Sunday, January 10, 2010

DISCLOSURE PROJECT Update Interview Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Greer discusses sending a briefing to President Obama, his multiple successful contact protocols with ETs, and the work his team has carried out despite several members being murdered. He warns of the dangers of non-disclosure, as well as the weaponizing of space to keep us at perpetual war against "galactic enemies."

Please watch Part Two, where Dr. Greer covers many other exciting topics such as the Alien Abduction Hoaxes perpetuated by Those in Charge. He explains that they've repressed technology which could save Planet Earth. He offers a positive vision for our future -- a future of abundance - once the repressed technology is made available. "Every cubic inch of space, not outer space but the space around us, has enough energy to power the Earth for one day," insists Dr. Greer. DISCLOSURE PROJECT Interview Dr. Steven Greer Video Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Attn: Dr. Steven Greer. If you have the information then show it all and I say ALL right here on the internet. In trusting our leaders and those that are using what they know for their own personal gain at the xspence of the whole planet is not the way.

Anonymous said...

The abomination/obamanation thought he was going flash a big smile and all the muslims would fall in line , so much for that idea. And you want disclose the information to him?

Anonymous said...

ok i dont know about u guys but i think this guy,and its not the first time i see him on a video, is a little bit weird. I think he looks like a reptilian but it doesnt matter, what i want is proof show us your material if you know all this stuff well you must have some documents or footage that you can post. I dont know, i'm tired of waiting c'mon go on and speak to pres Obama

Anonymous said...

all I can say too that, is he is trying to open Pandora's box, he and the rest of the world are going to be in the shock of there lives, when they find out the truth behind it all. Like I have said to many people, there's a reason for the secrecy, and it's not to keep it secret it's because of fear. if you think I'm crazy or a freak, go ahead think what you will, but I have already made communication to some being's already, through astral travel, and yes we all can do this. Be warned if you learn how to astral travel, they will only and only communicate with you, as long as you listen. If you can not listen to them, they will not communicate with you. I will give you all a huge warning though, You will not like what they have to tell u about what is going on around us, and we must be prepared for a huge war, and I mean everyone of us. If you do some how get to communicate to them, through astral travel, just make sure you don't contact the wrong one's. Hint.... The one's you want to try and communicate with, are the one's that look like us. Be careful though there are some, nasty being's out there, and most of them don't look like us, I only come across one so far, and he tried to trick me into believing something else that i will not disclose. Just remember that good and evil really exist, just depends on which way you want to go. Peace to you all, and I really hope some of you can get to communicate with them

Anonymous said...

p.s if any of you would like to learn how to astral travel, go into you tube, my screen name is trappedinspace01, i have some video's on there to help you practice. Peace out

Anonymous said...

I have to believe that "evil" is a local phenomenon characteristic of human beings exclusively. Not going to fall for the NWO's good alien-bad alien b.s.. Intergalactic racism is just what they need to perpetrate and succeed at a 'false flag' operation designed to separate us from the only hope humans have- Non-humans. Dr. Greer is a hero.

Anonymous said...

How can you guys not feel the negative energy around you if you look hard enough you will see the positive energy that is here and ready to come you not supposed to live this way its not the way it was meant I will tell you there are good and bad beings the good beings are they ones trying to help us evolve spiritually and help us become 5th dimensional beings of peace love and harmony to be able to travel the stars savely and have free energy were beings of light that live in harmony with all of exsistance and
mother earth awaken for ascension its coming you decide what you will choose the spiritual peaceful existence or the greed hate filled negative existence.

Anonymous said...

"If the aliens have the ability to disrupt the functions of weaponry, nuclear/military facilities why could they not jam the signals of television broadcasts and present themselves and their purpose of being here?" I need an answer. Thank you-GMS of the Philippines

Anonymous said...

To Dr. Steven Greer pls answer this question "If the aliens have the ability to disrupt the functions of nuclear/military facilities why could they not jam the signals of television broadcasts and present themselves and their purpose of being here?"

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much ufo evidence is true, there is so much out there that is fake/misinformation it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. I do feel that humans are, as a race, not ready to leave the planet and join any form of community that may possibly be out there. Until we get past the exloitative and warlike phase of development we should be confined to this planet. Iwould not like to see another planet receive the same fate as Earth. Surely any advanced society that may possibly be visiting/observing must be past any self destructive stage of development and therefor be of a like mind. We censor the information that children have access to until they have attained a maturity that we deem appropriate for such information. Are we not like children to an advanced race?

Anonymous said...

I was convinced that the whole UFO thing was real,I was even beginning to think crop circles were made by aliens, but the sightings from the last two years have convinced me otherwise. They have just been too real, to good and too my eye some, if not all are projections. Certainly the spirals and black wholes are and if they are so probably are the rest them. If (Project Blue Beam) is real - and there sure seems to be a lot of evidence it is, then none of the UFO s are real. They would not be faking them, if they are really visiting them - I just can't see both happening at the same time. Anyway, that's the conclusion I'm reluctantly facing. This link is the best I could find to express my point.

Anonymous said...

2010 came and is gone, what happened to Greer's promise? Can't believe I believed this guy.

Anonymous said...

Disclosure,is slow & continuous, to
insure that "everyone" has time to
discover,understand, & question the
what ifs! so when full disclosure
is released,if it ever is!? won't
come as, so much of a shock, as it could do,if you knew nothing of ETs
& UFO...

You can't take saltwater fish out &
put them straight into freshwater,
the shock is too much for them! it has to be a gradual change of water! Same thing for us,when it comes to the BIGGEST story of the millennium,we need to avoid shock!!
and time to adjust.

There is a social structure we all
depend on,for SURVIVAL, [MONEY!$:]

With out it:

No Petrol,No Travel,No Employment,
No Food,No Patients,in other words

How might this come about?

SHOCK!= Upsetting-Distressing-Anger
Fear-Confusion by non-belief!

This could disrupt a way of life, for our Survival!? We need each other in Employment to produce,just
for Survival alone.It is the same
"scenario" if the Power were to be nocked out.Of cause,we could go bush:)- What, seven Billion of us? lol. most of that population is in the cities around the world,and we need one another. If societies around the world,in our cities were
disorientated by a full Disclosure,
would our Cities still be functional, for Survival???

Same thing,if ETs were to
intercept TV.NEWS and broadcast their presence in Disclosure, that they were here on earth, and in amongst us,not only that, but CLOSER.0.0.? how many would be at work the next day???:)

CITY CLOSED!!! Get back to work,We need groceries:)

No one believes Disclosure,and thinks its nothing but a big Hoax, far too busy to listen to such
nonsence.We've got shopping to do, by!!....

Do you think any of this would take place,if we were not prepared
for full Disclosure,or some part of it at least-Officially!!
It needs to be official,because of so much disinformation on the net.

This site,RealUFOs is in my opinion
one of the better sites, to be informed.................

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