Monday, January 11, 2010

Stirling City Ufos 1st Jan 2010

Did you see these objects? Please comment if you live in Stirling City and witnessed these bright orbs around news years: Please remember though New years often is linked with chinese lanterns..
"A cluster of ufos 14 objects ufos flying in formation over Stirling city 12 objects within 30mins 2 or 3 the next day"

pt 2

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Jeff said...

These have all the markings of Chinese Lanterns - is it me, or is that not obvious?

Anonymous said...

planes taking off from a city airport. That is all this is. Notice they keep comming. It is just planes.

jode said...

These are just planed taking off from a busy airport like NY or Philiadelphia. I see this all the time. Its just planes.

Anonymous said...

Are you in Stirling Scotland? If so, which direction were you facing when you took this video?

I saw another video today from Russia that was from 1/16/10. Below is the url on this site for it. Your first video shows a rough triangle formation at 1:57-2:14. The video from Russia shows much the same behavior at :58-1:18. If they were lanterns, they would likely follow the same wind current and there are too many of them to be airplanes (no nav lights either and close proximity).

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