Monday, January 11, 2010

Linda Howe On The Rendelsham Forest Incident

An astounding interview regarding Rendlesham Forest information previously not known about the incident including MOD knowledge of the UFO visitation. Thank you to Whitley Strieber




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Anonymous said...

Rendlesham/Bentwaters is indeed an absolutely amazing case, surely among the most important ever. I get impatient with arrogant debunkers like McGaha, who thought the highly qualified personnel at this (apparently) nuclear-equipped US base were all mistaken, and all it was was a lighthouse beacon in the distance. Say what? Consider the testimony, please.

Anonymous said...

col halt knows a lot more than he is telling! the only reason he talked in the first place is coz the memo and the tape were relesed through freedom of info act. as he himself has always said this stuff was not for public comsomtion. this object was filmed from different angles but it will never see the light of day!

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