then fly back up into the air, and move across many miles without changing their relative positions as what happned in 1997, as well in 1997 many people bleive they saw a huge solid triangle.. Here is the latest news report, and below is the documentary , the flares analysis and orginal footage below that - i suggest you watch all and then you decide!.
Fox news 2007 - military explaination as flares

Great News Review -why flares are not phoenix lights

review of Fox news 2007 + analysis :

Long Documentary

original footage
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