Saturday, January 16, 2010

What was this object seen in Spain?

Seen over spain recently this object Looks like an X-wing fighter from star wars!

Ufo or ballons over romania Dec 27 09 ?

Exactly what was this filmed over romania Dec 27 09?

Ufos - Ancient Time Travellers

Looking back into history - could these relics and paintings be evidence of Ancient Time Travelers?

Close up again of that Triangle object 1 09 10

Filmed Jan 9th 2010 - just closer footage of that triangle object - was it the ISS? (space station) any comments?

Posters comments
captured 3 flying objects flying in a formation diagonally across the sky. He was even lucky to capture an airplane below them. Then they all suddendly disappeared at 2min 37 sec....
In this video, He captured 3 flying objects flying in a formation diagonally across the sky. He was even lucky to capture an airplane below them. Then they all suddendly disappeared at 2min 37 sec. He tried to see them with His eyes, but they where only detectable in the IR spectrum. on 10/11/09 at 10:37pm

They began disappearing in this order ...

1.) Lead object.
2.) Rear object
3.) Middle object.

Ufos and volcanoes - the connection?

I have posted many times in the past about the Ufos being seen directly over volcanoes.
If anyone knows what the connection could be please comment - are they charging up from the energy?
This video looks at the connection (Spanish)

Ufos a sea Aug 11th 2001

Stunning Footage from a 2001 AUGUST sighting

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reader submitted Ufo Videos

Mary Apparition in Egypt December 2009

Not Ufo related but Interesting footage - Thousands have been coming nightly since the first sighting of the Virgin Mary on December 10, in the hope of being blessed by her light.
"The first person to spot the sighting of the Virgin Mary was a Muslim neighour. He took a video and pictures and distributed them to everyone," said Father Fishay, a priest at the Warrak church, describing how he first heard of the apparition Source

Lanterns over Shandong ?

I got 2 different emails on this recent sighting over Shandong China. One says it was a real amazing sighting and one said with a news article saying what was seen was real. Remember Chinese lanterns are let off all the time as we approach Chinese new year - so could it be lanterns or something else? Would like your opinions.

Tales of the Unexplained: UFO Chronicles

Survivors of UFO encounters speak;, prospects of intelligent life in space, and the postulated link between aliens and dolphins is examined.

Daylight Ufo sighting?

What are your thoughts on this controversial piece of day time Ufo footage?

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern talks on Veritas radio about Ufos - See radio widget to right of this site for the full interview

Snow once fell on Mars!

Believe it or not - NASA's probe on mars recently sent back images which revealed snow could have once fell on the planet:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

News - Obama Curbs Secrecy of Classified Documents!

In a move thats on the path towards disclosure president Obama passed a surprising order on the last day of 2009 (he sneaked it in!) to curb long term government held secrets :

President Obama declared on Tuesday that “no information may remain classified indefinitely” as part of a sweeping overhaul of the executive branch’s system for protecting classified national security information.

In an executive order and an accompanying presidential memorandum to agency heads, Mr. Obama signaled that the government should try harder to make information public if possible, including by requiring agencies to regularly review what kinds of information they classify and to eliminate any obsolete secrecy requirements.

“Agency heads shall complete on a periodic basis a comprehensive review of the agency’s classification guidance, particularly classification guides, to ensure the guidance reflects current circumstances and to identify classified information that no longer requires protection and can be declassified,” Mr. Obama wrote in the order, released while he was vacationing in Hawaii.

Read more source

Would like your comments on this interesting development!

Triangle Formation SE Michigan or satellite?

I have posted footage like this before (last time seen near mount adams with someone beaming a laser at it). So the question is - is the reason we are seeing it again is that it is a satellite like the ISS? or not?

Chances of life on other planets increasing

Every year the probability of finding life on other plants goes up as scientists find more evidence of earth like planets: life on other planets? Video

The curious case of Anthony Woods and Ufos

For the past few years Anthony Woods has somehow attracted UFOs on a scale unprecedented in history. Over one year in the making, this program tells the remarkable story of his efforts to record some of the most extraordinary UFO footage ever seen. More on him here

Are we blind ? - is the bizzare weather in Australia a sign of more to come?

I know so many people in the alternate community believe global warming is a scam .. but i would like to know how many of you skeptics live down here in Australia?

Somehow i think seeing is believing here ... Something majorly weird is happening with our weather here down under.

My friend just told me that  South Australia has experienced its forth day over 40 degrees for 4 days in a row  (thats way over 104 degrees Fahrenheit by the way!). Its a first ever on record and to match it our firefighters have had to invent a new fire warning level  - the Catastrophic level! (which basically means you'll be incinerated alive if you don't run for it!)

For the first time ever we have this new fire warning being issued and scientists and firefighters have never seen such conditions and record hot day periods ever in the history of this nation!

I'm sorry but global warming isn't a scam  - its real and its already here - period!- sorry to wreck your conspiracy theories! But all of you who live in europe and north america and colder areas you probably won't realise how bad things really are until its too late.
(Also remember disinfo = don't disprove just confuse with doubt - thats what's happening with the global warming topic at the moment).

I mean just look at these new warning boards going up in all Australian Towns - isn't that enough to get you thinking .. 'hey something must be going wrong with our environment if they have had to create an entirely new warning level' -  Its no joke, the new 'catastrophic level' means bushfires in Australia will become unprecedented carnage scenes:

The past decade was Australia's hottest on record as a result of global warming. And the nation's Bureau of Meteorology says 2010 will be even warmer, with temperatures as much as one degree above the average.

In its annual report, Australia's Bureau of Meteorology's says the decade from 2000 to 2009 was the hottest since records began 100 years ago The bureau's head of climate change analysis, David Jones, thinks temperatures will keep on rising: 

"The statement is simply a fact of the observations we've seen. And the reality is that Australia is warming, it's warmed by about a degree over the past 50 years, it's continuing to warm," he said.  "You know global warming is something we see in observations, you know, it's not a statement, it's not a deduction, it's a fact." Article source

Monday, January 11, 2010

Plasma balls pulsing

Take a close look at this video .. are these orbs pulsing as some form of communication?
Posters comments:
At the quarry we see a plasma @ top right. The crafts seem to pluse in unison , then on left bottom a craft appears then sometime later two more on lower right.

Stirling City Ufos 1st Jan 2010

Did you see these objects? Please comment if you live in Stirling City and witnessed these bright orbs around news years: Please remember though New years often is linked with chinese lanterns..
"A cluster of ufos 14 objects ufos flying in formation over Stirling city 12 objects within 30mins 2 or 3 the next day"

pt 2


Objects over Bangor 2007

Great old case from 2007 - red triangles over BANGOR - lanterns or something else?

Linda Howe On The Rendelsham Forest Incident

An astounding interview regarding Rendlesham Forest information previously not known about the incident including MOD knowledge of the UFO visitation. Thank you to Whitley Strieber




pt 5

Strong Earthquake hits Eureka California

Sorry a non Ufo post... Im Currently in LA at the moment ... just heard news of this earthquake -
A magnitude 6.5 earthquake rocked the Northern California city of Eureka on Saturday, snapping power lines, toppling chimneys, knocking down traffic signals, shattering windows and prompting the evacuation of at least one apartment building.
When i heard of strong earthquakes i think of more things to come..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DISCLOSURE PROJECT Update Interview Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Greer discusses sending a briefing to President Obama, his multiple successful contact protocols with ETs, and the work his team has carried out despite several members being murdered. He warns of the dangers of non-disclosure, as well as the weaponizing of space to keep us at perpetual war against "galactic enemies."

Please watch Part Two, where Dr. Greer covers many other exciting topics such as the Alien Abduction Hoaxes perpetuated by Those in Charge. He explains that they've repressed technology which could save Planet Earth. He offers a positive vision for our future -- a future of abundance - once the repressed technology is made available. "Every cubic inch of space, not outer space but the space around us, has enough energy to power the Earth for one day," insists Dr. Greer. DISCLOSURE PROJECT Interview Dr. Steven Greer Video